Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lisa asks…

What is the best weight loss/fitness program (DVD) for and 19 year old?

I’m a 19 year old girl. Around 240 pounds and 5’9. I do not look my weight but I want to shed some fat. What is the best weight loss / fitness program for me?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Scooby1961 from youtube has an absolutely outstanding fitness and weight loss program. I don’t do his lifting suggestions ( i like to stick to the program I had in high school but i have feeling you’re probably not looking to gain muscle anyway so maybe that doesn’t matter).

Biggest thing to note is that everything he does is ****free****!


Nancy asks…

Does someone knows about a good weight loss program at a clinic or hospital in the Boston Area?


i am looking around for a good weight loss program at a hospital or clinic in the Boston Area

weight loss cardiff answers:

I don’ t think anything compares with the comprehensive program available at Duke University in North Carolina, but of course, that’s a long way. In the Boston area, Tufts University has a respected program. Here is a link to their Web site.


Michael asks…

weight watchers or fernwood slimplicity weight loss program?

I want/need to start a weight loss program (mostly for the accountability) and wondering what system would be best, weight watchers or the program at my fernwood gym or another than someone can suggest? Has anyone tried either? did it work?
PS. want to lose about 35plbs.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Gym always will be better choice!!!

If you really want to lose wight and fat then you should remember and do this:


1) if you dint have then buy scales!!! That is the first thing to do!!

2) run every 2 days for at least ~30 minutes or/and walk every day at least 5 km!

3) L-Carnitine!!!

L-Carnitine is a nutrient that helps the body turn fat into energy. It is produced by the body in the liver and kidneys and stored in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain, and sperm. Usually, the body can make all the carnitine it needs. Some people, however, may be deficient in carnitine because their bodies cannot make enough carnitine or transport it into tissues so it can be used. Some other conditions, such as angina or intermittent claudication, can also cause insufficient carnitine in the body, as can some medications.L-Carnitine is made in the body from the amino acids lysine and methionine. It increases the use of fat as an energy source by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are ‘burned’ to release energy for body functions. It is available in several different forms including propionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine. Propionyl-L-carnitine, through its enhancement of metabolism has been proven to prevent ischemia-induced heart dysfunction, and acetyl-L-carnitine has been suggested to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. L-carnitine is found naturally in avocados, breast milk, dairy products, red meats (namely lamb and beef), and tempeh (fermented soybean product).

L-carnitine should be taken one hour before you will exercise! (Also you can take L-carnitine with meals or 1 to 1-1/2 hours after meals!)

L-Carnitine boosts energy by stimulating the body’s burning of tryglycerides as fuel, and sparing the supply of glycogen stored in the liver for heavier exertion. During exercise, the body will burn fat at a rate of 75-80% of maximum exertion, thus less glycogen from carbohydrates is burned. L-carnitine
allows the body to burn more fat, save more glycogen, and ultimately boost stamina and endurance. By providing more fat to the muscles, carnitine makes accessible an otherwise unavailable energy source.


5) you MUST change your diet!! Start to use products with less fat, less carbohydrates! Start count your calories! Do not eat more than ~2000 per day and if you feel that you can reduce this number then do it!

Because if you will use L-Carnitine – you will get calories from your body fat too!! So better is to eat 2kg fruits then 1 cheeseburger…
And drink more and more water!! REMEMBER – NO rice, NO pasta, NO pork, NO mayonnaise, NO sweets, NO candies, NO alcohol!!!!!
MORE fruits, vegetables!!!

6) also you should use some fat-burner! I had tried many of them but only one worked for me as fast as I wanted to! It was Lipo-6! I lost ~80 pounds in 3 months! No starvation!! Only LESS CALORIES + Lipo-6 + L-Carnitine + EVERYDAY RUN (WALK) = SUCCESS!!!

I do not know if any store carry Lipo-6 but I do know that you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer and read more about the product here

It worked for me and my wife!

And this method is working for my friends too!!

Just try it and I guarantee you 100% that you will lose wight!!!

Good luck!!!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Maria asks…

Is anyone on the Medi Slim Weight Loss Program?

I can’t find much information about the Medi Slim weight loss program (not the pills) online other than from their own website. Is anyone out there on it or know someone on it with some good info? What kind of results are you seeing? Or is it as sketchy as it seems online? Any help would be amazing!

weight loss cardiff answers:

I just started on the MediSlim program a week ago yesterday. I know you said “not the pills’, and I am supposing you mean the appetite suppressant. I am taking the appetite suppressant. I started with half a tablet daily for a week and then one table daily since then. I had lost 5 pounds at my first appointment at one week and have been thrilled so far. I need to lose a total of 40 pounds on this program. I had already lost 20 on my own, but couldn’t get any further.
I do not use any of the meal shakes which I think some people use.
I am very happy with this program, but I will say that it takes determination and commitment. It isn’t always easy to consume such a lower caloric intake than I am used to, especially when going out to eat or to the movies, but thinking and planning ahead can help with that.
I have been really hungry at different times during the first week, but since I am seeing results, I can deal with the temporary and occasional hunger pangs.
The weekly injections ( I have had 2 so far ) are painless. I have noticed more energy than normal, especially the first day after injection. There is some swelling under the skin at the injection site, but it isn’t painful any more than a mild bruise would be, and fades fairly fast.
I am keeping a daily food diary, which has been necessary in order for me to keep up with my calories. I meet with a nutritionist again at my 2 week appointment next week.
The only negative thing I am experiencing is some aching in my hips and legs, which is from the rapid weight loss. Fat holds toxins, so you can be sore and/or achy when the fat is released into the body for excretion. It’s the same kind of aching or soreness people get after a first massage, and I expect it to get better after this initial couple of weeks of fast weight loss. The injections contain vitamins and amino acids to aid with the effects of and assist the weight loss.
I am looking forward to seeing what week 2 will bring. People have already noticed something different and have told me that I look amazing. All my size 14 pants are getting too big and I expect to fit easily into a size 12 by the end of this week. I was able to easily pull on and button a pair of my friends’ size 12 capri pants yesterday and couldn’t believe it.
Let me know if this helps at all or if you have any other questions.

Sandra asks…

What is the best fitness/diet plan for obese women?

I’m looking for some advice on the best weight loss exercise plan for obese women.I’m a little over 300 pounds and I’m 5’5” and only 21 I’m looking for a weight loss plan for a beginner to start with.I already know about So please any other sites with information or any diet programs that are cheap or free for beginners.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Start slow. Doing too much at once decreases your chances of sticking to a workout plan. Try walking for 10-15 minutes at a brisk pace (you can adjust this if it is too much or too little). As this gets easier for you, increase your time by a few minutes. You want to do this most days of the week (at least 5), although it may be best to start with 3 days/week and work up from there. Set goals for yourself. For example, in one month be able to walk for 30 minutes, 4 days/week. In 2 months be able to walk for 45 minutes. As you are able to increase the time that you workout for, you will be able to burn more calories, which will help you to burn fat faster. Since you are overweight, you don’t want to do too much too quickly because this could lead to sore knees, which would discourage you from working out. Another great option, that is easy on the knees is riding a bike. Good luck! Stay positive and stick to a routine and you will get the results you want.

Robert asks…

Are there any online support groups for weight loss?

I don’t want a huge forum – it’s easy to get lost in those. I’d like to meet anywhere from 1-4 others online in a sort of weight loss support group. Any suggestions on where to find this?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Believe it or not, the best support you’re going to find is right there in front of your monitor. Rearrange your thought processes on dieting from living to eat to eating to live. It’s not hard, just takes some time, patience, and positivity. Here’s my weightloss blog with links:

Here’s all you need to lose weight all over, look good, and get really healthy. First, you have to realize there is no quick, long lasting weight loss plan or pill that is going to do the trick. It’s purely mental. You have to learn to “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, if you understand that you are going to be reprogramming how you think about eating for the next few weeks. Old habits die hard, right? Not really. You get rid of bad habits by replacing them with good habits. If you learn to count your Calories, keep Calorie intake lower than output, exercise moderately, and eat only healthy food, you will lose weight. That’s a fact. All it takes is repetition. All success stories have this in common: The successful folks among us know how to be patient, persistent, and consistent. Set a goal, write it down, and stick with it. The benefits of feeling good will outweigh any sense of sacrifice you might feel about having to push away that cake and ice cream. Here are some helpful and healthy links to help you get started on your way:

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Laura asks…

what is the best weight loss pills?

i try many weight loss pills, but my body not any change, so who can tell me what is the best work weight loss pills?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I suggest you do more Exercise, and the second choice is try weight loss pills, if you only use weight loss pills to fast weight loss, it is not good way, so you must try more way.

If you want choose weight loss pills, please go to:

Joseph asks…

Best weight loss pills?

I’m having trouble losing weight. I’ve been dieting and exercising, but to minimal results. Wanting to know the best pills to enhance my weight loss as well as give me energy. Let me know what you’ve tried that works and what to stay away from. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Weight loss pills, weight loss smoothies and all those “weight loss” products are all a lie.
The best and most healthy way to lose weight is to workout and eat healthy. It´s a very common and obvious answer, but its the truth. If you really want to lose weight i recomend you to do it the proper way. All these people taking pills is a sign that they, maybe want to lose weight, but are not ready to start a healthy life. Think about it, if you lose weight from surgeries or these “pills”, will you start living a healthy life just like that? Probably not. There´s a reason that working out is healthy and good for you.
If you just push yourself hard enough and start working out, you will see that it´s not so hard as it at first seem, and when you´ve started up (with the best training method for you) you will find it fun and hard to stop.

So my answer is, Eat healthy (avoid candy and snacks as much as you can, they will only slow down the process, but its okay for you to give yourself a treat once in a while, you dont have to quit completely, but be more careful with this kind of “food”) and workout as a minimum 2 times a week, I suggest you join a gym, it might seem hard at first, but once you´re there, its hard to stop (workout with a buddy for a funnier workout)

Lisa asks…

What is the best weight loss pill?

I’m looking for a weight loss pill that is safe, but fast working and effective. I’m about 5’4 and approx. 125 pounds. I’m looking to lose that much weight, but I have body fat that I just can’t get rid of. Please let me know of your personal stories, and what you think works best.


weight loss cardiff answers:

It’s not so much the ‘pill’ that you should be seeking as it is the ingredients. There are a variety of weight loss ingredients which, along with a healthy diet and proper exercise, will contribute to healthy weight loss. There is simply no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the A/B/C of weight loss. What works for some people might not work for you, so, it’s a process of combination of proven techniques that must be properly fit for you and your physiology.

Living in today’s world means having less time to make your a proper diet and weight control a priority. In an effort to ensure that everything gets done we sacrifice sleep, exercise and even a healthy diet. Today, eating is no longer the process of providing your body with nourishment. It has become an act of mere self-preservation in which we eat so that we do not die of hunger. Often times our diet is structured on convenience instead of health. We turn to fast food for our daily nutritional needs, making us the oh-so-popularly-obese fast food generation.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Michael asks…

What is the best weight loss supplement?

I was curious as to the best and fastest weight loss supplements. I know they may not be healthy, so I do not want to do anything too risky. I have Crohns disease and a lot of other GI problems so I am not healthy anyway. I did see something on Dr. Oz about garcinia cambogia but not sure how well it works. Any suggestions? If you plan on responding with eating healthy and excercise is the only healthy real way to lose weight, just don’t respond.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I actually saw the same thing on Dr. Oz and got me some. I havent seen any weight loss difference with the pills yet, but I have only taken them a week and have NOT been exercising. (I’m moving to an apartment with a gym next week so I will begin then!) The pills have actually helped me change my diet. They do what they say they are going to do for the mental side that I can tell so far. I’m hungry less and no longer snack on foods all day. I don’t snack on foods when I’m bored anymore. I actually am motivated to eat healthier too. I’m not sure if its from the pills, or myself being aware of what I’m eating from taking pills 30 min. Before I eat. When preparing meals, I choose healthier options now and I don’t eat as much as I used to. I’m always at a happy full, never hungry and never feel bloated. And its easier for me to pass the local fast food joints without stopping for an ice cream or fries. So I like what they help me with because I am healthier. I’ll find out if they help with weightloss soon!

Helen asks…

What is the best weight loss supplement and work out routine for a new mom?

I am almost 6 months after giving birth. I had a cesarian section and that was my first child. I breastfed up until a few weeks ago, and all I did was gain weight from it; not that I mind because giving my son the best start in life is well worth it. I gained a whopping 65 pounds while pregnant and I was 130, 5’4 before I was pregnant and I have not lost 1 pound since. So, I’m still 195. I eat extremely healthy, I do not eat meat, only fish. I do take anti-depressants to help out with my PP depression. What is the best weight loss pill to help me? I know that no pill is a magic pill without exercise and proper diet, but I have tried OxyElite Pro in the past pre pregnancy but I never really had to lose weight so it never did anything. What are good weight loss supplements and a good workout plan that is realistic with a having a baby. I’d love to lose atleast 50 pounds by summer. Thank you

weight loss cardiff answers:

Weight Loss supplements are just fraud methods. For many years they have lied to each of us. They actually love to see you fat so they can make more money. My advise for you is to plan your weight loss the natural way. It is quicker and best of all – safe for you. Find plans that offers realistic goals without starving.

Linda asks…

What is a good weight loss supplement and workout plan for a new mom?

I am almost 6 months after giving birth. I had a cesarian section and that was my first child. I breastfed up until a few weeks ago, and all I did was gain weight from it; not that I mind because giving my son the best start in life is well worth it. I gained a whopping 65 pounds while pregnant and I was 130, 5’4 before I was pregnant and I have not lost 1 pound since. So, I’m still 195. I eat extremely healthy, I do not eat meat, only fish. I do take anti-depressants to help out with my PP depression. What is the best weight loss pill to help me? I know that no pill is a magic pill without exercise and proper diet, but I have tried OxyElite Pro in the past pre pregnancy but I never really had to lose weight so it never did anything. What are good weight loss supplements and a good workout plan that is realistic with a having a baby. I’d love to lose atleast 50 pounds by summer. Thank you

weight loss cardiff answers:

The best weight loss supplement is water and as much sleep as you can squeeze in (I know, tall order). Lack of enough of both can lead to fat storage.

Eating “extremely healthy” is up for debate. Lots of people make that claim due to misunderstanding what healthy actually look slike. Look again to your protein balance to carbohydrates. Make sure you are eating a high-protein diet. Avoid things that say “low-fat”– they are NOT good for you, ever. That’s a common trap. Do consume healthy fats.

As an example, many vegetarians claim that their diets are wonderfully healthy just by right of all the veggies and such they eat. Bull. Do you know how many overweight and even obese vegetarians there are? I’m just saying, a diet needs to be balanced. If you’re not able to lose weight, it isn’t balanced in a way that works for your body. The general way to find the correct balance is to continue to increase protein/fat intake and decrease carbohydrate intake until you find a fat-burning level that works. Eating too few calories is more likely to lead to extra fat storage and a confused body rather than weight loss, too, so don’t restrict much. Only calorie-count if you suspect you aren’t eating enough or if you think you’re eating way too much.

When I first started losing weight 2.5 years ago, I was shocked to discover that the reason I had been steadily gaining was because I was eating too few calories per day and eating the wrong kinds at the wrong times. Balancing my diet properly toward higher-protein, eating MORE calories (yes, really!) daily and spreading them out throughout the day with the heaviest meals earlier on = steady weight loss.

Regarding exercise, I would recommend craigslisting for a jogging stroller (you can pick one up for $40-$50 instead of the over $300 they cost new) and downloading a Couch to 5K app to your phone. Running is the cheapest and yet most effective ways to lose weight–of course only when paired with a properly balanced diet. If you’re up to it, there are tons of wonderful workout DVDs these days. I love workout DVDs, but I’ll be honest that I didn’t much of them until after I’d joined a gym and experienced real classes. It’s hard to encourage yourself to really “do” the DVD correctly by yourself at home without stopping to take breaks too often. If you are capable of forcing yourself through whole DVDs– especially Jillian Michaels as a starter and then the Insanity types– you’ll see results. That’s something you can do at home with baby in the house.

I know with a new baby funds are probably tight, but at least spare a glance at your local gym options, too. When I got serious about losing weight, going to the gym made a big difference. Classes, access to trainers, being surrounded constantly by other highly-motivated people kicking their own butts really does change everything. And yes, I joined that gym about where you are now– when I was a 5’4″ 190-pounder. Yes, it’s very awkward the first couple of workouts, but then you get over it and feel right at home. 🙂 Many gyms tend to have special membership deals from time to time, even as crazy as “6 months for $20 a month” and stuff like that, and many gyms offer childcare on premises while you work out. So definitely consider joining a gym if you can find a good deal like that. It would be worth it.

It’s not AT ALL realistic to expect to lose 50 pounds by summer. It took me well over a year to lose that much weight with NO children and going to the gym 3 to 5 times a week. With a baby, and with hormonal challenges facing you, it’s absolutely not plausible to envision losing that much weight within just a few months. Be reasonable with your expectations and goals or else you’ll end up giving up when things don’t happen as fast as you want. Instead, expect small but steady weight loss week by week with occasional stalls along the way.

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