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Susan asks…

Mountain Horned Dragon Diet?

I have been feeding my Mountain Horned Dragon crickets. I just put one in everyday. She is a female. I don’t know exactly how much I should be feeding her. So how much should I and when? Also tell me if I should change her diet to worms or something.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Being an arboreal lizard (tree dwelling), the vivarium should be tall rather then long. Provide a minimum height of 3-4ft, length 3ft and width of 1.5-2ft. As with most reptiles, the larger the vivarium, the happier the animal/s will be. If you are planning on keeping more than one, ensure you calculate the size accordingly.

The best substrate to use has to be the compressed coconut bedding – when water is added this swells and holds moisture in. This is excellent to keep the humidity levels high, as Mountain Horned Dragons require humidity at 70-80%. Misting twice a day can also help achieve the required levels. Another affective method is the use of a fogger. Place this on a timer to become active an hour before the lights turn on and an hour before they go off. It gives a very nice effect within the vivarium.

This species needs to be kept cool and the ideal daytime temperature should range between 25C (78F) to 27C (81F). Provide basking areas above branches, but never allow the temperature to exceed 30C (86F) throughout the vivarium. Allow a nighttime temperature of 21C (70F). To help control the temperature within the Vivarium use a Thermostat. The use of a UV light is very important, this helps your Mountain Horned Dragon produce the vitamin D3 it requires. Although these are a forest dwelling species, we would recommend the use of a 5% UV light.

Water should be provided in a large water dish/container so that they may have a soak if required. It is important that the water is moving, as they do not recognize still water. You can achieve this by using an air stone attached to a pump or for a better affect, build a small waterfall inside the large water container. Dehydration is a big issue with these lizards, but if you take these steps you shouldn’t have any problems.

For décor, provide large thick branches with live or artificial plants. The latter is cheaper, but real plants make the vivarium look natural and I’m sure your Mountain Horned Dragon will appreciate this more. The best plants to use are Orchids, Tilandsia, Ferns, Bromeliads, Pothos, Philodendrons, Peperomias, Palms, and many others. Ensure you do not place any poisonous plants in the enclosure. Although the Dragon will not eat the plants, insects may! Stronger plants are better as these will be climb on.

These lizards are Insectivores; feed them on Crickets, Locusts, Mealworms, Wax Worms and the other insects you may find like small spiders. Mountain Horned Dragons love earthworms! These are high in calcium and nutrients and are very cheap to purchase from bait shops if you cannot find them in your garden. You can offer the worms every day with the odd cricket/locust to keep them actively hunting for live foods, you must be careful not to over feed them.

Hope this helped!

Betty asks…

can dogs get worms from eating a RAW diet?

been giving my dog a raw diet lately:
75% muscle meat
5% tripe, heart, gizzard
10% liver and kidney
10% bone (sometimes ground, sometimes in the form of raw meaty bones)

He recently got worms. Vet dewormed him. He seems sick again. Just some mild diarrhea. Going to the vet on Friday?
vet said he got hook worms from the dog park. hook worms dont exist in raw meat. just wanted to know which, if any worms exist in raw meat. do you people know anything?
a dog’s intestinal tract is a lot shorter and can handle larger amounts of bacteria. their stomach pH can actually kill most food born pathogens.

i dont need to know whether you agree or disagree with a raw diet, just if you know if worms can be found on raw meat.
we buy meat from our local supermarket and local farm and sometimes we feed stella and chewy’s, aunt jeni, and primal. we freeze our game meat and pork for about a month prior to feeding it.
how many treatments of deworming are you supposed to give? He has received one from the vet, and I gave him one today, when should our next deworming be done?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Your dog won’t get worms from eating the raw meat, but you have to be really careful about what meat you buy. Raw meat is always tainted with bacteria like e-coli, but cooking it normally gets rid of that.

Your dog will always need to be wormed if it spends any amount of time outside. It’s just how it goes!

Mark asks…

Wax Worms in Leopard Gecko’s Diet?

Im just wondering how often I should throw a wax worm into her meal..Is once a week fine?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You don’t need to throw any in, they are just for treats. If you decide you want them to give your gecko something especially tasty to munch on, one or two a week should be just fine. Wax worms hold vitamin and calcium powders really well, so it is a good idea to use them as your dusted feeder.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ruth asks…

How often should i feed my oscars worms?

I have 2 Oscars, ones about 4-5 inches and the other is around 3-4 inches. Anyway i’ve recently been buying them earth worms of ebay from a women who breeds them, and my Oscars love them. I feed them the worms every day as well as pellets and prawns. Chuck the largest of the 2 has about 2-3 worms and Larry has 1-2 worms. Was just wondering if it is okay for them to be eating them every day or should i cut them down and use them as treats? As i have noticed there not liking the pellets as much as the worms! Thanks in advance =D

weight loss cardiff answers:

Fish love worms, but a steady diet of worms makes them very fat, which is unhealthy. I’d feed the worms no more than once or twice a week.

I like your fish names.

Sandra asks…

the Concordat of Worms as either a success or failure?

possibly an explanation….i dont really understand it

weight loss cardiff answers:

Mmmmmm, a diet of Worms. Yummy. How about the defenestration of Prague?


The success and/or failure depends largely on if you were, at the time, a protest-ant or a Catholic.

David asks…

Has any one tried the tape worm diet?

Has any one tried the tape worm diet?
because my friend Terry wants to try it.
does it work?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Don’t use that method. As it may work, it is unhealthy. I suggest trying to lose weight in a healthy way like working out. If you need some information on getting fit, visit

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Paul asks…

Worm Farming-Fish food?

So I’m wanting to start ”worm farming” with earthworms as a renewable source of live food for my fish. Is this safe? Also could I dig some up in my backyard or should I buy them at a bait shop?

Any tips for me?

Thanx, ian I will definetly look into it.
Thanx Lauren, great tips. And I currently feed my fish sinking shrimp pellets. I have silver dollars,african clawed frogs, peacock eels, and a blood parrot cichlid.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can worm farm, and it would feed the fish, but I’d suggest feeding them fish flakes, too. Worms don’t provide all of the nutrients fish need. Fish do like them because they are full of protein, but a steady diet of worms can cause a nutrient deficiency.

You can feed worms compost like banana peels or apple core, or even a bit of newspaper. Keep their soil moist, but not to the point that it’s getting moldy.

Joseph asks…

Eating worms?

Is eating red wiggler worms bad for your health. As in, if I eat a red wiggler, will I get sick? They were bought at petsmart.
I know they aren’t reptiles, it’s just that I didn’t feel like changing the category. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a worm category in here. And also, it’s eating them raw.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I know there are people who do eat worms, but almost always when they are cooked! But like escargot, you have to take SPECIAL precautions to eat only those worms you grow and feed yourself!

Like escargot, human-consumption worms have to be fed a special diet for a period of time. They eat detritus on the surface, but they also eat the soil and pass it through their bodies as well, so you need a clean soil and good consumable material (such as oat meal, ground corn, etc) that they will eat.

I do not raise worms myself. I do not know how to raise worms. But perhaps someone who does raise worms can tell you what kind of hygenic material to make their home out of and what kind of meal to feed them, so they are clean inside. Like escargot, you do not want to eat anything that eats ivy, daphne or oleander!!!!

Chris asks…

Tape Worm Diet Pills?

I know they’re illegal in stores in the US but can I buy them online?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Ugghhh i wishh!!!! Did u ever hear of those chocolates with tha tape worms!! Ughh i want onnee hahahh= 9but to answer ur ? Noooo not that i no of sorrryyy

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Michael asks…

Bearded dragon diet help?

How much food a day should I give my dragon based on a diet of rocket, locust and meal worms

weight loss cardiff answers:

Your diet is far too limited.

You should let him eat as much veggies as he can during the day and feed him live food for 30 minutes in the evening.

Please download and read this booklet we have written to help you house and feed your Beardie for a long and healthy life:

Richard asks…

martin luther speech “before the diet of the worms”?

what was his stance on false doctrines; what are some examples
what was his stance on irregular lives; what are some examples
what was his stance on scandalous examples; what are some examples

weight loss cardiff answers:

He was against false doctrines such as the sale of indulgences and purgatory.

He was against false doctrine such as the teaching that Church Councils and Popes were above the Scriptures because the Church Councils and Popes contradicted each other over and over again.

Large quotes of what Luther said are on the link below:

George asks…

Does A Worms Diet Effect The Soil It Enriches?

Im doing a project and thats my hypothesis and I just want to know the answer.I have red worms and im doing composting

weight loss cardiff answers:

A worm eats dead matter that would eventually clog up your garden. Worm casts contain so much goodness that they are sold as fertilizer.

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