Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Donald asks…

How do I lose thigh weight at home?

I live in a construction area, so I cant go out and run or jog at all. I don’t have access to a gym. And I don’t have a treadmill or an electronic bike. I don’t know how to lose thigh weight easily and fast. I want to lose some weight by August 20 (which is when I start school again) that’s in a month and 9 days to be exact. Can you help me? THANK YOU!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hmm I would suggest doing squats (not with weights) to tighten up your thighs to give it a more lean look. Take the 30 day squat challenge! I heard it works. And you won’t be
Able to make dramatic changes in a month sadly.

Donna asks…

Is it true that obese people tend to lose weight faster than people at a normal weight?

I have a friend who is 245 lbs and has been on a diet. She has been losing weighteasily” it seems because she doesn’t exercise–just eats healthier. I am 145 lbs and considered overweight for my height. I used to be 175 lbs and it seems like it’s getting harder to lose more weight that I need to.

Is it true that people that are obese (or just heavier) lose weight “easier & faster?”

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes, if a person needs to lose a lot of weight, it will happen easier and faster in the beginning. But as she gets closer to her goal weight, it will be the same as it is for you. It will get harder to lose. The last pounds are the hardest to lose.

Thomas asks…

How to lose weight really fast for teenagers?(10points who answer)?

I’m 14 years old and I wanna lose weight fast I’m really fat and I dunno what to do about I’m not able to control myself. And I’m even short (150cm). I want an easy way to help lose weight easily and fast. I weight 68.5 :(. It’s really making me sad !? Can someone give some good tips please ?! Help !!!???

weight loss cardiff answers:

Drink plenty of water. Cut out sugary, carbonated drinks. Carbonated means fizzy, in case you don’t know. Try to eat six small meals a day, instead of three big meals. Don’t cut out breakfast, it boosts your metabolism. When you eat meals, make sure you eat slowly, so your body realizes its full much faster. Never force yourself to puke. It’s a very dumb idea, and it ruins your body. Best of luck to you!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mandy asks…

how can i make my face shape look thiner?

hi, my face has always looked a bit chubby even though i’m thin. I’d really like my face to look thin, so any suggestions would be great.
Oh, and any easy and quick weight loss diets would be appreciated!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Be sure and use blush-to give your face shape and definition! Don’t do the round circles on your cheeks. Find your cheek bones and do the long, sweeping, upward brush motion. Then buy a foundation color that is a shade or 2 darker than what you use on your face. Use the darker color (using 1 finger) on the edge of face-from your ear lobe, down your jawline and chin. Finish off with the lightest brush of pale blush on your forehead and down edge of your jawline. Good luck!

Michael asks…

How do weight loss meal systems like nutrisystem decide about portion sizes and calories?

How do weight loss meal systems like nutrisystem decide about portion sizes and calories?
I mean there are people all over the weight spectrum when it comes to dieting. Do they have different portion sizes for different sized people?
Otherwise I just wouldn’t get how a 400 pound and a 200 pound man would have to take in the same amount of calories to try to lose weight?
Any ideas?

weight loss cardiff answers:

They spend a lot of time figuring it all out before telling you. It might be easier to figure out on the Weight Watchers program where you get points, but that program is only for those who don’t have metabolism problems (in my opinion) because they allow carbos and even desserts, but I cannot lose weight eating those.

As for different weights taking in the same thing… still works, but if you are like 400 and only eat 1100 calories a day for example your weight will come off faster than a 200 pounder unless there is a metabolism/thyroid problem, also depending on exercise.

Sandy asks…

How do you lose a lot of belly fat fast?

I was just wondering, what pills are best for trying to lose belly fat fast? Please any info on any weight loss (besides diet and exercising) would be wonderful!

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can lose belly fat on a healthier way.
No Pills and no diet can promise to lose especial your belly fat
You can loos weight easy and healthy without yo yo.

Weight loss is a lifestyle and not a event.
Think about this
I wish you good luck

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Steven asks…

How come on the three day diet plan it says after dinner to eat 1 cup regular vanilla ice cream?

I am starting a three day diet plan and it says that after dinner to eat 1 cup of regular vanilla ice cream after dinner. Is it part of the diet? Or is it just for those who want to eat dessert? In most diets they don’t include ice cream . .

weight loss cardiff answers:

Just follow the diet as it states….they put it there for a reason. I am on a dietician controlled weight loss diet, and she has me eating ice cream too. 1/2 cup.

William asks…

A diet plan..??

Can anyone give me a diet plan that will help me lose 10-20 pounds and keep them off..??

weight loss cardiff answers:

Diet and proper exercise is required

1) Keep it simple first
here’s 2 articles on eating healthy –

AND steps for fat loss success

2) Eat steam food, vegetables, fruits, lean meat

3) drink plenty of water and green tea

4) Avoid junk food, snacks and soda drinks

here’s 5 Foods for Instant Healthier Diet

5) have 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only) to keep the tummy

If you’re not too sure on how to plan it, try this link

6) exercise – combine weights and interval training.

Here’s a review link to a worthwhile workout, turbulence training

29 exercises you can do at home to burn belly fat

For abs, read these blogs (great articles on abs) –

and for women after the age of 30

and learn why crunches is not the answer

For Thighs and Butts

7)Don’t focus on cardio only (it’ a waste of time!)

8)form a support group – invite friends, relatives, parents, partners
to participate in a healthy lifestyle, and keep you accountable. This
is important.

9) plan to lose weight slowly (1-2 lbs a week), and progressively
overtime increase your

Hope it helps!

Joseph asks…

Whats a good diet plan for an 18yr girl?

I’ve tried so many diets and pills and different excises……and I just want to know what r some other ppls diet plans and wat diet pills worked for other ppl…….like I said I’m 18 256lb and I’m 5’7…….all help is much appreciated (plz if ur goin to say sumthin mean or stuupid plz leave my page for u are wasting both of our time) 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

Diet Pills are bad.
That aside, here is a good meal plan:

Breakfast: A Yogurt (that can get boring everyday, so you can add some cereal and fruit into the yogurt.) Also, a cup of milk.

Lunch: A Sandwich (You can switch up the kinds), and a fruit/veggie on the side. Add the vis-versa kind of V8. (Meaning, if you get have a vegetable on the side, have a fruit V8, and if you have fruit on the side, have a veggie V8)

Dinner: Have whatever you want: the key is portion control! Have a cup of water or a healthy juice.

Snacks: Allow yourself one 100 calorie snack a day. Don’t drink any pop, only water throughout the day.

Workout Plan: Run for 20 minutes a day. If you miss a day, make up for it the next day. To tone your arms, do this video once or twice a day:–8__UZUY&feature=plcp&context=C3a61dc3UDOEgsToPDskJ739E0te86eDQNS7cP9BIW

This should work for you!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Laura asks…

Why is it that I tend to lose weight on weeks when I wake up early?

For 6 weeks I had to wake up early for work (temp job) but only three times a week). I would wake up at around 3:30. I was losing weight until two weeks ago when I put it all back on because the contract ended.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Try the Lil Jack Workout it really works

Charles asks…

can i lose weight in Week? XD?

in one week we gonna get back to school wondering if i can lose some pounds in this week

i well be really happy 🙂 thanks

weight loss cardiff answers:

Lose weight for 10pounds in one week!

To begin losing weight, for breakfast each day, have 2 eggs, any style. Mix it up so you do not get bored. Eat poached, boiled, over-easy, or scrambled, it is your choice. Do not add salt, as this will cause you to retain water, which gives the appearance of fat. Have some sausage, but check the carbohydrate content before purchasing. Carbohydrate content should be less than 1 gram per 3 sausages for maximum weight loss.

For lunch, if you want to lose 10 pounds of body fat, eat a turkey or roast beef wrap daily. You lay the meat on a surface and put two tomato slices, a slice of cheese and a piece of lettuce, and then roll the whole thing into a wrap. Do not use any bread, pita or other wrapping material. Use the meat as the wrap. Check the carbohydrate content of the meat before purchase. If you want to lose weight quickly, the meat should be less than one gram per 3-4 slices. Only use 6 slices in your wrap. If you are still hungry, you can eat two of these.You can also use a large piece of lettuce, spinach or other green, and wrap that on the outside of the meat. The carbohydrate content is relatively low if you pick the right meat. Roast beef is generally lower in carbohydrate content. One cup of salad with one tablespoon of a low carbohydrate dressing, (usually blue cheese) is fine for a side item.

For dinner each night, have either broiled or baked chicken, steak, shrimp or fish. Have one and a half cups of salad on the side with blue cheese dressing (2 tablespoons maximum).

For maximum weight loss, stick to the plan. Only drink water, coffee with sweet and low, green tea, diet soda, or other drinks that contain no carbohydrates.

You can lose 10 pounds in a week with this method. Stick to the diet for one week and you will experience significant weight loss. In order to increase weight loss, exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. You will lose weight if you follow this low carbohydrate diet plan.

Good luck, stay fit and healthy!

Donna asks…

How to lose weight in 1 week?

I am not that over weight but I would like to lose 20 to 30 pounds so I can be ready for the beach this summer. Can anyone help me?

What I real want to know is what can I do to lose weight with in a week like crunches, squotes and what is the easiest way to do these pleace help
I want a flat tummy and my legs to be skinny

I love Ashley tisdales body here

Nice answer onley

weight loss cardiff answers:

If you want to lose weight some weeks. You can try Lose weight a week plan first!

Day 1:

Eat the soup accompanied with watermelon and melon for your main food all day long. Consume a glass of unsweetened cranberry juice before you go to bed.

Day 2:

Stop eating fruit at all! Consume your soup and you are allowed to eat green salad. Make sure the salad contain no dressings, peas and corns.

For dinner you can consume roasted potato or baked potato with butter (don’t ever think to fry it)

Day 3:

Consume the soup, salad and fruit but no potato today.

Day 4:

Eat the soup accompanied with a glass of skimmed milk. Consume 8 pieces of banana to provide your body enough energy. Your body now need carbohydrate and protein also calcium to lessen body need for sugar.

Day 5

Eat your soup again. Today you should consume salad and salmon fish. Make sure the salmon fish don’t exceed 10 ounces.

Day 6

You should consume maximum 10 ounces of meat along with your soup. You need the protein here.

Last Day

Consume 4 table spoons of rice with vegetables. Drink fresh watermelon or melon juice without sugar and eat your soup also today.

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Please enjoy it!

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