Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Paul asks…

What is the fastest way to lose weight/fat in your arms?

I have always been able to lose weight fairly easily in my legs and stomach by exercising and a little weight lifting but my arms never lose inches, how can I do this?! help please!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

You cannot spot reduce without surgery. Unfortunately, your arms are where you store fat. I store fat there to. You can shrink your arms by losing weight in your entire body. To tone them, dips are great and lift weights, high reps, low weight to tighten up the area.

Thomas asks…

How many calories should a male eat to lose weight without much exercise?

Just wondering how many calories I should be eating a day to lose weight without doing much exercise.
thanks :]

weight loss cardiff answers:

Take your weight in pounds and multiply it by 10. That is the MINIMUM amount of calories you should eat. Eat just above that amount to stimulate healthy, sustained weight loss. I recommend lean meat and green vegetables; they will help you stay full and avoid overeating.

However, without exercise, you will lose muscle just as easily as you lose fat, so your body composition will not improve. You will look “skinny-fat”. Do some heavy weightlifting if you want to keep your muscle mass.

Nancy asks…

Is it possible to lose 1lbs to 2lbs a week with exercise? Is it realistic?

I am being told the average person should lose only 2lbs a month with or without exercise and the weight stays off longer. I am also being told that it is impossible to lose 50lbs in 7 to 8months because of this rule. Is all this true??? I can understand losing only 1lb a week, but the 2lbs a month sounds ridiculous. I am trying to lose weight and I want to know if this is true or not. If it’s true why?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I have been losing two or more pounds a week without exercising, so what you have been told is very untrue and I am 30 years old so my metabolism isn’t as fast as it used to be. Also, the more you have to lose, the faster the weight will come off so you can easily lose 50 pounds in 7 or 8 months.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Linda asks…

Easy good Tips for Weight loss In teenager?

I’m looking to lose about 50 in 5 months. At max. Min would be 30. I currently weigh 200. I wish to atleast get down to 170 if not 150 in that time. I was basically inactive for three years due to asthma. I’m slowly re-introducing my body to excersise.

Prev weight before asthma- 154

– I do 75-100 situps
– I eat 1-2 bananas, grapes apples… ect.
– i don’t eat a lot (i mean excesively.)

How long would it take to lose 50 at this rate. Stretch tips… things i can do inside the house (i babysit so i can’t go out running or walking) and i don’t have weights. Things like situps… (no pushups.)

body type

– biggish in the chest area (unfortuanatly)
– broad shoulders
– rib cage is thicker than most
– basically a linebacker
– 5’9

Fat areas (major)

– stomach
– thighs

Are the main area.

I’m fourteen. Girl. Unactive. Help?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can’t take the kids out?
Hmm. Well…
If you have stairs go up and down repeatedly.
Cardio is what really does it..
I like to dance to.. It sounds stupid… But dance around your room for awhile it works muscles that regular exercise doesn’t and gets your heart going.
Drink LOTS of water.
Don’t eat too late. Give your body a couple hours to digest before sleep.

Jenny asks…

Easy weight lose Tips?

I want to lose twenty pounds. Do you have any weight loss tips?

weight loss cardiff answers:

A person I knew used to be obese, and the way she lost a LOT of weight was by cutting out soda completely out of her diet. Within a month, she had already lost 5 lbs because she used to drink coke daily.

After that first month, she then cut out MSG from her diet, which is a chemical that is known to cause weight problem, and she started to go for walks. She is now a slim jim at about 120 lbs or so. She looks stunning!

Joseph asks…

What are some great tips for weight loss?

Basically I just want to know some easy, effective tips to lose weight that are guaranteed to shed pounds. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat controlled diet with less fat.
Take hard exercise to burn extra fat.
Avoid eating butter, rice and potato etc

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sandy asks…

What is your favorite post pregnancy home workout video and diet food?

What is your favorite post pregnancy home workout video and diet food?
Especially if you just had a C-Section or twins, how did you go about getting that lower belly in some what of a good shape again? Also include any series such as the FIRM or all those other new series I see on TV all the time.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I have a prenatal pilates video that I use daily and it also has a postnatal workout on it which I plan to do along with walikng daily! No diet foods for me, I eat healthy as it is for me and baby and plan on keeping the same diet!

Thomas asks…

What are the best dieting foods to eat during the course of a day?

I am currently dieting and it’s working, plus I am in the gym again. I am not fat just gettitng a little loose, I used to play soccer and do step aeorbics in high school, yet I am not happy about my current look. I know dieting foods, I just want to hear more strategies from various people.

Inform me.

The first answer is just from someone most people don’t want to hear from or like. Get a grid smarty!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Maybe it would help you if you didn’t look at things as “diet foods”. When you want to eat something (which you should do often, like every 2-3 hours), think to yourself – what benefit am I getting from this? So instead of thinking of things you CAN’T eat b/c you’re trying to firm up, try thinking of what you CAN eat to help you. What you do eat is much more important that what you don’t eat. And the little things do add up. For example – try a small handful of nuts, but remember to get them without salt. No need for that extra sodium. And drink TONS of water. I know it sounds very cliche, but once you get into a habit of really staying hydrated, you realize how much better you feel. Oh, and fresh, raw veggies are great. Just remember, the more natural a food is, and the less processed, the better it is for you. Good luck friend!

Robert asks…

Has your cat lost a good amount of wieght on diet food?

I have had my cat on diet food for about 8 months now and he keeps gradually loosing wieght. I’m starting to think he’s loosing to much. He was kinda fat and now he’s maybe average or below average. Do you think the food is main reason or maybe he has tape worms? Does heartworms make cats loose wieght? He never goes outside either, he is strictly an indoor cat. I can’t get an appointment until Friday. I’m a little worried.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Cats are infected with heartworms by the bite of an infected mosquitoe. Mosquitoes live in swampy areas where the water is still. Do you live near a place like that?

As for the tapeworms, they come from fleas. Kitty grooms himself and ingests a flea. The tapeworm cycle begins. Fleas are everywhere..dry areas and wet areas. Even if kitty doesn’t go outside, you or your family can bring fleas in yourself, they can come through open doors and windows.

Does kitty eat well, just continuing to lose weight? Loosing weight is a sign for many illness. The vet will draw blood and maybe urine for analysis and check his thyroid, kidneys, liver, blood sugar levels and CBC.

If the vet is concerned about the heartworms, he can use a few drops to examine under a microscope for microfilaria (heartworm larvae). And also perform inhouse antibody test. Outward signs of heartworm can be similar to other illnesses, but coughing and rapid/difficulty breathing are two signs that make the vet consider heart problems.

I have attached a link with good information on heartworms in cats, plus a map of the US showing high concentration areas.

Also, what kind of ‘diet food’ do you have kitty on? Many of the diet foods are dry and generally dry food does not have the best nutrition for kitties. Cats are carnivores and need meat. The diet formulas are full of corn and grains, but no meat. I will attach another link to cat nutrition written by a veterianarian and cat lover.

The third link is to a cat body condition weight chart. You can compare your kitty to this chart to see if he is at his ideal or underweight.

Purrs to you and kitty.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Thomas asks…

Can you lose weight running in place?

I mean I lost a lot of weight playing ddr and ddr is basically running in place with random jumps. So I’m assuming you can lose weight running in place.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Winter Blues – During the winter, replace outdoor activities with an exercise bike, treadmill or elliptical machine. Double Up – Find a workout partner. You’ll keep each other motivated and help drag each other out of bed on those tough mornings!

Jenny asks…

Most effective way to lose weight by running?

What is the most effective way to lose weight by running, I am doing a low intensity 50 minute run everyday. Is this the best way to be losing weight, do you guys have any more effective ways of losing weight with running???

weight loss cardiff answers:

Running easy along with controlling your calorie intake is the most effective way to lose weight.
Each mile burns about 100 calories, it takes 3500 calories to lose one pound.

So successful weight loss requires a good diet and exercise.

Your low intensity running could be burning as much as 500 calories, which adds up to a lot over a period of time.

Paul asks…

How would losing weight improve my running scores?

I was wondering, If I lose weight, will my running scores improve? So far I lost about 30 pounds. I am doing Field Hockey in the fall and am expected to run a mile and a half in 12:30. In what ways will my running scores improve if I continue to lose more weight?


weight loss cardiff answers:

It’s a lot easier to run if you lose weight, which can help you run faster if you don’t have extra weight dragging you down

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