Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Linda asks…

Easy good Tips for Weight loss In teenager?

I’m looking to lose about 50 in 5 months. At max. Min would be 30. I currently weigh 200. I wish to atleast get down to 170 if not 150 in that time. I was basically inactive for three years due to asthma. I’m slowly re-introducing my body to excersise.

Prev weight before asthma- 154

– I do 75-100 situps
– I eat 1-2 bananas, grapes apples… ect.
– i don’t eat a lot (i mean excesively.)

How long would it take to lose 50 at this rate. Stretch tips… things i can do inside the house (i babysit so i can’t go out running or walking) and i don’t have weights. Things like situps… (no pushups.)

body type

– biggish in the chest area (unfortuanatly)
– broad shoulders
– rib cage is thicker than most
– basically a linebacker
– 5’9

Fat areas (major)

– stomach
– thighs

Are the main area.

I’m fourteen. Girl. Unactive. Help?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can’t take the kids out?
Hmm. Well…
If you have stairs go up and down repeatedly.
Cardio is what really does it..
I like to dance to.. It sounds stupid… But dance around your room for awhile it works muscles that regular exercise doesn’t and gets your heart going.
Drink LOTS of water.
Don’t eat too late. Give your body a couple hours to digest before sleep.

Jenny asks…

Easy weight lose Tips?

I want to lose twenty pounds. Do you have any weight loss tips?

weight loss cardiff answers:

A person I knew used to be obese, and the way she lost a LOT of weight was by cutting out soda completely out of her diet. Within a month, she had already lost 5 lbs because she used to drink coke daily.

After that first month, she then cut out MSG from her diet, which is a chemical that is known to cause weight problem, and she started to go for walks. She is now a slim jim at about 120 lbs or so. She looks stunning!

Joseph asks…

What are some great tips for weight loss?

Basically I just want to know some easy, effective tips to lose weight that are guaranteed to shed pounds. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat controlled diet with less fat.
Take hard exercise to burn extra fat.
Avoid eating butter, rice and potato etc

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