Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Thomas asks…

Can you lose weight running in place?

I mean I lost a lot of weight playing ddr and ddr is basically running in place with random jumps. So I’m assuming you can lose weight running in place.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Winter Blues – During the winter, replace outdoor activities with an exercise bike, treadmill or elliptical machine. Double Up – Find a workout partner. You’ll keep each other motivated and help drag each other out of bed on those tough mornings!

Jenny asks…

Most effective way to lose weight by running?

What is the most effective way to lose weight by running, I am doing a low intensity 50 minute run everyday. Is this the best way to be losing weight, do you guys have any more effective ways of losing weight with running???

weight loss cardiff answers:

Running easy along with controlling your calorie intake is the most effective way to lose weight.
Each mile burns about 100 calories, it takes 3500 calories to lose one pound.

So successful weight loss requires a good diet and exercise.

Your low intensity running could be burning as much as 500 calories, which adds up to a lot over a period of time.

Paul asks…

How would losing weight improve my running scores?

I was wondering, If I lose weight, will my running scores improve? So far I lost about 30 pounds. I am doing Field Hockey in the fall and am expected to run a mile and a half in 12:30. In what ways will my running scores improve if I continue to lose more weight?


weight loss cardiff answers:

It’s a lot easier to run if you lose weight, which can help you run faster if you don’t have extra weight dragging you down

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Laura asks…

If I eat normally, how many calories should i burn per week to lose weight?

Preferably like.. 3-5 pounds in one month? Also, i eat very irregularly, sometimes I don’t have that much to eat all day and sometimes I have a lot. So, basically, if i didn’t eat completely healthily and didn’t lower the amount i eat, how many calories per week should i burn through exercise to lose 3-5 pounds in one month?

weight loss cardiff answers:

3500 calories = 1 pound

Richard asks…

I lose about 500 calories running 5 times a week.How much weight could I lose in that week?

I don’t know how calories work when trying to lose weight.Can anyone please help me on how calories work? =]
I don’t own a scale and unfortunately the gym I go to also does not own a scale.I know I lose about 500 calories in one day and run/walk about 2 1/2 miles a day.I am losing about 500 calories doing this.How much weight could I lose in a week doing this?

weight loss cardiff answers:

1-3 pounds. 500 calories burned from exercise, plus all the calories you burn doing other activities, probably adds up to around 2000-2200. You need to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound. Your BMR is most likely around 1400, so burning a total of 2200 calories a day. Net burn is 800 calories a day times 7 days a week=5600. If you eat healthy, around 1200-1400 calories a day, closer to 1200, you could lose up to 3 pounds in a week.

Chris asks…

How many calories should you burn in a week to lose weight?

I can go to the gym four times a week for an hour and a half, I’ve been able to burn 700 to 800 calories per session, Is that too much, too little? How much should i burn per session or in a week. Im 15 if that matters and 189 pounds and tryin to get healthier

weight loss cardiff answers:

How do you know you’re burning 7-800? Let’s assume that amount IS accurate–If you can measure your expenditure that accurately, then surely you can measure how many cals you’re eating, ’cause most foods these days have energy content printed on the package, or you can look it up on the web. Look up on Google or someplace what are 1) the energy requirements per day for a growing teenager, 2) what the resting energy expenditure is per day for someone like you, multiply this by 7 (7 days per week), then add the total to what you expend per week when you work out. That sum is your weekly energy expenditure. If you want to lose weight, eat fewer calories than you’re burning.

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