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Paul asks…

Worm Farming-Fish food?

So I’m wanting to start ”worm farming” with earthworms as a renewable source of live food for my fish. Is this safe? Also could I dig some up in my backyard or should I buy them at a bait shop?

Any tips for me?

Thanx, ian I will definetly look into it.
Thanx Lauren, great tips. And I currently feed my fish sinking shrimp pellets. I have silver dollars,african clawed frogs, peacock eels, and a blood parrot cichlid.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can worm farm, and it would feed the fish, but I’d suggest feeding them fish flakes, too. Worms don’t provide all of the nutrients fish need. Fish do like them because they are full of protein, but a steady diet of worms can cause a nutrient deficiency.

You can feed worms compost like banana peels or apple core, or even a bit of newspaper. Keep their soil moist, but not to the point that it’s getting moldy.

Joseph asks…

Eating worms?

Is eating red wiggler worms bad for your health. As in, if I eat a red wiggler, will I get sick? They were bought at petsmart.
I know they aren’t reptiles, it’s just that I didn’t feel like changing the category. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a worm category in here. And also, it’s eating them raw.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I know there are people who do eat worms, but almost always when they are cooked! But like escargot, you have to take SPECIAL precautions to eat only those worms you grow and feed yourself!

Like escargot, human-consumption worms have to be fed a special diet for a period of time. They eat detritus on the surface, but they also eat the soil and pass it through their bodies as well, so you need a clean soil and good consumable material (such as oat meal, ground corn, etc) that they will eat.

I do not raise worms myself. I do not know how to raise worms. But perhaps someone who does raise worms can tell you what kind of hygenic material to make their home out of and what kind of meal to feed them, so they are clean inside. Like escargot, you do not want to eat anything that eats ivy, daphne or oleander!!!!

Chris asks…

Tape Worm Diet Pills?

I know they’re illegal in stores in the US but can I buy them online?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Ugghhh i wishh!!!! Did u ever hear of those chocolates with tha tape worms!! Ughh i want onnee hahahh= 9but to answer ur ? Noooo not that i no of sorrryyy

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