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Michael asks…

Bearded dragon diet help?

How much food a day should I give my dragon based on a diet of rocket, locust and meal worms

weight loss cardiff answers:

Your diet is far too limited.

You should let him eat as much veggies as he can during the day and feed him live food for 30 minutes in the evening.

Please download and read this booklet we have written to help you house and feed your Beardie for a long and healthy life:

Richard asks…

martin luther speech “before the diet of the worms”?

what was his stance on false doctrines; what are some examples
what was his stance on irregular lives; what are some examples
what was his stance on scandalous examples; what are some examples

weight loss cardiff answers:

He was against false doctrines such as the sale of indulgences and purgatory.

He was against false doctrine such as the teaching that Church Councils and Popes were above the Scriptures because the Church Councils and Popes contradicted each other over and over again.

Large quotes of what Luther said are on the link below:

George asks…

Does A Worms Diet Effect The Soil It Enriches?

Im doing a project and thats my hypothesis and I just want to know the answer.I have red worms and im doing composting

weight loss cardiff answers:

A worm eats dead matter that would eventually clog up your garden. Worm casts contain so much goodness that they are sold as fertilizer.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Paul asks…

What’s the jiff with the Diet of Worms :).?

What does the title mean?

weight loss cardiff answers:

[supremely bad mental image involving peanut butter]

Diet is an odd word for council and Worms was the location.

Betty asks…

Can meal worms with calcium be a diet?

I’m honestly frightened by crickets and I made a post before about crickets and I got a lot of answers about meal worms and all sorts of worms as a diet, would calcium make them more nutritious for my adult male blizzard leopard gecko?

weight loss cardiff answers:

How do you feel about locusts? How about dubia roaches? Worms alone are not a suitable diet, in my opinion. Locusts are slow moving, don’t bite or smell (unlike crickets) and are generally a lot easier to handle. They can make good altnerative to crickets. I hate crickets too I never have them in my house, so I feed my chameleon locusts as a base diet, with calcium worms (AKA phoenix worms), morio worms and the occasional butterworm or waxworm as a treat. But I would say feeding mealworms alone is asking for trouble. Mealworms are not necessarily as bad as people make out, however they are not suitable as a lone feeder insect in my opinion.

Also, you should be dusting your geckos food with calcium and mineral supplement once or twice a week anyway, regardless of what you are feeding.

Lizzie asks…

my kitten has worms??

my kitten just puked some worms. around 3 roundworms and another type which i think is tapeworms. i de-wormed him last month.
what is causing it?
he was on a cooked chicken diet, but he just changed to a cooked fish diet yesterday. i dont think it is his food because i never feed him raw. i think it is his water because i always find mosquitoes or other insects breeding in his water, and there are many eggs. i change his water up to 3 times a day, but there are always still flies.
any opinions on how he got the worms?
i already fed him another deworming pill, but is that all i need to do? is the deworming stuff only for preventing it? what do i do now?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The stuff you can buy over the counter is usually just for roundworms. The only tape worm meds you can buy now are called Tape Worm Tabs available at some pet stores; otherwise for the longest time you could only get them from a vet. So make sure you use an actual tapeworm dewormer that is either from your vet, or are Tape Worm Tabs as other dewormers don’t cover them..
Plus, know that it’s common for kittens to pass worms in their stool/puke after being dewormed, they’ve got to get out of the body somehow and not all are digested. But that’s usually just within a couple days. After a month I would be concerned that he’s being re-infested. And how many times had he been dewormed in the past? Many times it’s recommended that kittens be dewormed 2 to 3 times before they turn 12 weeks.
Also- if you have fleas that can contribute to a re-infestation of tapeworm just as quickly as it takes you to treat it. Try mixing up a neem oil dilute spray to take care of the fleas, it’s natural and works great at repelling insects.

Edit: it scares me how much false info I’m reading here! Why would you get rid of a cat because of worms- kittens are BORN with worms from their mother’s milk- it’s NORMAL to have to treat them. I would never advise anyone NOT to take their kitten to a vet if they felt more comfortable doing that; but it kind of scares me that some people would follow the advice of people who seem really uneducated on the topic! Roundworms are VERY common in kittens.. In SEVERE cases they can cause problems but it’s almost always treatable. I would just make sure to read the guidelines on what you’re using to deworm her and double check you have something that’s actually for tapeworm. And don’t believe people who freak out saying it’s going to die immediately or that you have to get rid of it. I’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous.

EDIT AGAIN- Please know, PINWORMS are NOT found in cats/dogs. “Tapeworms and pinworms look very similar. However, contrary to popular belief, pinworms do not infect cats or dogs. Any worm segments seen associated with cats are due to tapeworms. Children who get pinworms do not get them from cats or dogs..”

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Daniel asks…

How many meal worms should I feed my bearded dragon?

My beardie is between 6-8 months, how many meal worms should I be giving him a day? And as he gets older should this increase?

weight loss cardiff answers:

People get confused between mealworms/giant mealworms and superwoms. Pet shops love taking advantage of this fact and will sell you giant mealworms, call them superworms and charge you double the price. Are you sure you are talking about meal worms? If so then no you should not feed it to him daily, it is only meant as a treat because they are very low in nutrition. You can see the difference in the worms here:

Sub-adult to adult Beardies only need to eat prey items once a day along with fresh greens. Once they are this age you can offer them crickets, Locusts, Cockroaches, Mealworms, Waxworms, Zophobas worms, Silkworms, Superworms, Butterworms, Red worms, Earthworms and just about any other worm available. All these should be used as treats though with roaches, crickets and greens being the staple part of your Dragons diet and feed as much as the bearded dragon wants. Here is the complete diet:

Susan asks…

It’s the start of term, Thread worms are at my kids school, are there a food that will discourage or kill them?

Hi aparently worms are passed by touching something an infected person has, then the hands going in the mouth, not a problem as an adult but my very young kids don’t follow such strict rules.YUK!

My kids have been given medicine for it already but is there a food i can add to the families diet that will discourage worms, for instance I’m thinking herbs or spices.
perhaps there is a fruit or veg that could help.

weight loss cardiff answers:

The worms can survive harsh conditions and changing your diet is probably not going to harm the worms.

“To treat threadworm you should use a treatment like Vermox or Combantrin-1, which contain mebendazole, or Combantrin, which contains pyrantel embonate as the active ingredient. Mebendazole is an anthelmintic that works by interfering with the proteins in either the worm’s intestine or absorptive cells. This inhibits the threadworms’ ability to absorb glucose (sugars) which depletes them of the energy that they need to survive. As a result the threadworm dies within several days. Pyrantel embonate, a “neuro-muscular blocking agent”, causes paralysis of the threadworm’s nervous system. The paralysed worms are then expelled in the faeces by the normal actions of the bowel”.

Please see the link below.

Lizzie asks…

How to feed a balanced diet to predatory fish?

Im getting some Exodon paradoxus, these will be my first predatory pack hunter species. So how should i feed them a good balanced diet? (How often to feed live feeders, how often to feed bloodworms, etc.) Thanks in advance

weight loss cardiff answers:

Never give them live feeders.

Give them blood worms,frozen beef heart, cichlid pellets, tropical flakes, freeze dreid krill, and frozen brine shrimp. Give them frozen blood worms and beef heart daily. Add the others as often as you want.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ken asks…

Is it okay to feed a leopard gecko only meal worms?

Is it okay to feed a leopard gecko only meal worms? Or do I have to feed it crickets too?
And what other kinds of supplements do I need to feed it? Or do I?

weight loss cardiff answers:

If by ok you mean will they survive on mealworms then yes. I feed my 2 month old leo only mealworms because i can’t get small crickets when I stay. But he got pretty fat after 5 months of mealworms only diet … He clearly look obese. At 7 months he was big enough for crickets. For the past 11 weeks I’ve been feeding him crickets, giving mealworms only twice a week or when he is not feeling good.

You need calcium powder, I dust his food with non D3 calcium powder, twice a week I dust it with calcium powder with D3.

Not sure about vitamins, I feed the mealworms apple slices so I assume my leo will get some from there. He absolutely dislike the repcal multivitamin smell and will never go near any food with that.

Betty asks…

How many meal worms should my baby veiled chameleon eat weekly?

OK well i just got a baby veiled chameleon 3 days ago. He wasn’t eating crickets so i got meal worms yesterday and he at them within 2 seconds of me putting them down. I want to feed him these daily from now on but the problem is the people at PetSmart said i can’t feed him them more than 2 meal worms a week. What should i do? Please answer soon because i need to feed him. Thank You for your answers i greatly appreciate them

weight loss cardiff answers:

First off mealworms should only be given to a chameleon once in a while because meal worms are very hard to digest and should be fed to fatten up like maxworms.use small super worms instead. :oD
list of good foods
silkworms-very often
wax worms and meal worms- only for treats or for fatten
roaches-not to often not to long
horn worms-treat
phoenix worm-once in a while high in nutri
butter worms-high in nutri to not to sure about phoenix tho
look in the internet for more info on diet

John asks…

How do I get rid of my suckerfishes worms??

My suckerfish has these huge worms that come out of him and get stuck on everything in my tank. I’m afraid that they are going to infect my other fish even though I think they already have worms coming out of them too!! It is the craziest thing you have ever seen!!! How do I keep them from getting these?? Thanks for help!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

I believe that what you’re seeing is their “poop”. In plecos, this is long and stringy (the color is based on what you feed them, but is usually brown/tan). If these are actual worms, they’d move. The poop just stays in place unless the filter is moving it around.

It sounds as if your fish might be a bit constipated if there’s that much and you’re seeing it in other fish. If you feed your fish dry food (flakes or pellets) try soaking them in some tank water first. It also helps if you give the some fresh greens for some fiber in their diets. Most fish will eat cooked peas with the skin removed, zucchini, cucumber, romaine lettuce, spinach, collard greens, oranges, shredded carrots, and others. It help them if you cook these for a few minutes or freeze them a while first to make the softer.

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