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Michael asks…

Bearded dragon diet help?

How much food a day should I give my dragon based on a diet of rocket, locust and meal worms

weight loss cardiff answers:

Your diet is far too limited.

You should let him eat as much veggies as he can during the day and feed him live food for 30 minutes in the evening.

Please download and read this booklet we have written to help you house and feed your Beardie for a long and healthy life:

Richard asks…

martin luther speech “before the diet of the worms”?

what was his stance on false doctrines; what are some examples
what was his stance on irregular lives; what are some examples
what was his stance on scandalous examples; what are some examples

weight loss cardiff answers:

He was against false doctrines such as the sale of indulgences and purgatory.

He was against false doctrine such as the teaching that Church Councils and Popes were above the Scriptures because the Church Councils and Popes contradicted each other over and over again.

Large quotes of what Luther said are on the link below:

George asks…

Does A Worms Diet Effect The Soil It Enriches?

Im doing a project and thats my hypothesis and I just want to know the answer.I have red worms and im doing composting

weight loss cardiff answers:

A worm eats dead matter that would eventually clog up your garden. Worm casts contain so much goodness that they are sold as fertilizer.

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