Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Daniel asks…

Do all of the major weight loss pills have caffeine?

I have read that the major weight loss supplements are mostly caffeine (Xenadrine, Stacker, Trim Spa, Ect.). This is why most pro athletes do not use them. Is this statement true? Are there any caffeine free supplements? Also, is it true that ephedra is a form of caffeine?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You’re right — ALL the major weight loss pills are either LOADED with caffeine or they contain ephedra, which can be lethal if taken by teenagers or persons suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease. That is EXACTLY why pro-athletes won’t take them. Ephedra = ephedrine hydrochloride, but I have no idea if that’s in the caffeine family. And no, I can’t name any weight loss or fat burning supplement that doesn’t contain caffeine or ephedra (or both). BOTTOM LINE: They don’t work over the long term and can have nasty long-term effects. The high levels of caffeine and/or ephedra mess with your metabolism and actually cause your metabolism to run slower after you stop taking them. So you could take them for a few months, lose the weight you want to lose, but once you stop you’ll have to exercise harder or eat a lot less just to maintain. Not good. You’re better off going the natural way. Check out the website below for a plan to lose weight and keep it off without the use of fat burners, supplements, or pills.

Betty asks…

What are some weight loss supplements for men?

I’m in a very unfortunate situation because I don’t have money to eat the healthy way as of yet.. and I work so much and commute so far that I find it hard to find time to exercise.. I wanna drop some weight .. At least 8-10 pounds over the next 2-3 weeks. I’m going to buy some fruits and vegetables, some grilled chicken and things less fatty but I would like am extra push.. Hence, the idea of weight loss supplements. Is there any that you can recommend to me that has great reviews and hasn’t caused serious complications to the body. I really would appreciate this. I’m a male by the way. I know their are women and men supplements. Thank you.

If you don’t have any ideas for supplements then have any of you dropped weight fast using different techniques with limited exercise and little access to fruits and vegetables? I’m pretty sure it’s unheard of, please get back to me!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

A very good weight loss supplement is hoodia gordonii – it works by suppressing the sensation of hunger which helps the person lose weight.

Susan asks…

are there any safe weight loss supplement that actually work for teens?

i’m 19 and i want to lose about 20 or 30 pounds. i exercise and eat well but im just not losing the weight. does anyone know of any weight loss supplement that actually works? (i don’t want slim fast)

weight loss cardiff answers:

I’m sorry, there’s really no such thing as a safe diet pill. They almost all contain stimulants that can damage the cardiovascular system, and then there’s Alli, which can give you explosive diarrhea, so I don’t think you want that pill either.

Diet and exercise should work perfectly fine. I think you’re probably either not giving it enough time (you should give it at least a month before you decide you’re not seeing results), or you aren’t dieting or exercising right.

As for your diet, you should be eating high protein, high fat (saturated not trans, and no that’s not unhealthy), low carb, low sugar. Keep your calorie intake around 1500 a day, carbs around 100-150 g a day, and as little added sugar as you can manage. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies too.

And you need to push yourself when you exercise. A nice easy pace won’t do anything. You have to get sweaty, tired, and work hard. If you don’t feel tired when you’re done, if you’re not out of breath, you’re not doing it right. And you need to do both cardio and weight training, but on different days. Try and work out for at least an hour, 4-6 days a week.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Laura asks…

What are some good, safe weight loss supplements?

I need to lose 10 pounds. I’m 16 5’2″ and weigh 123 pounds, Im trying to lose that last 10 pounds. I already workout for 2-3 hours 4-6 times a week and I eat healthy, staying at no more than 1300 calories a day. (that’s my absolute maximum, usually around 1150-1200.) I was looking into non-stimulant weight loss supplements, something like creatine and green tea extract. Any suggestions?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can get yourself a Kechara healing Chakras which can help you to slim down. But of course, i would suggest you to get some proper opinions from the experts. Or why not you can try go drink some pure lemon extract mixed with some water and drink it daily? It does improve in losing weight.

Charles asks…

I am looking for a 7 to 14 day weight loss supplement?

I am looking for a fat burning, metabolism boosting, weight loss supplement that really works. There are SO many online that I can’t find one that seem legit. I exercise daily and eat a sensible diet. I have been on a vacation for the past 2 weeks and gained almost 10 pounds and I just want something to help me lost it quickly. Please no advertising. Thank you sincerely for honest help.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Try Customized Fat Loss from this site.

Mark asks…

Can weight loss pills out last their printed shelf life?

I’m just wondering, because i just got a hold of some xyience weight loss supplements, and i know their known for their muscle growth and testosterone boosters. Which work quite well from what i’ve heard and seen.

weight loss cardiff answers:

As with most medications, the shelf life provides the time frame in which the medication maintains potent levels. After the shelf the potent diminishes or lessens. Also, consider that some ingredients in medication can maintain for so long and given the various components may determine the actual yes or no.

Have I taken weight loss or other pills beyond shelf life….yes!

Check with doctor or advice nurse and good luck to you.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Laura asks…

How to make a weight loss supplement at home?

i am not overweight but i want to lose a few pounds. i love to eat and cant help but eating things with lots of calories. i already know about exercise and eating right but don’t have time to do all that with everything else i am involved in. i want to make some kind of weight loss supplement from home because i have asked my mom if i could get weight loss pills but she refused. thanks ahead of time for your answers!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Dissolve half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder (or ground cinnamon) in a cup of boiling water. Stir the mixture and cover for half an hour. Filter away any big particles and add a teaspoon of honey. Take it in the morning with an empty stomach about half an hour before breakfast.


Michael asks…

What is the best Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplement?

What is the best Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplement?
There are so many to choose from…has anyone had better luck using one product over the other?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I’ve only tried two different types. You always want to look for Ketone products that are only 100% pure raspberry. Many raspberry ketone products will add other ingredients and you want to avoid that at all cost. One brand I currently take is Raspberry Ketone Burn. I have had no problems with this supplement and continue to lose weight. I try to stick to a strict diet and workout routine. I have lost 23 lbs in the past 2 months and look forward to continuing down this path. The other brand I was using was called Teraputics Raspberry Ketones 250mg. Although I didn’t lose as much weight as I have with Raspberry Ketone Burn, I was still losing an average of 1 – 2 lbs a week on it. Like I stated before, whatever brand you go with just make sure it is a 100% pure raspberry product.

Ken asks…

What is the best weight loss supplement you can have that actually works please help me i am 202 pds?

Wats the best weight loss supplement i want to lose 70 pds

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hi Haley,

There comes a time in every individual’s life when he realizes that he needs to regain his fitness because it is genuinely threatening his/her way of life and future prospects. When a person comes to such a point in life, the usual reaction is to do some research into the different ways and means through which good health can be restored. If you have come to this point in your life and have researched this subject in depth, then it is likely that you have already figured out that the best way to achieve great health is to do so through natural means like having a balanced diet day in day out and getting enough physical activity on a regular basis.

A balanced diet, traditionally and on the basis of modern scientific researches, is regarded as the best way to not only lose weight but to also counter diseases and injuries. The reason for this is simply the fact that having meals that are well balanced in nutrients results in the body becoming more adept at handling external and internal problems. Similarly, exercise is regarded highly in medical circles because it results in the production of the right enzymes in the body that help its natural processes and an increase in metabolic rate, which means greater energy levels.

However, like most people who research the best methods of losing weight and achieving fitness, it is possible that you missed out on a crucial aspect. This is the fact that while a natural diet and good amount of exercise are great for losing weight or gaining fitness, they need to be supported with some carefully chosen natural nutritional supplements. The need for natural nutritional supplements arises because due to the exploitation of the environment by mankind, certain nutrients have become rare in nature. The direct result of this is that it is hard for any individual to find certain nutrients in enough quantities naturally. The following is a list of benefits of using natural nutritional supplements that should show you that these supplements are an important facet of your balanced diet and physical activity regime.

1. Give you another source for the required nutrients:

As mentioned above, the primary reason why these natural nutritional supplements are important is the fact that they are able to provide you certain nutrients that you would otherwise find it difficult to acquire.

2. Help facilitate the improvement in your body’s internal processes:

Most natural nutritional supplements are an amalgamation of different extracts. This means that, in addition to their active ingredient, they also contain other naturally occurring substances like enzymes and compounds that can facilitate your body’s internal processes.

As you can see from the detailed information mentioned above, a person who is looking to regain fitness or lose excess weight needs to have a regime that is completely natural and consists of things like balanced diets, appropriate amount of physical activity and the right choice of nutritional supplements. Therefore, if you are looking to achieve good health or lose some weight, then you need to either create your own detailed fitness regime or enroll yourself into some natural diet and exercise program.

I found this website for you. The supplement is second to none. Check it out. Its awful.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mandy asks…

What do you recommend for a weight-loss supplement?

I am trying to lose weight (30-40lbs), I currently work out 4 times a week and burn around 1,000 calories each work out session. I have lost a significant amount of weight before but have gained some of it back, I am at 255 now.

I have looked into Clinicallix, Lipofuze and smiler’s like it. I have also looked at Alli but i don’t think its for me. What are your recommendations for a weightloss supplement?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hey U actually don’t need to work that hard for loosing weight. I am not joking, there are loads of foodstuffs available by which you will start losing weight and gain your abs back.
I too was suffering from the same problem a few months back, and i was so fat that i couldn’t even do crunches. Just try this program that i came through and it will definately help you.
I swear by it.
Just tell me if you liked it or not

Jenny asks…

Good weight loss supplement with work out?

I play football and want a Weight loss supplement to get me quicker. What can yall suggest?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Do not call jenny =)

Do a lot of cardio and there is something called the Acai Berry
it helps with weight loss

Donna asks…

Will my doctor agree to giving me a weight loss supplement?

I’m a teenager and I’ve been trying to lose weight. My doctor is aware of my plans but I’ve found I’ve hit a plateu and have not lost any weight at all. I started running/jogging, do zumba sometimes, and I’m on my feet and lifting things constantly at one of my jobs. Also, I’ve been eating better and still, my weight has stayed the same. Is it possible that my doctor can give me a weight loss supplement to help me move along?

weight loss cardiff answers:

A “weight loss supplement”? No such thing exists.

If doctors could just give the hyper obese a “weight loss supplement” do you think obesity would be such a problem?

Try eating less.

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