Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

James asks…

Recommendations for diet & exercise/weight-loss plan?

I’ve heard WeightWatchers was a good one. I tried South Beach, I didn’t like it. I would prefer plans that have websites where I can keep track of my progress. And also an excercise plan (cardio is needed)

Not to be overly picky since you guys are helping me, but I wanted to know which ones you prefered or heard were good.

weight loss cardiff answers:

First step is to eat healthier food. Eating healthy, balanced meals is the first goal we must strive for. Pay attention to what you’re eating to make sure it’s not filled with additives. Include lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Stay away from too many sugars and sweets, and drink plenty of water.

Exercise is the second key ingredient if you need help to lose weight. Aerobic exercise is something you should fit into your schedule a 2 or 3 times per week. Keep your heart rate up for 30 minutes – 3 times per week to start. Increase the length and intensity of your exercise, as you feel more comfortable and energized. Some light weight training and resistance exercises a couple times a week can be very beneficial also.

The exercise part – do some incline walking

To lose weight as efficiently as possible, you’re going to need to combine exercise and diet efforts. One without the other mostly gives sub-par and temporary results.

For exercise, do some simple walking. But make 1 change. Make sure you’re walking up an incline. Since most people don’t have a hill nearby, a treadmill that inclines is what you’ll need to use.

My suggestion… Just incline it slightly. Ten to fifteen degrees. Nothing too steep. Then… Just walk for 20-25 minutes. Before you start saying inside your head that “it’s just walking”… Well, try it once and there’ll be nothing more to say

You’ll realize how great it is for fat loss after doing it just once. So try it and see how you’ll lose stubborn stomach fat fast.

I recommend to cycle to, that is always good, and anyone can do it easily
The diet part – protein shakes and apples

Obviously there are 2 parts. Notice I don’t even touch on your meals… The protein shakes are more mini-meals or snacks. Working with thousands of women has shown me that I need to start with snacks first.

And protein shakes and apples fit the bill.

All I want you to do is alternate between eating an apple and drinking a protein shake that has 20-30 grams of protein in it. And of course, eat your normal meals.

Now, to be clear… If you eat healthier you’ll get better results. But I’m allowing you to eat you regular foods so you don’t feel like you’re suffering. The apples and protein shakes will take care of how much you eat during those meals. It’ll be less. Smile. That’s exactly what we want.

This is a good “starter plan”. I consider it the best weight loss program for women who are transitioning to a more healthy diet.

If you’re SICK and TIRED of getting the same old boring weight loss advice… You know, like “Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink 8 glasses of water…

glad if i help;)

best regards David Stefansson

Lisa asks…

Help me with a weight loss plan?

I’m 13, female, 5’0, and about 130 lb.

I want to loose weight during the summer- maybe 15-20 lb. and I’ve found a great website to help me,

bassically the site says things about making a weight loss plan for your body, and I’m not so sure how to do that.

I am cutting down on what I eat, and eating healthy things like whole grain cereal, fruits, veggies, ect. any other ideas on food?

I also need help on different exercizes I could do. I DONT like running, i can walk, and I have heard that 30 min. of running= 10 min of jump roping. Is that true? Plus I don’t have a lot of gym equitment around the house so these workouts have to be innovative. I also have a suscription to Lifetime Fitness, and I know i have to go there more often.

I know this is a lot but I am in dire need for a fitness plan. 10 points to the person who best answers all of these questions. thanks!!! <3

weight loss cardiff answers:

It sounds like you’re on the right track, but that’s a lot of weight to lose, so just remember that you want to do it the healthy way, so that it’ll stay off.

Food wise, I think you’ve got the right idea. Lots of fruit, veggies, whole grains. Limit your sugar intake, don’t eat out at fast food places, that kind of thing. Just remember, you don’t want to cut EVERY thing out of your diet. Little rewards are a great way to stay in control and not feel deprived. Instead of having desert every day (not that im saying you do now, cause i dont know what your eating habits are lol) have, say, your favorite desert once a week or something. Plus, you’ll look forward to that (absence makes the heart grow fonder-it works with food too! Lol).

As for exercising, thank god it’s summer! You can be outside more, which is a great thing. Do you like sports? A lot of people get so focused on ‘ive got to run 5 miles a day and ive got to 100 crunches’ and things like that that they end up not having fun, which means they often don’t continue to exercise. Sports are a great way to exercise because you’re working lots of muscles, running, catching, throwing, dodging people (depending on the sport lol). It’s also a lot more fun then hours in the gym. If you’re not a sports person, go to the mall! Power walk around the mall, looking at all the cute clothes for motivation! You could also join a class at your local Y. They have tons of different types of classes to choose from.
Just remember, it IS summer, and you’re going to dehydrate fast. Always have plenty of water on hand (not soda-thats my problem. I loooove pepsi lol) and make sure you stretch well before exercising. You don’t want to get sidelined because you pulled a muscle or something!

Don’t get down on yourself if the weight doesnt just fall off. It’s hard to lose weight. Worry more about how you look and feel then the numbers on the scale. You could be losing fat and gaining lean muscle, and the number on the scale could stay the same because muscle weighs more then fat. So ignore the scale if it’s really getting you down.

Not sure how much I helped, but just keep in mind what I said. Water, fruits, little rewards, and have fun with your exercising so you don’t get bored. Good luck! I hope you meet your goal and have fun doing it!

Laura asks…

Any Weight Loss Plans?…?

What is a good and efficient way to lose weight. Anything including tips, exercise routines or diet plans and especially a way to keep away from the junk food. Anything would be helpful, thanks 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

1) The very first thing u should keep in your mind and that is the extra weight u put on didn’t come in overnight so it is not possible and also unrealistic to take it off quickly. You have to show patience. Please remember learning to eat well and exercise is the only solution to long-term weight loss.
2) The 2nd important thing is that your body weight is controlled by the number of calories you eat and the number of calories you use each day. So, if you consume fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. You can do this by becoming more physically active or by eating less.
3) The 3rd important thing is never skip ur meal or go to a crash diet. Don’t ever try to starve urself. It is very important to understand that when you skip a meal or go on a crash diet, the result is that it slows your metabolism to conserve your energy. And when you lose weight too quickly for a few days, your body thinks it is threatened with starvation and goes into survival mode. It fights to conserve your fat stores. There fore keep in mind never try to skip ur meal, especially breakfast and always try to take food on time
4) Before starting any type of diet, weight yourself and note ur whole body measurement in a dairy. Then after every week weigh your self again and compare with earlier measurements and see how much weight u r losing. Record a goal that you can reach in one month that is 4 to 8 pounds less than you weigh now. Set a goal you know you can achieve.
Now some tips how to set ur diet plan.
5) Start taking your food with out any oil. Try to use boiled/steamed vegetables, meat, and lot of salad. U can eat fresh and raw fruits, boiled/steamed chicken or red meat too but no pork. Please note and put it in ur mind that nothing fried or oily.
6) No Junk Food, Potato & Sugar Please.
7) Drink at least 3 ltr of water daily. Make ur habit to drink water as much as u can. In this way you are not only flushing out toxins, you are also teaching your body that it no longer needs to store water. When you feel starving, drink it as much as u can. Pls remember water is a natural appetite suppressant.
8) Make you habit to use brown bread & sugar. Skimmed or low fat milk & yogurt.
9) First try to avoid any type of soft drink but if u want to taste some thing sweet then drink any soft drink (remember use regular one, no diet cola pls) once in a week
10) Make ur habit to eat once a day a vegetable soap or Thai soup (as ur dinner or lunch) But remember no corn flour in it.
11) Just look at your food portion. It is much better to eat several small meals a day (like 5-6 healthy meals a day) than eat either one or two or three huge meal a day.
12) The most important factor in any weight loss plan is how many calories you consume each day, and eating too few is the most common mistake. Divide ur diet into 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only)
13) One bowl of oatmeal can be taken as a break fast
14) Smoking & any kind of hard drink is not allowed in this diet.
15) Try to chew ur every food as much as u can, and then swallow it into ur stomach.
16) Watch out ur every drink and every single piece of ur food. Stay away from fatty foods, junk foods, synthetic foods, foods with preservatives and too much carbohydrate. Don’t try to take foods that are made of white flour for example white bread, cakes, pasta etc and food contain sugar such as cookies, ice cream, candy etc.
17) Remember after every 15 days you can take once in a while with a little treat any thing u like. But remember just a small portion. For example one small personal pizza or one small burger or small pastry.
18) Try to adopt some healthy timing. Early to rise and early to bed. No late sittings.
19) People usually want Quick and Easy result, we are all impatient. U have to be patient in terms of ur weight loss and never give up. Always keep in mind that slow and steady win the race.
20) At least take this diet for 3 to 6 months. When u feel that u have achieved ur desired weight then make this is as a Life Style change for ur entire life. Remember do not focus on just losing weight; try to concentrate on diet plan forever so that u will never have to loose weight again. Occasionally u can take junk food too.
21) You have to keep in mind that above plan is a not a quick thin program. Don’t try to deceive ur body. It will destroy your metabolism and in the future the proportion of gaining weight is much higher and easier than today.
22) Never ever go for any type of Diet pills or any drug which claim that it will reduce the weight quickly. Taking Diet pills will kill u.
23) Exercise: Rule-of -Thumb: remember the formula for weight loss and that is Diet= 70% Exercise= 30%. So remember exercise is must with every diet plan.. The best indoor exercise machine is tread mill. Run daily on tread mill for 30 mnts ~ one hour as per ur convenient. If you don’t have Tread Mill then best indoor Exercise is skipping.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Daniel asks…

Weight loss tips !?

summer is coming up and i want to lose about 15 pounds before july. whats a quick and healthy way to lose the weight!?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hi, Danielle!

Here are several weight loss tips from me. The tips relate to five ways in which you can speed up metabolism for quick but healthy weight loss. The methods work well together and they are sustainable. There are foods to eat, foods to avoid, a pattern of eating, and specific exercises that will all help to speed up metabolism. I’ll begin with eating and then move on to exercise.

First, eat a meal about every 3 waking hours (5 or 6 meals per day). You will not be eating more food; you will simply be spreading it throughout the day. Each of those 5 or 6 feedings should contain at least 15 grams of unprocessed protein (from natural sources) for a female or at least 20 grams per feeding for a male. This change alone, as long as long as quality, unprocessed, PROTEIN is included, such as fish, organic chicken, grass-fed beef, etc (unless you are vegetarian), will boost your metabolic rate and any curb food cravings.

Second, eliminate all processed (refined) carbohydrates from your diet. Processed (refined) carbohydrates have negative effects on health. They also slow down metabolism and cause weight gain.

Processed (refined) carbs are such things as ice cream, cookies, bread, rolls, buns, pasta, tacos, potato chips/crisps, pizza, cakes, sweets, candy, cookies, biscuits, chocolate, cereals, store bought cooked meats/cold cuts (they have added sugars and additives), sausages/hot dog frankfurters (they have carbohydrate fillers, additives, and sometimes sugar) all sodas, sugars, and foods containing corn syrup, etc.

When digested all carbohydrates turn into sugar, and sugar becomes fat. Therefore, think of eating carbohydrates as eating sugar. Moreover, think of eating processed (refined) carbohydrates as eating concentrated sugar.

If you want to lose body fat, allow yourself only 40 to 70 grams of carbohydrates daily. Get those carbohydrates from natural sources such as (preferably organic) fresh vegetables and low carb fruits. There is no minimum daily requirement for carbohydrates, but they do have many beneficial phytochemicals and fiber so eating some is fine (as long as they are unprocessed).

At the bottom of this reply, I have included page links for free Internet resources that will show you what foods to eat and what foods to avoid if you wish to lose body fat.

Third, drink plenty of water. Increase your intake daily until you are consuming at least 3 quarts daily–and one gallon daily would be better.

Fourth, begin a program of mild fitness exercise (cardio). At the bottom of this reply, I have added a page link to an Internet resource for a free Walking for Weight Loss plan. For example, today go for a walk at the best pace you can manage until you are comfortably tired. Note how far you walked. The day after tomorrow, go for another walk but increase the distance slightly. Continue walking every other day until you are walking 4 miles.

Once you are able to do that, slightly increase your pace with each walk until you are walking those 4 miles in just under 1 hour every other day. This will burn many extra calories during an immediately after your walks.

Fifth, begin a strength training program to increase your lean muscle mass. Lean muscle is a METABOLIC FURNACE that will burn extra calories 24 HOURS DAILY. Male or female, young or old, everyone can lose body fat this way. At the bottom of this reply, I have included Internet resources for free programs suitable for beginners or more advanced.

Work out twice a week using as much weight as you can handle using perfect exercise technique. Concentrate only on the basic exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, and chins. The free programs will give you specific routines as well as tips for exercising safely.

There is more that you could do. For example, intense cardio for three minutes twice a week, but that may be too much for you too quickly. It is better to focus on making one major change at a time. Then introduce the next one. You could add intense cardio later. If you try to make too many major changes simultaneously, you will likely be frustrated and quit.

(Before altering your exercise habits, you may wish to obtain the blessing of your personal physician.)

If you want to use any or all of those weight loss tips or methods, the links to the free Internet resources will give you more in-depth information, plus free walking for weight loss plans, mild and intense cardio exercise choices, free strength training programs, diets, additional weight loss tips, fat burning foods, and carbohydrate charts. They are all good and they are all free.

I hope this information helps you, Danielle.

All my best wishes.

Ruth asks…

Weight loss help? Suggestions, tips?

Of course, one of the top resolutions for men and women EVERY year is too lose those extra pounds.
=] I’m no different.
I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some suggestions or tips on how I could lose some weight.
I’m about 5’8 and at 175ish pounds, and according to doc, I should be at 150.
So, I have a bit of weight to lose.

Thing is, my family’s financial situation won’t allow for a treadmill, or weights, and the neighborhood gym memberships are RIDICULOUS. My school’s gym is strictly available for the sports teams.

Specific weightloss assistant foods will also be out of reach because of my guardians who have the “If you’re hungry, find anything in the fridge” attitude.

Don’t get me started on school lunches.

Running my neighborhood really isn’t an option. Not the safest place.

But I’m up to any other suggested exercises; crunches, jumping jacks, all that.

And also maybe walking my dog. ^_^

So if anyone out there could lend me a hand, that’d be great.
I just want to be healthier. This is in no way for anyone else but myself. I’m happy otherwise, I just don’t want this to BECOME a problem.
Thanks for the tips Tasha.
Didn’t even consider jump rope. =] I love it.
Thank you Lorna! Sounds easy enough. Good thing I love fruits & veggies.
Congratulations as well!

weight loss cardiff answers:

For you to loss weight, you will need to find the root cause on your weight gain. Once you find out the root cause, you will be able to come out a weight loss plan with the right diet plan that able to help to reduce your weight.

Only with a realistic weight loss diet plan, you will be able to achieve it easily.

In order to have ideal weight. Few things to take note.


– Try to have plenty of starchy foods such as rice, bread, pasta, potatoes,
– Aim to have five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables daily
– Use a moderate amount of dairy prod

Physical Activity

Getting active is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep fit. There are all sorts of activities and
sports that can get you moving and aid weight loss.

Calories and Weight

A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. To lose 1 pound a week you will need to expend 3500 more calories than you eat that week, whether through increased activity or
decreased eating or both. Losing 1-2 pounds of fat a week is a sensible goal

There are few simple diet plans which will suit you, like Cabbage Soup Diet and 5 Factor Diet, get how to do the diet plan from

Robert asks…

need some weight loss tips…?

ok im 6teen about 6’1″ or 6’2″ and i need to lose weight. ive tried a lot of stuff. i was even in football were we practiced for hours and worked out a lot. and still no results? keep in mind my age so no health clubs or gym memberships lol.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Healthy weight loss tips

Strength training and aerobic exercise –Aerobic exercise burns a lot of calories, Strength training increases metabolism by increasing lean muscle mass which helps in long term weight loss.

Eat fruits and vegetables –Increase your intake of fiber rich foods
They are low in calories but high in fiber. Fiber is digested slower, keeps us feeling fuller longer
Eat breakfast everyday —

Eat smaller, more frequent meals–

Replace white rice, bread, and pasta with brown rice and whole-grain products–

Drink more water–Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat.

Increase your protein intake–Protein makes us feel full. It is also important in replacing and building muscle tissue. More muscles burn more fat. It helps to increase your metabolism – which burns calories.

Do not skip meals–Skipping meals makes you hungry which you tend to compensate by eating a lot later.

Spice up your food–Spices boosts metabolism, suppresses appetite, reduce fat absorption

Eat Negative calorie food –Negative calorie foods are foods, which use more calories to digest than the calories the foods actually contain.

Take the stairs and park your car further away from the shops–

Eat slowly–Chewing your food longer will help prevent you from over eating.

Cut down the sugar intake—

Interval Training – great way to boost metabolism–
Tips to stop food cravings
Boost metabolism

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

William asks…

Please Help. Summer Weight Loss Plan?

Please, Please, Please read even if it is long.

I’m 16, 5’8 and 200 pounds this summer i really want to lose 50 pounds my plan is:

Breakfast: Oatmeal and 2 Egg whites
Lunch: Salad, involving baby carrots, Grapes, Berries, depending on the day
Dinner: Whatever my mom cooks but portioned out.

Drinks: Water only.

Jogging once a day 6 days a week, 2 miles.

Thanks guy, how much weight loss do you think is possible by Sept 5

weight loss cardiff answers:

You might be consuming more calories than you burn. Consume fewer (but do not starve yourself) and you will lose weight.

With sensible eating and exercise, you can a large amount of weight over time. Also, the body will allow about two pounds of weight loss (not water weight) per week. Luckily for you, that will be about 32 lbs. Lost in four months. If this seems fast to you, then be happy, it can be done.

Think of it this way: “x” is the amount of calories you consume, “y” is what you burn. Only if x is less than y will you lose weight. It’s simple math.

There is a correct way and a wrong way to lose weight. When you consume too few calories per day, your body thinks that it’s facing a famine and it slows the metabolism, so that weight loss is more difficult. This ability has helped man survive for as long as we did. Although food is plentiful today, that feature has not changed.

Therefore, the right way to lose weight is to cut a few hundred calories per day and exercise. Doing one without the other leads to slow progress. Consume whole grains (100% whole wheat bread; plain “wheat” bread is not the real thing) and more fruits and vegetables. Exercise need not be intense; twenty minutes of brisk walking a day, three times a week will suffice. Keep to this plan and the weight will come off slowly but surely. Cutting 500 calories per day and exercising would lead to losing at least one pound per week. In addition, exercise helps speeds up the metabolism, eventually leading to quicker weight loss. But it won’t happen overnight.

Although you may want to diet, but a lot of diets require you to restrict yourself to certain foods or keep a very low calorie intake, which is why many diets fail. You could eventually lose weight by starving yourself, but not without hunger pangs, fatigue and possible blackouts. You may not want to wait, but in the long run, losing weight the correct way is actually faster than starving yourself.

Furthermore, other weight loss plans require that you spend money on expensive meal plans or pills, etc. In conjunction with exercising on your own. While the exercise is free either way, why spend you money on unnecessary things? You can simply do a brisk 20 minute walk through the neighborhood (at least three days a week) and eat healthier for about the same cost as what you spend on groceries already.

Finally, throw fatty snacks out of the house. Chips or cookies will not hurt you every now and then, but why have the temptation? Replace them with fresh fruits that can be eaten by hand, such as apples and bananas. In addition, only drink water, milk, and 100% fruit juices. When you’re out at the mall, avoid buying a quick snack. Don’t take a lot of money with you, just in case.

Steven asks…

Weight Loss Plan????????????????/?

im 5 feet 6 inches and 140 pounds. i would like to lose a little weight before bikini season;) but i need to get on a plan. not any special wonder diets just a plain and simple plan including what foods i should eat and how long should i run each day. i would like to lose at least 30 pounds maybe 40 by the end of may. please help me and no mean comments. 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

Losing 10 lbs a month is a good and safe target. Any faster weight loss is likely to be temporary only and in most cases you regain it all.

Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, push ups, sit ups, squats, brisk walking and power walking all help for weight loss but dieting helps more.

One of the healthiest weight loss diets is the DASH diet.

The healthy DASH diet can help you lose weight safely and effectively, lower your cholesterol and lower your blood pressure.

It is based on an eating plan rich in fruits and vegetables, and low-fat or non-fat dairy, with whole grains. It is a high fiber, low to moderate fat diet, and is rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

You can see further details in a web search for “dash diet” + “lose weight”.

Jenny asks…

LA weight loss… Meal plan…..?

Okay, I am fat, and I am broke…. No jokes please. I have tried EVERYTHING from cardio to Metobloic weight loss, to the Zone. Anyway, I keep hearing how the LA Weight Loss meal plans are so great. IF you have been on it and can share the meal plans that would be great…

weight loss cardiff answers:

I was on LA Weight Loss and it really did work, but once I stopped using their LA Lites (they were VERY expensive) snack bars I stopped loosing the weight at the rate I had been loosing it. I was working out and doing everything LA Weight Loss told me to do except use their LA Lites and their suppliments and I began to gain weight. I stopped doint the LA Weight Loss plan, but I learned a TON from it. You have to have portion control, you have to restrict your calories, eat more fruits and veggies, and less meats (proteins) and just a little good fat each day. You need to drink water lots of water and give up sodas and kool aids and even high calorie juices. You need to get moving. Walking 30 mins a day is a great way to get exercise. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on these plans to make it work. I’m currently loosing weight by doing everything on my own, I eat less, but more often (usually 3 small meals and 2 snacks a day). I drink water and tea (tea is my little indulgence), I walk daily. If its raining or too hot to go outside I walk up and down the stairs to my basement for an hour. My butt and legs burn after doing that, but I feel great. I hope that this has helped and if you want some ideas from my LA Weight Loss books just email me….i think i still have some great recipes, I also have a few easy weight watchers recipes that are good too. Good luck to you!!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Maria asks…

Is anyone on the Medi Slim Weight Loss Program?

I can’t find much information about the Medi Slim weight loss program (not the pills) online other than from their own website. Is anyone out there on it or know someone on it with some good info? What kind of results are you seeing? Or is it as sketchy as it seems online? Any help would be amazing!

weight loss cardiff answers:

I just started on the MediSlim program a week ago yesterday. I know you said “not the pills’, and I am supposing you mean the appetite suppressant. I am taking the appetite suppressant. I started with half a tablet daily for a week and then one table daily since then. I had lost 5 pounds at my first appointment at one week and have been thrilled so far. I need to lose a total of 40 pounds on this program. I had already lost 20 on my own, but couldn’t get any further.
I do not use any of the meal shakes which I think some people use.
I am very happy with this program, but I will say that it takes determination and commitment. It isn’t always easy to consume such a lower caloric intake than I am used to, especially when going out to eat or to the movies, but thinking and planning ahead can help with that.
I have been really hungry at different times during the first week, but since I am seeing results, I can deal with the temporary and occasional hunger pangs.
The weekly injections ( I have had 2 so far ) are painless. I have noticed more energy than normal, especially the first day after injection. There is some swelling under the skin at the injection site, but it isn’t painful any more than a mild bruise would be, and fades fairly fast.
I am keeping a daily food diary, which has been necessary in order for me to keep up with my calories. I meet with a nutritionist again at my 2 week appointment next week.
The only negative thing I am experiencing is some aching in my hips and legs, which is from the rapid weight loss. Fat holds toxins, so you can be sore and/or achy when the fat is released into the body for excretion. It’s the same kind of aching or soreness people get after a first massage, and I expect it to get better after this initial couple of weeks of fast weight loss. The injections contain vitamins and amino acids to aid with the effects of and assist the weight loss.
I am looking forward to seeing what week 2 will bring. People have already noticed something different and have told me that I look amazing. All my size 14 pants are getting too big and I expect to fit easily into a size 12 by the end of this week. I was able to easily pull on and button a pair of my friends’ size 12 capri pants yesterday and couldn’t believe it.
Let me know if this helps at all or if you have any other questions.

Sandra asks…

What is the best fitness/diet plan for obese women?

I’m looking for some advice on the best weight loss exercise plan for obese women.I’m a little over 300 pounds and I’m 5’5” and only 21 I’m looking for a weight loss plan for a beginner to start with.I already know about So please any other sites with information or any diet programs that are cheap or free for beginners.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Start slow. Doing too much at once decreases your chances of sticking to a workout plan. Try walking for 10-15 minutes at a brisk pace (you can adjust this if it is too much or too little). As this gets easier for you, increase your time by a few minutes. You want to do this most days of the week (at least 5), although it may be best to start with 3 days/week and work up from there. Set goals for yourself. For example, in one month be able to walk for 30 minutes, 4 days/week. In 2 months be able to walk for 45 minutes. As you are able to increase the time that you workout for, you will be able to burn more calories, which will help you to burn fat faster. Since you are overweight, you don’t want to do too much too quickly because this could lead to sore knees, which would discourage you from working out. Another great option, that is easy on the knees is riding a bike. Good luck! Stay positive and stick to a routine and you will get the results you want.

Robert asks…

Are there any online support groups for weight loss?

I don’t want a huge forum – it’s easy to get lost in those. I’d like to meet anywhere from 1-4 others online in a sort of weight loss support group. Any suggestions on where to find this?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Believe it or not, the best support you’re going to find is right there in front of your monitor. Rearrange your thought processes on dieting from living to eat to eating to live. It’s not hard, just takes some time, patience, and positivity. Here’s my weightloss blog with links:

Here’s all you need to lose weight all over, look good, and get really healthy. First, you have to realize there is no quick, long lasting weight loss plan or pill that is going to do the trick. It’s purely mental. You have to learn to “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is, if you understand that you are going to be reprogramming how you think about eating for the next few weeks. Old habits die hard, right? Not really. You get rid of bad habits by replacing them with good habits. If you learn to count your Calories, keep Calorie intake lower than output, exercise moderately, and eat only healthy food, you will lose weight. That’s a fact. All it takes is repetition. All success stories have this in common: The successful folks among us know how to be patient, persistent, and consistent. Set a goal, write it down, and stick with it. The benefits of feeling good will outweigh any sense of sacrifice you might feel about having to push away that cake and ice cream. Here are some helpful and healthy links to help you get started on your way:

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