Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mandy asks…

What was your weight loss success story?

-how much you lost?
-how long it took?
-size i guess? (weight,height,age, etc.)
-what kind of food and exercise you did?
-why you did it 🙂 everybody has their pride and motivation. i find it inspiring to myself and others.

weight loss cardiff answers:

-35 pounds (155 to 120)
-the first 25-30 pounds took like 2 months exactly (8 wks, 2 days)
-5’6, 22, medium bone structure.
-I went to this wilderness program and we cooked all of our own organic food and we took out all candies, sugars, processed food, etc etc etc out of our diets. We only drank water all the time and we had no cars or bikes or anything. We also carried 50-60 pounds packs on our backs and we would go on week long expeditions, walking like anywhere between 4 and 8 miles a day. It would take hours each day. Also I don’t eat much under stress and pressure and the food was somewhat nasty most the time.
-I did it because i wanted to get mentally and physically healthy at the same time. This program helped me to achieve that and I learned so much about myself.

Linda asks…

For people who took acai berry or bromolite?

how many pounds did u loose and in what time
now, please, i know all of u critics out there saying it’s a scam. Except i don’t want opinions on how bad u think it is because i can guarantee you 75% of these answers will say u don’t loose any weight. And for the people who do have weight loss success stories– how did u do it. Exercise, diet, ext. Thanks, i really appreciate it

weight loss cardiff answers:

I lost 20 lbs in about 2 weeks .But it wasn’t just acai berry pills which made me lose my weight.I took advice from my dietitian,followed my diet plan and exercised regularly.

Chris asks…

What do you think about weight loss success story books?

Do you think they are dumb and a bad idea?
Or do you think that they are smart if they have a practical solution ?
Just to be clear, I am not writing a book. I just want your opinion

weight loss cardiff answers:

I think that Weight Loss success books are great. Anything to help someone lose the weight they want to lose. It is very hard to motivate oneself to lose weight. Sometimes it seems more possible when there has been other people that have been successful in doing it themselves. I feel that it is very uplifting and helps to get motivated. So I say yes go ahead and publish a Weight Loss Success Book. Some people are not that fortunate to have friends or people in their lives that will help them to lose weight. These stories will be their support system. Good Luck with your book!!!!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ruth asks…

Any good personal blog links for weight loss success stories?

weight loss cardiff answers: is a great one. Lots of great resources (recipes, message boards, weight tracking calculators) the list goes on and on. Really great site.

Lisa asks…

What is your greatest weight loss success?

I am looking for weight loss success storys that are motivating and inspiring. I am trying to lose fifteen pounds and I want to stay on track.
Please report back. Any shape, size, and weight … I would just like to hear them. Thank you!
Btw, I did not ask for ways to lose weight. I simply asked for weight loss success storys. That’s all I want. Thanks. All others will get thumbs down for not following the rules.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I lost 43 lbs. On Weight Watchers about three years ago. My success was mostly attributed to Weight Watchers being a very easy to follow plan, one that you can live with forever.

Also, it helped me to always remember that time will pass regardless if I don’t try, so I might as well try and make use of the time I’ve been given. The days and weeks pass so fast, before you know it, six months are gone and you wonder why you didn’t do anything with that time.

Daniel asks…

Are there any weight loss success stories while using Wii Fit?

Any weight loss success stories?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I lost about 1 lb. The first time.

Then again, I think I was holding the controller when I weighed in the first time.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Laura asks…


I am looking for weight loss success stories from people who have lost large amounts of weight.I want to lose 7 stone in total. I have re-joined my gym and i’m just looking for info and tips from people who have done the same. Hope someone can help 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

Well, I started dieting. But I ate good things like: grilled instead of fried chicken, steamed vegetabless, fruit. And I started working out too. I would ride my bike, run and go to the gym. So, I lost a total of 25 pounds 70 pounds. ( 5 stones ) and, that made me happy and got me to my PERFECT weight! So, keep going at your goal girl! And remember, its not all about exercise.

Michael asks…

Are there any good motivational weight loss success stories books out there?

Could anyone recommend any books about people who have lost weight and how they did it? I need some motivation!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Book is nothing to do with the weight loss – That is meant for making money. All that is you consume vegitarian food and more fruits. Avoid fatty food including milk/yoghurt, Icecreams, junk food, Italian food.

If you are oversized walk and perspirate a lot, slowly jog and try skipping slowly. Incresae the distance and timing at least 2 times a week. So in the earlier stage you have to walk briskly for about 2 – 3 Km in 45 minutes. The distance will increase the time remains the same. So you are picking up speed. Once a week you note your exact weight in a chart and note what you were doing exactly. My wife, children and I walk and jog for about 75 minutes in the morning and 90 minutes in the evening. We are maintaining the perfect weight and energy. We are vegitarians. We enjoy our life without any health problems.

One important point:
Consult a phsician for your general health conditions.
Less Sugar and salt will be better for you

Joseph asks…

Tell me about your weight loss success stories?

It helps keep me motivated to hear that hard work will pay off for me if it does for other people 🙂

Starting and end weight? And how did you do it?

Well done to all of you in advance! x

weight loss cardiff answers:

Well I started my weight loss exactly 1 year ago! I’ve tried to do it gradually so that my parents didn’t know and also so my skin wouldn’t sag!

I started off at an embarassing 14 stone 🙁
I now weight 12stone 3lbs.
Not a huge weight loss, but I’m slowly getting there and doing it healthily 🙂

When I feel like giving up I think about how far I’ve already come and what I will hopefully look like when I’ve finished!
In addition in watch videos on YouTube which show weight loss before and after videos. They are truely inspirational 🙂

good luck with your weight loss. X

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

James asks…

Does anyone have weight loss success stories men?

weight loss success stories men

weight loss cardiff answers:

I have a couple of water bottles next to the couch.. Each time I sit on the couch I pick them up and lift them up and down.
It is boring and it seems useless to do but if you get used to do it,., after just 20 minutes you will start sweating and your arm will get tired.
Just change arm and carry on, eventually it will become automatic and you might even want to progress to some dumbells, maybe a little bit heavier than the water bottle.

Nancy asks…

Weight LOSS success stories Need to know how you kept it off.?

I would like to know about anyone who has lost weight and (kept) it off.

Like 50 -100 lbs or more. What did you do to maintain it?

I need to know there (are) in fact people who can keep it off after a long period of time like 3-10 years.

Thank you very much.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Weighed 277 in 2002…..been 190-200 since…..
I eat whatever i want but i go to the gym 15-20 hours a week….

David asks…

Your weight loss success stories?

Share your weight loss success stories. I’m just asking because I’m currently trying to lose weight and tone up. Thanks

weight loss cardiff answers:

I had great success a few years ago when I tried the Atkin’s diet. I followed it to the letter and lost around two stones in six weeks. If you follow it properly, and increase your carbs gradually, the weight stays off and you can eventually eat what you like without gaining any weight. I believe that it works by starving your body of carbs, when you introduce them agian, bit by bit, your body breaks them down and you gain no more weight. Obviously, some decent excercise is a must to rid yourself of any “loose, hanging bits” that appear when you lose so much, so fast. It certainly worked for me…

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