Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Joseph asks…

Relatively easy weight loss exercises for teenage girl?

I want to loose like, 10 pounds or so for the summer. I have like, zero ‘gumtion’.
Anyone have any tips or excercises for me?


weight loss cardiff answers:

People who want to lose weight commonly, and first of all, think about reducing the amount of food they eat. This may be quite a solution but not exactly the best there is. In fact, depending on the amount you reduce in your food intake, it may even be dangerous to one’s health. So how does one lose weight effectively and safely? Here are some points one should consider when trying to lose weight:for more info…

Robert asks…

What are some easy weight loss tips? I need all the help I can get!?

How can I lose inner thigh fat, love handles, butt fat, & stomach fat? I really need help! Please!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Check it out….Weight loss Tips

Steven asks…

What is an easy fast weight loss method?

Im 5’3 and currently weigh 145 pds , I stopped working out for a few months and put on alot of weight It makes me really depressed and I know I should diet but I don’t know where to start. Whats the best guaranteed way to loose alot of weight????

weight loss cardiff answers:

Buy food from the grocery store. Buy fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish. Stay away from red meat. Buying your food from the grocery store instead of fast food will change a lot right there if you happen to eat out a lot or go through a drive thru a lot.

Don’t add salt to your food, drink 1 glass of water before each meal so that way you’ll feel fuller, stay away from junk food, soda/pop, sweets, etc.

Through out the day, drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water a day. It may seem annoying but by doing this, you won’t become dehydrated. Water gets rid of bad toxins and cleanses your body. Don’t eat anything after 7PM so that way your body burns all of those calories you’ve had earlier on that day.

For exercise, I would suggest dancing. Dance to any type of song that really gets you moving fast. Exercise for a good hour or two. Hope I helped.

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