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Chris asks…

Help with losing weight….?

I am 13 years old, about 5’5, and about 180 lbs. I want to lose between 40 and 50 lbs. by the beginning of September, with about 20 pounds gone by June. How can I accomplish these goals in a safe way? (Incidentally, I had very unhealthy eating habits as a younger kid, and I have found that I lose weight fairly easily.) Please be specific about any diets, exercises, etc. Thanks in advance. =)

weight loss cardiff answers:

OK, you’r only 13 so no drastic diets. Try this – eat as much green vegatables/ salads/ stirfry’s as you want, & any time you want. Drink 6 glasses of water a day, eggs, chicken, fish are all good. Not much red meat, ok, if lean twice a week.
Stay away from anything manufactured ie takeaway food, breads, baked foods, tinned foods etc, porridge for breakfast
Fruit juice is full of sugar, whole fruit is ok before lunch
try to exercise ie: a 30-45 min walk in the morning every day

Linda asks…

Desperately wants to lose weight, tried everything, any suggestions?

Hey guys. (:

I’ve never been the skinniest girl if you know what I mean. When I hit the age of ten, I weighed over 150 pounds, and I was barely 5’ft tall. I didn’t diet, but I was an outside kid. There was rarely a day you saw me in the house. My family tried to pass it off as the whole “big boned” thing, and “it’s just baby fat”. And for the longest time, I believed them. Through early teenage years, I struggled with my weight even more. I started to realize that my so called “baby fat” wasn’t shedding like it had been promised. When I was 15 I weighed over 170, and I was 5ft exactly. Needless to say, I was a fatass. Lol. Now I’m 17. I’ve been dieting and exercising for over two months now, when I weighted myself in the store and saw that I was 169 and still only 5ft tall. I was very disappointed to be over the medium limit, closer to 200 pounds then 100. I’m pretty sure if I’m 5ft tall, I should only weigh, AT MAX, 120. Right? Can anyone tell me? I limited myself to eating Raisin Bran for breakfast, maybe an egg or two at lunch. No butter with it at all. Just tomatoes and onions mixed in to give it flavor. At dinner, I maybe eat a salad and munch on some of the meat that the rest of my family prepared for themselves, as long as it’s low fat beef or some sort turky substance, with little to no grease. I haven’t allowed myself ANY carbs whatsoever. No pasta, no bread, no potatoes, no rice. I don’t eat mayonnaise or any kind of condiment, I drink NOTHING but water. I weighed myself this past weekend and I’m down to 149. But I’m still not happy at all. I want to get rid of this pooch that I tuck inside my pants when I sit down. I don’t want ANY fat rolls when I’m sitting. Any good exercises someone can recommend to me, that wont absolutely kill me? I do a lot of jogging, squats, and I work out on this machine that targets your core and back muscles. Or maybe I need to limit my diet more, or change it? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I shed weight as easily as everyone else? And aren’t you supposed to feel more energetic after working out, and proud of yourself? I feel exactly the opposite. When I finish working out, I feel disgusting. Not because I’m covered in sweat. I just think about how much my stomach pooch jiggles and how hard I’m working out and how I’m not seeing any results and I want to grab it and saw it off with a knife. When I finish working out, I feel worthless. I feel like I’m the ugliest thing in the world. By this time I’m STARVING and I go an look in the fridge to search for something to take the hunger pain away, and then this nagging voice in the back of my head goes “You don’t deserve to eat. Starve. Starve. You’re fat. You don’t deserve it. Starve.” And a lot of times, I end up depriving myself of a meal though could be vital. I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure when you finish working out, you’re supposed to be proud, pat yourself on the back, eat and apple, feel energetic and all that. I think something is wrong with me. Please, any responses are welcome. Tell me what I SHOULD weigh, for my age and height. Tell me if I’m dieting wrong. Tell me what exercises I could do. Tell me if it’s normal for me to feel depressed after working out. Please. Thank you for reading!
Here’s a few pictures of me.


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weight loss cardiff answers:

Losing 10 lbs a month is a good and safe target. Any faster weight loss is likely to be temporary only and in most cases you regain it all.

Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, push ups, sit ups, squats, brisk walking and power walking all help for weight loss but dieting helps more.

You can always eat negative calorie foods for weight loss and below is a list of negative calorie foods that will boost your metabolism.

Negative Calorie Fruits:

Negative Calorie Vegetables:
cabbage (green)
Chile peppers (hot)
garden cress
green beans

These foods don’t actually have negative calories but when you eat these foods raw or slightly cooked your body burns more calories digesting and processing them than what is in the food itself.

For a healthy weight loss add some of these foods to your diet each day. Most of them are full of healthy nutrients.

Web search for “list of negative calorie foods”

Michael asks…

My girlfriend needs to lose weight…?

now don’t get me wrong, i LOVE my girlfriend, and in fact we’re getting married next year, but she needs to lose weight for health reasons.

we’re both 140kilo (308 pounds), but i’m 6’4 with alot of muscle and she’s at least a foot shorter than me.

myself and her family are worried about her health, she has really bad knees and gets sick easily, but whenever i try to talk to her about her weight she goes right on the defensive and I can’t say anything that she won’t take the wrong way and end up crying over

she’s a wonderful girl and i love her so much, but i don’t want her to end up dying at 50 or even earlier, and we really want kids but i don’t think it’s healthy for her to get pregnant yet.

i’m at a loss of what to do!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Why not go for walks together and try some healthy foods.

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