Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Thomas asks…

fast and easy weight loss plan?

I’m 14 years old, 5’4 and weigh 143 lbs. I’m a cheerleader so I’m active about 3-4 times a week. i need a fast and diet plan before school starts which is in 3 weeks. please tell me how fast it will work. oh and how many calories should i have each day to accomplish the diet for a girl my age. please help me

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat smaller portions. This way, your body starts to increase its metabolism so that calories are burned faster. Also, small meals can prevent overeating.
Stop eating just when you feel you are not as hungry, don’t keep on eating till you feel full

Plenty of Cucumbers: it takes more calories to digest cucumbers than the calories you can obtain from it, it also give you clean, easy way of filling full.
Grapefruit juice: when eaten with protein, triggers fat burning and causes weight loss.


Believe in a target weight you want to achieve and weigh yourself twice a day, be encouraged from the progress.

Set a daily goal for 1 Pound or 2 you want to loose. When you do not achieve your daily goal, just eat way less at that day just to keep the same paste of weight loosing.


Start the diet at the supermarket. Keep stocked with healthy food and you’ll be less likely to run out for high calorie junk food.

Betty asks…

I need an easy weight loss plan to follow?

and one where i can lose at least 1 pound per week. I am very bad at following them because i just give up. I need like basic retrictions saying unless i burn so many calories each day and eat this many i wont lose weight

I am also 13 years old im 5″3 and i weight 140 pounds i need to lose weight as u cansee

the excersise equitment i have axsess to is an elliptical machine and I have just dance on the wii. Along with i can walk ( I hate running I just can.t do it and after my feet hurt)
please help losing weight would be life changing for me i am like severly over weight

weight loss cardiff answers:

Ok. Eat less & Work out ( Walk, or Bike, or Run, or Swim) -alot MORE. Do That for two hours EVERY Day- all Summer- and you will be down to 120 pounds ( your Ideal Weight )- by September. Good luck ! πŸ™‚

Donald asks…

will someone please! make me an easy weight loss plan!?

ok .i have been yo-yo dieting for..well as long as i can remember but i just want a simple diet that will help me lose weight (tbh i dont care if its not healthy)
this is basically what i do now:

8am : cereal with skimmed milk

2pm: sandwhich

11.30pm : this is really my downfall. i tend to eat SO much here. e.g a whole packet of biscuits or some noodles or something. prob like 1000 calories. i know this is the worst possible thing to do but i try to go whole day without eating anything but i just eat it all here anyway 😐

i walk just about everywhere so thats the excercise i get. i also dance around for about half an hour in front of the tv.

can someone please just..tell me what to eat and do to lsoe weight as i seem to be gaining it! i KNOW no eating after 6pm. i am trying i swear! but i just get SO hungry late at night.

please no cooking like chicken or anything i really dont have time. (plus im trying to be veggie) so yeah help please!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Maybe you should eat dinner.
Then you wouldnt be hungry late at night.

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