Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

John asks…

How old must you be to purchase weight loss pills?

How old must u be in the UK to start taking weight loss pills? Are they effective ? What are the side effects? Must they be proscribed? Where can I get them at there cheapest ?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Beware – a lot of the so called weight loss pills just don’t work.
They cost a lot of money and you don’t get your money back.
Most of them state they will assist weight loss as part of a diet and exercise programme.
You can lose weight and tone up without them. It will be so much healthier and long lasting.
If you REALLY need pills then Alli is one that will help rid fat and Hoodia takes the edge off your appetite.
It is a lot cheaper to adjust your diet and exercise though.

Laura asks…

What are the best pills for weight loss?

Im not old enough to buy prescription pills so I have to buy pills that people anyone under 18 can buy.
so i was wondering what are the best weight loss pills that i can buy from drug stores? Walmart/Walgreens?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You have to be 18 to legally buy diet pills. It’s federal law.

Ruth asks…

Are there any weight loss pills that work and are not a scam?

Seriously, are there weight loss pills out there that really work and are not just some big scam?

weight loss cardiff answers:

No, they all are scams.

Weight loss is 90% diet.
You can lose weight without exercise, starts and ends in your kitchen.

Why don’t you wanna do it?
Eat less and eliminate the high calorie foods.

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