Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

David asks…

Where can i find a postpartum weight loss calculator? There used to be one on, but it is gone.?

Is anyone else having a hard time getting the last 15 to 20 pounds off? I’m 2 months postpartum and I know I’m being slightly impatient but I’m longing for that “before baby” body. Also I am no longer breastfeeding.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Try or, not sure you’ll find exactly what your looking for with a calculator, but they will definately tell you how to loose the weight.

Carol asks…

How can I access a points calculator for weight loss online without paying money?

Does anyone know where I can find something similar to the Weight Watchers points calculator online? I want to start using something like that, but I don’t want to have to pay $30 a month.

weight loss cardiff answers:


i use this one

Michael asks…

Do you know about weight loss calculator for women?

weight loss calculator for women
need accuracy

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eating celery, fish and salad will help a lot when wanting to lose weight. They are not magical foods that make you lose weight, but by eating those you will not eat stuff that does make you gain weight.
Same as drinking water instead of drinking beer,., wine, carbonated drinks.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

George asks…

What are some weight loss exercises for a busy schedule?

My diet is actually quite healthy, but the main reason I don’t lose weight is because I don’t exersize. If it were as easy as going to a gym, I would, but I feel like I never have time between work, school, and all my other activities I’m responsible for. The only resources I have at home are a treadmill (I’ve been told that walking isn’t that great for weightloss), some weights that came with the treadmill, and the game DDR… which I’m not very good at, but I guess it’s still a workout.

What specific exercises can I do at home, without going to the gym, that’ll take me a half hour to an hour each day? I’ve read up on other Yahoo! answers that gave long, detailed strategies about counting calories from dawn to dusk and things like that, but I’m not ready to drastically change my daily routine. For now, I’m just asking for a simple answer, like saying I need to do sit-ups or something. If someone can suggest something simple, I swear on my honor to do it every day.

weight loss cardiff answers:

15-20 minutes cardio (preferably jogging or running, 10-15 minutes sit-ups, push-ups and lunges. Really work those muscles when you do those exercises to really blast fat. And no breaks when you do this work-out!

James asks…

I need some easy exercises to help in my weight loss.?

Sit ups hurt my back, but I want toned abs as well….(and I only need to loose about 10-15 more pounds).

weight loss cardiff answers:

Congrats on the weight loss! Easy exercises: walking, swimming-where you can have fun, moving around in the water (without splashing a whole lot). Walking up to 30 minutes a day is good. Build up by 10 min. Increments if you haven’t been doing it yet. To tone your abs-maybe talk with someone who knows about how to do crunches-not sit ups-properly. Or, like actress Kristie Alley-doing dance steps (just dancing in your own home) is fine too. And fun! As for being toned, walking will help on that. I reccommend walking, and dancing as the good easy way to exercise-swimming too. Take care.

Betty asks…

How much weight could i lose within 40-45 days?

Well im going on vacation and i would like to look nice. i was wondering maybe from ppl with experience with this stuff, how much weight could i lose within 40-45 days? i plan on cutting out all sodas, juices, fatty foods, sugary stuff, and i plan on exercising 2-3 days a week since thats all i have time for.
also any good suggestions for easy weight loss exercises would be appreciated. thank you.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Don’t forget to drink your water, that’s very important. But sounds like you’re off to a good start. You might be able to lose any where from 15 to 25 pounds. Depending on how much you need to lose….Good luck.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Steven asks…


okay first of all
okay so if anyone say Degrassi the one episode when the blonde girl Jenna takes diet pills and then all of a sudden has diherrea does that actually happen when it comes to diet pills?? cause i didnt know they could have side effects like that!
just a random thought i had hahaha

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes, it can have side effects like that.

No diet pills are actually safe.

Lizzie asks…

diet Pills?

I was researching a diet pill 7 dfbx, it looks pretty effective. Are there stores in the U.S. like rite aid or target that would sell these types of pills?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Well, I’d love to see where you got your research. Diet pills don’t work. If they did, don’t you think everyone would be thin? We’d all just take a “pretty effective” pill and fit in smaller jeans.
The only thing diet pill marketers are pretty effective at is making your wallet smaller.
If you really want to lose weight for the long term, you need to accept the fact that there are no shortcuts and you just need to learn to eat right and exercise. That really isn’t as hard as most people think it is. Check out the article titled “Ridiculously Simple Rules of Good Nutrition” here:

That should get you started.

Hope that helps,
Dave S.
Owner, Perfect Fit Fitness Bootcamps

Sandy asks…

Diet PIlls?

Let’s say right after I take diet pills I exercise like every day. Will I still gain the weight back?
I will also eat right.
Prove it to me. How you can gain the weight back you lost. You burned the fat right? Then how the hell can you get it back?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Diet pills don’t work, and on the bottle it says to eat healthy and exercise…so am saving my money this time. So it depends if you are eating right and exercising really.

I have to agree with you on that, so many people always think your going to gain weight after you lost it.
I lost 20 pounds in four days doing a strict diet and never gained back a pound of it and I did that a year ago.
Clue: after any diet healthy or not don’t eat like its your last day on earth.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Richard asks…


I have 2 kids, I’m 30 and I can’t get back to my natural weight. All I want to do is lose 30 pounds. What is the best way, other than watching what I eat and excerise lol…….Is there a pill?
I only eat maybe 2-3 times a day ……I’m not gaining anymore, I’m stuck at one weight. I don’t snack.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat smaller meals and eat five of them
try to walk around more even if it is just in your house

George asks…

lose Weight?

i am 14 ,currently a student, weight ard 81kg/170+lbs, i want to lose weight constantly , dunnid to be fast, due to my studies , there isn’t really any chance to exercise, wat other ways can i do to lose weight?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Ok heres what i suggest, i had the same problem , i am 16 and i got up to 190 lbs and now im at 160, i want t oloose like 10 more but generally i am happy. First Drink WATER all the time . Like 4 or 5 nalgiene ( really big) waterbottles full. Do not drink anything carbonated and try and cut out ALL PRESERVITAVES these hold onto fat and make you hungrier. And so you keep the weight off allow yourself to have say 1 juice glass full of soda a week or 1 piece of cake or somthing that wat you wont feel deprived at all. Next you said you dont really have time to workout, ok thats fine but say your going to school park as far from the door as possible and speed walk EVERYWHERE it will be a way of getting a little bit of exercise eventhough you dont really have the time. Or you can do somthing lik ebuy DDR ( and do one or two sets a day (like 10-15 minutes).
Another thing that greatly helped me was walking around naked every chance i got. I know it sounds weird but it helped me to be more comfortable with my body and realize that if i diddnt like somthing it wasnt going to magically change i had to work to make a difference and every small difference was noticable. And the last piece of advice i have to you is when you wake up every morning look into the mirror and say out loud one thing you love about your body or your personality. Having self confidence really helps you stick to what u gotta do. Believe me befor i started doing all that i would get depressed and loose the drive to do somthing about the way i was. It diddnt happen overnight either, it took almost 5 months but it is a safe and healthy way to loose weight and fast
I hope this helps you

Paul asks…

lOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!?


weight loss cardiff answers:

Homeopathic Treatment for Excessive Fat and Weight :-
PHYTOLACCA BERRY’s Mother Tincture is perhaps the safest and sure fire way of loosing excessive fat around abdomen. With Phytolacca Berry once you loose the excessive fat and weight you don’t get it back because you body takes care of itself after that and keeps you from gathering up excessive fat. It is prescribed after having a baby too, to get the tummy to loose its flab and to make it flatter and tighter. And after loosing weight with this you don’t get flabby it tightens up the flab and skin along with helping your body to shed the excessive accumulation of fat around the girth
The dosage is 15 to 20 drops of the tincture in half a cup of hot water thrice a day half hour before or after meals.
Avoid Chocolates, Coffee, Mints, Red Meat and Carbonated and Alcoholic drinks while taking Homeopathic Medicines. You have to take it for at least 30 to 45 days after that you start to feel the results.
To the best of my knowledge its the safest and the most sure fire way of loosing fat and weight and keeping it of for keeps. Excellent remedy for Obese people who cant seem to shed weight despite trying. Loose as much as you want to !
Homeopathic Remedies can be found at all Major Herbal Stores or could be bought on line, In most of the world Homeopathic remedies are quite cheap and easy to find and they do not need a prescription.
Take care and God Bless !

Regular active exercise is advised with all weight loosing medicines and remedies 🙂 Take care

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