Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Thomas asks…

How can i lose weight easily? (teenagers)?

I’m a teen and i think i’m a bit overweight. I’d like to lose weight and become a healthier person. How can i lose weight easily?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Health does not always equate to weight.
To lose a few kg,try making small changes to your diet.
Don’t try anything too drastic that may be hard to maintain.
A glass of water before each meal for instance.
Smaller serves.
A little change in your exorcise regime.
Good luck with whichever method you choose.

Ken asks…

how can a teenager lose weight easily?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It should be the EASIEST as a teenager. I’m 24 and still trying to lose some of the fat built up as a teenager. I lost 12 pounds in three weeks. All I did was cut fast food out of my diet and hit the gym every other day for two hours straight with the emphasis on cardio. I’m not sure what your school’s gym is like, but if it doesn’t seem safe, don’t even bother. Instead just try out for every sports team your school has to offer. But instead of trying to make the team, just be there to be active. You’ll be surprised at how many calories you’ll end up burning off and the weight will come off. Good luck.

Ruth asks…

I’m a young teenager and looking for a way to lose weight easily, does anybody have any idea? i need help!!

i dont want to take diet pills, jenny cregge, or anything like that.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Start puking your food up or go anorexic.

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Weight Loss Cardiff’s Simple Guide To Healthy Eating Final Part

C Foods

The C grade food is the average grade, not poor, not good either. If most of your diet consists of C grade foods, your results for weight loss in Cardiff will be average. Breakfast cereals like Cheerios and other whole grain cereals with added white sugar are C grade foods. If you go to a health food store you can often find generic brand Cheerios, oat circles or something like that. These get a B grade because they have no refined sugar. Any cereal that’s sweetened with refined sugar automatically gets bumped down to a C. If the cereal is mostly sugar it gets a D or an E. C grade carbohydrates are those which are processed or sweetened slightly, but still made from a whole grain. C grade carbohydrates also include those that are very calorie dense, like fruit juice. Fruit juice is a fairly healthy food, but it’s also very calorie dense, which is not good when your goal is calorie control for weight loss in Cardiff. C food proteins are those which are moderate in fat and or processed or cured with flavour enhancers, sodium additives and/or preservatives.
C-grade carbohydrates
Pasta made from enriched flour (durum semolina)
Sweetened and /or flavoured oatmeal
Kellogg Raisin Bran
Enriched wheat bread
Unsweetened fruit juice
Sweetened low fat yogurt
C-grade proteins
Sliced low fat ham
Low fat sausage
Regular minced beef
Chicken thighs
Turkey, dark meat
Turkey, ostrich, emu
Low fat (2%) cream cheese
Low fat (2%) cottage cheese
Low fat (2%) sour cream
D Foods
The D is a poor grade, no doubt about it. If you’re eating a lot of D grade foods then your results for weight loss in Cardiff will be poor for sure. D grade foods are also bad for your health. D foods are those that are high in refined sugars or made primarily from bleached white flour. D-grade foods also include proteins that are high in total fat and or saturated fat and proteins that are highly processed and refined. Eating this type of food will not help you for weight loss in Cardiff.
D grade carbohydrates
Sweetened boxed breakfast cereals with no whole grains
Bleached, enriched white bread or white bread products
Crackers, muffins and baked goods made with white flour and hydrogenated oils
D grade proteins
Regular minced beef
Moderate fat cuts of red meat
Roast Beef
D grade fats
Sour cream
Cream cheese
Cottage cheese (regular, whole-fat)
E Foods

Now we get down to the foods you should almost never eat. And if you do ever eat them, it should be a rare occasion indeed, like a birthday treat. These E grade foods are the foods that are not good for your health and will only make you put on weight in Cardiff, not lose it. F grade foods include the following categories: 1) ) foods that are high in refined sugars and fats, 2) foods high in saturated fats, 3) processed, high fat meats, 4) highly sweetened foods or foods that are pure sugar, 5) foods containing trans fats, 6) Highly processed or refined foods.
Foods high in saturated fats & trans fats
Palm oil
Palm kernel oil
Coconut oil
Hydrogenated oils
Anything deep-fried
Dairy products made from whole milk
High fat cuts of red meat such as lamb and belly pork
Foods made mostly of white sugar or other refined carbohydrates (corn syrup, etc.)
Soft drinks (coke, Pepsi, etc.)
Sugar Sweetened beverages
Baked goods high in fats and sugars
Foods high in refined carbohydrates and saturated fat
Hot Dogs in white bun
Fast food beef burgers on white buns (even worse with cheese, bacon)
Sweetened peanut butter
Processed, high fat meats
Hot dogs
Now that you have seen how food can be graded, which will assist you with weight loss in Cardiff, how did you do? Did you pass? Did you get straight A’s? Did you fail? Don’t worry, if your “grades” weren’t so good, it doesn’t matter. What’s in the past is done. What matters now is that you look ahead and make a concerted effort to improve your grades and help you on your way to weight loss in Cardiff. Don’t feel like you must get straight A’s starting today. In fact, if you get mostly A’s & B’s, you’ll get fantastic results. Just do your absolute best to improve your grades by improving your choices, starting with your very next meal.
Remember – everything you eat helps or hurts; moves you forward or backward. From a cellular and physiological standpoint, there’s no such thing as standing still or “maintenance.” One of the few things in life you can always be certain of is change. Make sure your body is changing for the better. If you make just one change a day it won’t be long before you start to see results and before long you will be healthier and happier. To your success for weight loss in Cardiff.

Weight Loss Cardiff.

Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

James asks…

easy weight loss/ workout question!?

starting march 1st aka tmw, i am starting to eat less and work out atleast 3 times a week.

i will have a breakfast [healthy]
skip lunch
and eat dinner [smaller portions]

and cut my snacking to vegetables and fruit and occasionally popcorn, the healthiest i can find

if i can keep this up for all of march, drinking lots of water also, around how much weight can i get off? and can my body show toning in just one month?

thanks guys!

weight loss cardiff answers:

If you do this for a month I think you can loose around 5 pounds. Your body can show toning but it depends what exercise you will choose. Good luck

Linda asks…

Weight loss- Easy workout?

I’m obese and totally sick of it. I know how everybody is like “Embrace your body! Love your curves!”. I did love myself, but now I’m really realizing all of the stress I’m putting my body through. I need to get healthy- not pretty and skinny. I want to loose weight to be healthy.
When I was 12, I started working out two or three times a week for 30 minutes. It wasn’t even an intense work out. I still ate all of the same junk food, and I saw results (that’s how out of shape I was). Because of lack of time, I haven’t had time to go to the gym that often, and the weight came back. I’ve been gaining weight, and I’m over 200 pounds. What are some simple workout thechniques that I could do at home? I mean SIMPLE! If you’re about to tell me to run three miles and do 500 crunches, save your energy. I need something that I can do that will slowly get me results, because I want some thing that I can stick to. I want to see results. Slow results are fine- but i want to see some improvement.
PS: I’m 14, and I’ve always been the heaviest girl in my class. I’m tall, but my BMI is still 37 (which is bad!!!). I know the basic stuff- cut back on sugar, soda and chips. That’s fine- I can totally do that, but excersise is my biggest downfall. I fyou could, I don’t want to do an intense workout that is going to take me all day. Can you eep it between 30-45 minutes? No more than an hour- I don’t ahve that kind of time!
The most excersise I usually get is in gym class- and thats 20 minutes at AT THE MOST. Please, do you have anything that could help me?

By the way, I ahve a set of weights at home, in case anyone has any suggestions with weights.

To anyone that can offer any suggestions- than you ofr your time. From hte bottom of my heart, I really do appreciate it!
If you have any workouts that you knwo work from personal experience, could you submit it and tell me that YOU have tried it and gotten results? Thank you!

weight loss cardiff answers:

The best thing you can do is do what you already know to do. Stop drinking sodas and head for water. Stop eating chips and candy and grab a piece of fruit.

As far as exercise.. . . .
Crunches really are wonderful. Try doing 25 crunches for 5 days a week and you can work yourself up to as many as you want to do. Try increasing them by 25 every 4 to 6 weeks.

Use your hand weights too. You can start off small and once again work up to a desired number. And do different things with them. Just type in a Google search to find ideas if you don’t have any of your own

If your hand weights are small (about 2lbs) then you could use them to do side bends. If not still do those side bends. They can be helpful.

You can try Lunges and squats too.

Go for a walk every so often that gets your heart rate up a little.

If you get magazines like Seventeen then they have monthly work outs listed.

If you have like a bike or an exercise bike, it’s a wonderful way to lose weight and tone up all over.

Pilates is wonderful and they have videos that you can use that you can personalize a pilates work out just for you that only lasts for 10 minutes each.

Remember to work out 5 days a week. Experts recommend that if you’re over weight you work out 4 to 5 times a week. If you’re normal weight you work out 3 times a week. If you’re underweight you should be working out 1 or 2 times a week.

Change up your routine sometimes. If you keep your body guessing it’ll help you lose weight better then sticking to a solid routine.

Talk to your parents. Tell them that you want to lose weight. And that you’d really like their support. This conversation will make them aware that you will no longer eat junk food and need breakfast and dinner to be as healthy as possible.

If you don’t eat breakfast. . . . Start! When you go to sleep your metabolism goes into a sleep stage and slows down. So if you don’t eat until lunch your metabolism is going to stay that rate for those hours.

Set a goal! Try not let this become a numbers game for you. Put the scale up. Set a goal like a dress/pant size, or even a number of inches. You can make it into a weight thing but don’t keep heading back to the scale to see how much weight you’ve lost. Because if you don’t see results you’ll likely get disappointed. So only check your weight once a month or every 2 months. Write down your goal in a planner or a personal calender. If you’re constantly looking at that goal you’ll be more likely to succeed, I’ve found anyway.

If you need motivation look to your parents or best friend. If you don’t feel motivated enough by them and you can’t self motivate then I’ll be happy to do it. I’m on my own little weight loss venture and I understand how difficult this can be.

Oh and don’t get negative! When you’re brushing your teeth in the morning and looking at yourself in the mirror think of one thing you like about yourself and keep repeating it to yourself. It’s important that you still find yourself beautiful and that you’re proud of yourself for taking these steps to get healthier.

Good Luck!

Betty asks…

Which of the following workouts is better for weight loss?

Okay, so when I started my weight loss mission, I would do 20 minutes on the treadmill everyday. I would walk for 1 minute, and then run for 4 minutes, and then repeat that process 4 times. I’ve lost a good amount of weight since then, but I’ve been looking for ways to maximize my weight loss so I can reach my goal quicker.
I have a NordicTrack treadmill. On it, it has several workouts programmed in under 3 sections. The first section is Weight Loss, the second is Aerobic, and the third is Performance. The Weight Loss workouts are considerably easier than my original routine, but I was just wondering if there was a science behind the workouts that would help me lose weight faster…or if they were just meant to be the bare minimum for lazy fat people. Also, if you have any other tips I can use to boost my weight loss, they would be much appreciated. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Crank the 20 minutes up to 30 minutes…what is 10 minutes more of your time a day? Itll make a difference.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Mandy asks…

Why did Charles V want to meet Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms?

Does anybody know, why Charles V wanted to meet Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms??? I am through-rootin my text book and can’t find it, either bad text book, or rather bad searching skills…pls help me!

weight loss cardiff answers:

The Diet of Worms was basically Charles (the CATHOLIC Holy Roman Emperor) giving Luther a chance to take back his writings that went against the church. When Luther refused, Charles issued an Edict declaring Luther an outlaw at which point Prince Frederick “kidnapped” Luther and hid secretly hid him from Imperial forces while Luther translated the Bible and Lutheranism continued to spread.

Donna asks…

What building was the Diet of Worms held in?

I know that the Diet of Worms was held in Worms, Germany, but in what building was it held in? The only reference I’ve found is “the hall.” Is this a town hall???

weight loss cardiff answers:

Information is below.

Chris asks…

So in simple terms what was the Diet of Worms?

I know it involved martin luther and it was some kind of period. What did he have to do and what did it consist of?
Thanks but I already tried Wikipedia I was just looking for Diet of worms put into like 3 or 4 sentences. I still don’t understand what wikipedia says, but thanks.

weight loss cardiff answers:

There’s a short-n-sweet explanation here, with links to lots more info if you want it:
Hope it helps.

EDIT: okay, well I didn’t know you’d already looked at Wikipedia. Maybe you should have explained that in your question! 🙂

Anyway. Martin Luther was a Roman Catholic monk living in Germany in the 1500s. In 1517 he published a document called “The 95 Theses”, which described many of the problems he considered to exist in the Roman Catholic church at that time. This document became the one of the major foundations of “the Protestant Reformation” – the historical events that gave rise to the Protestant Churches, separate from the Church of Rome.

Worms is a city in Germany. The Emperor of Germany held a council in the city of Worms. These council meetings were called a “diet” because originally they lasted for one day (from the Latin word ‘dies’, meaning day).

At the Diet of Worms in 1521, the German Emperor, Charles V, issued an edict that said Martin Luther’s 95 These were wrong; and furthermore, that anyone who protected or supported Martin Luther would be breaking the law.

Germany at this time was ruled by many different princes, all nominally subject to the Emperor, but each prince ran his own principality as his own country. Some German princes were sympathetic to Luther and Protestantism, and some others were sympathetic to the Church of Rome and the edict put out by the Emperor.

So the effect of the edict announced at the Diet of Worms, was that all the German princes were forced to declare whether they stood in support of the Reformation, or against. The Reformation thus shifted from being a purely theological argument about religion, to being a political argument about who held power in the German states, and whether the princes were subject to the Emperor and the Pope. In turn, this lead to “The Peasants Revolt”, a civil war in Germany in 1524, and ultimately, to the 30 Years War from 1618 till 1648. The 30 Years War ended with the Treaty of Westphalia, which defined the whole global system of International Relations up until WWII.

In summary: the Diet of Worms was a council meeting of the Emperor and rulers of Germany, held in the City of Worms. At the Diet of Worms held in 1521, the Emperor made an edict, declaring it illegal to support or help Martin Luther. Luther was a monk who had criticised some aspects of the Roman Catholic Church. The effect of this edict was to divide the German princes, so that some supported Luther, while others supported the Church and the Emperor. This lead to several wars of religion, and eventually, established the Protestant Reformation in Europe.

I hope this helps.

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