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Helen asks…

Atheists, why do you think that gods should make themselves visible in order to be believed?

“A god who let us prove his existence would be an idol.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

weight loss cardiff answers:

Visible, not necessary. Tangible in some way, essential. The effects of any given God must not be attributable to any other God. Or else God (if there is but one) is sowing confusion. Something I’ve been assured by Christians that God would never, ever do.

Arguing for the existence of some sort of Deistic God, a Demiurge, a Brahman, does nothing to help people decide how to act towards one another. And for how people ought to act towards one another, we don’t need any specific God concept.

Thales, the father of Greek Philosophy, said, “What is hateful to yourself, you ought not do to others.” He said it seven centuries before Christ was born. As an ethos, it requires no threats or promises from an eternal source in order to operate. Almost all currently practiced religions have some form of this “golden rule” in place. Everything else about the nature of the divine and whatever may come after this life is consigned to the realm of interesting speculation, until and unless the God of a specific tradition makes itself tangible to humanity somehow, and endorses that specific tradition. Until then religion remains a divisive rather than unifying force in the world.

Laura asks…

Bonhoeffer’s connection between schooling and Nazism?

In a book by john taylor gatto, bonhoeffer is said to blame part of Nazism on schooling – “Propagandists have known for a century that school-educated people are easier to lead than ignorant people – as Dietrich Bonhoeffer confirmed in his studies of Nazism.”

Can you point me to a citation? There is none in the book.


weight loss cardiff answers:

Didn’t want to take the Time to scan through all his quotes on this, But here are some links to his quotes.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Some Great Dietrich Bonhoeffer Quotes

Donald asks…

What are the greatest love stories of all time?

Old & maybe some new. Great classic books about love through hard times like war, different family backgrounds or just being separated by differences in general. I need some new books to read and I’ve been really inspired by love lately. Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Love Letters from Cell 92: The Correspondence Between Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Maria Von Wedemeyer, 1943-45 (Hardcover)

I would consider this one. He was a theologian, who survived persecutions and jail…yet his Maria was there for him.And in his letters(and hers) you will see an awesome story of unending love.

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