Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

David asks…

how can i lose weight easily?

I dont want to be a bother to anyone but i really need to know how to lose some weight. Im 13 and i weigh 140 i am 5’3. I was walking yesterday and my friend said we got to get fit for before summer i said “o k , but i really cant picture myself with a 6 pack” so I was wondering if anyone could help me i cant go to a gym. But i have a big field in front of my house. Please tell me what i should do and thank everyone so much for the answer’s!
laughing thank you so much and i didnt mean to put easily what do you suggest i eat for breakfast,lunch,and dinner. Because school lunches are really well idk. But they try to add wheat bread.So do i pack my own lunch or what please send back and you’ve been a great help. i dont have a bike but the big field how many times should i jog around it? How many days? WHich days? Am i the normal weight size for a 13 yr old boy? so much to ask!

weight loss cardiff answers:

There is no “easy”, I will tell you that much. Also, you must be fit for yourself, not for others.

Weight is diet and exercise. For someone your age and height, you should consume about 1,400 just to function. (Calories are used for growth, heart rate, breathing, and all body functions, not just fat.) As you drop weight you slowly drop the amount of calories you consume. These are also 1,400 calories of food you can get real nutrition off of… Fish, chicken, apples, yogurt, etc. Cheetos, french fries, and hamburgers have very little nutritional value and what are called “empty calories”. For your metabolism to function properly and to lose weight you must feed your body well and properly. Starving yourself does absolutely nothing except cause you to bloat.

As for exercise, there are TONS of activities you can do! Swimming, biking, jogging, playing sports, etc. A one hour bike ride of “leisurely” riding (11mph or less) can burn 350 calories. Just bike 3x weekly with friends and you’ll drop 1,000 calories per week. Guess what? That’s about 1lb!

The absolute best thing you can do for your body is don’t over do it. ALL bodies respond differently and should be treated as such. Don’t listen to anyone, you must take things slow and make a real change, not something “just for summer”, or you’ll end up sick.

Try having 3 healthy meals per day with a healthy snack or two. Stick to the 1,400 calories. (Breakfast 400 calories, lunch 400 calories, a 100 calorie snack, and a 500 calorie dinner.) A 100 calorie snack can be a small pack of popcorn, a Yoplait yogurt, some grapes and cheese, or whatever you want!

Remember, drink lots of water! Water keeps your body healthy and keeps things moving. Try and drink 4-6 glasses of water per day. Not to mention if you drink a bottle of water with an afternoon snack it helps you feel full and will reduce urges to “snack”!

3 meals, 1 snack, 1,400 calories. Do regular exercising and try and get your heart rate up at least 3x per week along with other exercises. (Jump rope, jogging, etc all get your heart rate elevated.) Drink water, keep yourself healthy, and enjoy being a young teenager!

I wish you the best of luck!

(With what I just told you, in 8 weeks time, you can lose about 8-10lbs. It’s unhealthy and unrealistic to expect any more than that. If you stick with it and strive to be healthy, though, by next summer you can shed many more pounds.)

Linda asks…

Help from a teenager: losing weight?

This is coming from somebody who wants to change. Please don’t be immature.

I’m always big. I never was at an average weight, and I hate that. I never was average.

I’m 14, going into 15. I am considered overweight. You don’t even have to weigh me, you’ll already know if you see me. Lol.

I want to change, so I have a few questions.

To start off, if I were to lose a lot of weight (probably half of me right now… uh… don’t laugh), will that affect my skin? That’s what I fear the most. I don’t care about stretch marks, it’s the tightness of my skin that is bugging me.

I fear that I will look older than I really am if I were to lose weight. I dislike surgeries, and rather not take that option, even if it was offered to me. Plus, my single mother isn’t doing all that well in the first place…

Will it sag or wrinkle?

I assume that it “depends on how big I am”? Let’s just say I’m probably bigger than you, but I will not have my own documentary of how large I am (get what I’m saying?).

The only positive thing about being overweight is that when you sleep, it’s comfortable. Your stomach acts like a pillow.


Yes, it’s a serious question.
Well… I’ve always, always been overweight…

Phew… I’m surprise by the mature answers. Thanks.
Mr. Choke… I can’t help but think that you’re not overweight. I think it’s your height.

I’m 5’1. That’s bad for somebody who’s overweight. Lol.
I will never go on an unhealthy diet routine like throwing up.

Also, does taking lots of fiber work?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hey man chill lol i used to be a fat bastard myself, still am a little overweight but not as bad. Used to be 5’7 230 pounds now im 5’10 190 pounds.
Im 15 as well, at our age our skin stretches as we lose weight so you wont have hanging skin or anything.
You’ll see that you don’t bruise as easily though.
It wont make you look older so you can chill on that one.
Hey if your really that fat you can lose a lot of water weight and look better, which could boost your self esteem
Find a girl you like maybe, she will motivate you to get your fat ass into motion and work off some pounds
Just cut down on any fatty stuff your eating
Look at the percents on the back of stuff your eating, follow those loosly you can go over a bit or under a bit its all good
Just jump on a treadmill and lift some light weights with high repetitions.
Find motivation, i dunno if your like some people but think “Wow if i get a nice body, it will fit my personality and i can get some pussah”
You know what im saying?
Take it easy work hard. Peace πŸ™‚
Hey i wanna call ivy a idiot πŸ˜› just putting it out there
I wanna call anyone saying that he will have sagging anything
a retard because its not true.
Maybe if hes gifted he will have some stuff sagging but other than that it wont
LOL yea im pretty big, but i have a gut and man thighs too bro. I got pics if you really don’t believe me
Fiber helps but not too much of it
Hey add me on msn i like helping people that are like me lol
When you lose weight you will grow bigger but i dont know if youll ever reach past 5’6 you never know though

Jenny asks…

why does it become diff to lose weight after acertain age?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The reason it becomes harder for people to lose weight after a certain age is the same reason for why people gain weight easily after a certain age: metabolism. After people are done growing, their bodies don’t need as much energy (calories) to keep their bodies doing what they do. Since a lot of people don’t really know that their metabolism slows down after a certain age, they continue eating like they’re teenagers, consuming more calories than they need, which causes them to gain weight. When they try to lose that weight it’s harder than it is for a teenager to lose weight since the metabolism of a forty year old isn’t as going to burn as much calories for energy as a fifteen year olds.

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