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Laura asks…

Good pins to wrestle this guy?

When I horse around with my friends, there’s two types: standing and wrestling. More wrestling than anything. Standing up, we trade punches and junk- I always win, as I grapple well and and very fast.

As a kid, I matured unnaturally quickly, being very strong very young. But about that time I also started gaming, and got heavy- 180lbs actually. At 5’6. So wrestling became my forte, but eventually I got ashamed of the weight and dropped it. Now I’m 5’9″, 146lbs and a junior. Without the weight, the moves and pins I’m used to doing won’t work well and I misjudge their strength more and more (I was strong as a kid- now I’m just lean, not too much muscle).

The main issue is in wrestling two people. AJ and Tommy. AJ is 5’6″ ish, 170lbs. He isn’t too difficult compared to Tommy- 6’5″, 270lbs. And a redneck to boot lol. I just can’t win against him- any holds that might work I’m now too light to use effectively.

Like I said, grappling and standing I win easily, but on the ground I lose easily now- bad for my rep and my pride lol. Other than gaining a LOT of muscle over the next year, does anyone know any good way to pin someone bigger than you, if not taller (which is kinda worse- low balance). I can take Tommy to the ground easy, but I just can’t hold him without getting cheap. And, as we only do it two ways, I can’t just “avoid getting to the ground”.

Tips? At least for AJ lol

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can to the wrong section to talk about wrestling lol even though this section is called wrestling they dont actually talk about wrestling they talk about mostly WWE and TNA so you know you arent gonna get a good answer out of anyone here

Carol asks…

How Do I communicate effectively with a Taurus man, who is insecure, aggressive and jealous?

Im a female Lion and have been doing my part of sacrificing what it takes to maintain a relationship with my taurus. and although we are not on cloud nine and the relationship is phasing out to its end we are still having explosive arguments. Im still as passionate for this man as day one. But I understand the headaches and weight loss are a direct reflection of the stress that comes from dealing with and insecure mate. and although we agreed to just be Friends, I am still getting controlled as if Im in a relationship with him, but he not , with me. He continues to threaten me with losing his respect and trust simply because of a conversation with a man.Now I know better than to go head to head wit this dude. So im vague advising him that losing his respect and trust is no longer a fear of mine. Im sticking to the facts and wish we could have a conversation like mature adults without his grizzly attitude.
He has praised me in the past for being patient and mature and calm in heated situations, but he really about to bring the beast outta me . Im tired of being called a liar and having accusations thrown at me like daggers. But at the end of the day weather I let him win and don’t fight back… weather I yell back and take a stand… I always end up in tears… I wanna be able to communicate effectively with this man so issues and arguments can be resolved and a friendship can be maintained… but everything that come out my mouth gets attacked. I can’t answer one question before he over talking me with the next one. when I hesitate to change my thought process for the next question im a liar ( cause I paused to switch my thought process to answer the new question)
I know communication is possible. It used to come so easily for us. but no matter how soft spoken,, calm, peaceful I am . he attacks, he is very very good at making things seem like I am at fault. and like a fool I buy it Hook line and sinker , then spend the rest of the night trying to figure out what I could have done or said different to keep the conversation from getting outta control.
Guess i just need help on that part. I understand the insecurity part. he admitted it. I understand the aggressive part, he knows he a handful. but how do i communicate effectively , Stand my ground and not be subject to his verbal attacks???? unresponsiveness is gonna make it worse, not answering means Im laying with another man. and hanging up on him , well…..i don’t have to even tell what happens then. Any suggestions??

weight loss cardiff answers:

Leave him alone his not worth it.

Daniel asks…

Plz revising my writing?

This is my writing. Plz revising my writing and make it correct, Also if you want , you can add more information.

“Yoga is famous for wellbeing activity now time. When people doing Yoga; there are many effects on here. First, Yoga can lose lots of weight. Current women concentrate Yoga for dieting. Yoga makes you keep balance of your body and this is helpful for your constipation or indigestion. It makes get rid of your surplus fat. Second, Yoga oxygenates the blood and the brain. It is helpful you’re a good memory and make concentrate your work. It also can awake your tired body. So you can achieve your work more effectively and make more activity in your life. Finally, Yoga is really helpful for growth period children. Yoga helps for your bones make strong and improve your flexibility. Also it gives impetus to your muscles. It makes grow up the children. Yoga’s advantages are they are very helpful and you can follow quite easily. Do Yoga and make your life more energetic.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yoga is well-known for its beneficial effects on physical and psychological wellbeing. As people perform Yoga, they can expect to achieve several positive outcomes. First, Yoga causes one to lose significant amounts of weight. Many women perform Yoga exercise in union with eating a balanced and healthy diet. Like cardiovascular exercise, it allows one to burn surplus fat. Yoga also allows you to improve your balance and is also helpful for relief of constipation and indigestion. Second, Yoga exercises increase blood flow in the body to various organs, including the brain. It promotes good memory and concentration. As one engages in Yoga exercises and stretches, certain chemicals are released in the body that contribute to improved alertness as well as increased energy. As a result, one is able to work more effectively and perform many activities or tasks throughout the day. Finally, Yoga is beneficial for children in relation to their growing minds and bodies. Yoga allows for increased bone density and muscle strength as well as improved flexibility. This contributes to the child’s successful development and provides a solid and healthy foundation for their teenage and adult years. Yoga exercises are simple, but the rewards are vast. Do Yoga and improve your life!

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