Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Thomas asks…

How can i lose weight easily? (teenagers)?

I’m a teen and i think i’m a bit overweight. I’d like to lose weight and become a healthier person. How can i lose weight easily?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Health does not always equate to weight.
To lose a few kg,try making small changes to your diet.
Don’t try anything too drastic that may be hard to maintain.
A glass of water before each meal for instance.
Smaller serves.
A little change in your exorcise regime.
Good luck with whichever method you choose.

Ken asks…

how can a teenager lose weight easily?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It should be the EASIEST as a teenager. I’m 24 and still trying to lose some of the fat built up as a teenager. I lost 12 pounds in three weeks. All I did was cut fast food out of my diet and hit the gym every other day for two hours straight with the emphasis on cardio. I’m not sure what your school’s gym is like, but if it doesn’t seem safe, don’t even bother. Instead just try out for every sports team your school has to offer. But instead of trying to make the team, just be there to be active. You’ll be surprised at how many calories you’ll end up burning off and the weight will come off. Good luck.

Ruth asks…

I’m a young teenager and looking for a way to lose weight easily, does anybody have any idea? i need help!!

i dont want to take diet pills, jenny cregge, or anything like that.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Start puking your food up or go anorexic.

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