Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Betty asks…

Is it possible to lose weight while you’re pregnant?

I read in a health magazine a few years ago that there was a girl that lost weight while she was pregnant. She stated in the article: ” The rest of my body shrank as my belly grew.” Is this really possible?
I weigh 160 lbs and I’m 5’3.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I lost a few pounds during morning sickness, but that was it. It’s not safe to lose a lot of weight. Her body probably stayed the same but seemed smaller to her in comparison to her belly.

Lisa asks…

Is it safe to have weight loss during pregnancy?

Im 4 mons. pregnant and i have gained about 10 pounds before i got pregnant and i was wondering if there is a safe way to lose weight while pregnant even if i was eating healthy etc. or is losing weight a no all together during pregnancy?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Now is not the time to lose weight. Just eat healthy and exercise. You can lose weight after the baby is born.

Ruth asks…

Is it safe to lose excess body weight while pregnant?

Through healthier eating and exercise, is it safe to lose weight ( excess body fat ) while you are pregnant?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Healthy eating and moderate exercise are great while pregnant, but you should not be trying to lose weight at this point…most likely your OB would tell you if you are overweight that it is safe for you to gain less than 25 lbs during pregnancy, and then to worry about losing weight after you have your baby. Ask your OB.

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