Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Laura asks…

How do you lose weight in your stomach and thighs?

I’m 14 years old and over the last year I have gained some weight in my thighs and stomach. I’m not overweight but I’m not super skinny anymore. How can I lose this weight…what are some specific exercises I should do?

weight loss cardiff answers:

If you’re looking to lose weight, then before you get suckered into any fad diets, diet pills schemes or any of the gimmicks, I highly recommend you download the free guide at

It shows you the healthiest and quickest way to get thin (and how to easily maintain that weight). The book is 100% free and is a big eye-opener to you if you’re looking to drop some pounds.

The book is 100% free – you just type your name and email in to the site to download it.

Carol asks…

Are MiO water enhancers bad for you while trying to lose weight?

I get bored with water, but i want to drink 8 cups a day. So, i have started to use MiO. I am trying to lose weight and I was wondering if MiO is bad for you or has any ingredients that may hold back weight loss.

weight loss cardiff answers:

They are bad for you in general. They are packed full of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. The only zero calorie sweetener that is remotely good for you is stevia. This is because it’s not chemically altered like all the other ones. It’s just like sugar in the sense that it is ground from a plant and then packaged to sell. Stevia comes from the stevia plant. Now a better alternative is tea. Get the caffeine free kind and get a large pitcher and put a lot of hot water in it and steep the tea bags. Or you can do what I do and buy a coffee machine and just put the tea bags up top so it perfectly steeps the tea so you don’t over do it and make it bitter. Then sweeten the batch with a pinch of stevia and your good to go. My pot makes 4 cups so 2 of those would get you to 8 cups a day easily. I’ve had 10 already.

Daniel asks…

How to balance University life with weight loss goals?

Any advice would be appreciated. I would live to lose weight while in university and not gain a pound, but it’s harder since my workload is so full I feel like any time dedicated to exercising or cooking proper meals (am not living on my own) should be spent on studying. Is it better to just to ditch studying for exercise and eating and cooking healthier? I think I might be on the verge of failing university (First year).
It feels like academic achievement comes at the price of health.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Wow it sounds like you must be at a really intense university or have a really intense major because i just graduated from university and did not seem to have remotely as much time-consuming work.
You obviously cant ditch the studying, but to be honest, taking a half hour – 40 minutes out of your work to cook a healthy meal isnt going to make a whole lot of difference,

For a Healthy Breakfast all you need is a good whole grain cereal and skim milk or a bowl of wholegrain oatmeal with a piece of fruit, this can be done in no time flat, so you have one healthy meal out of the way.
(dont skip breakfast either, studies have proven that this leads to weight gain)

For Lunch all you need is some whole grain bread and a slice of low-fat cheese, mustard and some deli meat. You can easily prepare this in the morning and bring it with you to class or the library – its very healthy and quick (go to the grocery store on weekends to stock up on food for the week so you’ll always have something on hand)

And for dinner, there are a lot of frozen entrees that are designed for weight maintainance/weightloss, you could easily pop one in the microwave and have a meal in 5 minutes – or you could also grill a piece of chicken or fish in less than 10 minutes, and add any kind of veggies from a can or jar and voila, youve got a very healthy meal.

For snacks keep things like yogurt, apples and nuts.

If you have a cafeteria at your school this is also a good way to get a quick meal, but be careful because there are many bad choices whihc could lead to the “freshman 15” – choose the salad bar (but avoid high fat dressings! Use oil and vinegar if you can), deli sandwiches with mustard instead of mayo, any kind of fruit offered, and often times the hot meal will include a fresh steamed vegetable and a lean meat. Choose these options instead of pizzas and pastas or mayonaiise based salads.

As for working out – do what you can. I would wake up every morning and go to the gym before classes because it guaranteed that i would have time to get in a work out, and all it cost me was an hour less of sleep (for some people this is impossible to part with). You can also work out on weekends when there is more free time, or bring your books to the gym and read while riding the stationary bike…my roomate used to do this.

Keep in mind too that excercising reduces stress and clears your head – it may benefit your studies to take a break from them and have an hour to yourself – youll find you think more clearly and have better concentration when you return to the books. Or, use your time running or training as a time to review material in your head – it will help you realize what you know and what you need to go over in more detail by thinking about the material without the books right in front of you!


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