Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Susan asks…

What good weight loss pills are out there?

I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with any weight loss pills that they felt worked well for them. I have tried some but felt they were no good. I would like to know about Relacore (belly fat), Leptopril, and Alli (some new one) in particular. I will be trying to eat healthy and exercise as well but was interested in something also helping me. I don’t want anything that will make my heart race, or make me feel wierd. What kind of food bars are good, healthy also-there are so many out there, looking for something to snack on.
Kati, I was wondering how the shakes taste, if you can eat anything besides their stuff, and do you have to continue it to keep the weight off or will it stay off?

weight loss cardiff answers:

There aren’t any. Pills are quick fixes that only work for a short period of time and can likely cause heart/health problems, especially in teenagers. After you quit taking them, all the weight you lost will come back, and you may end up weighing more than you started.

Eat healthy and exercise- it’s the ONLY sure fire way to lose weight.

Richard asks…

Can I take weight loss pills while on lithium?

I take lithium to stable my emotions, and there are a lot of pills that I can’t take with it because it can hurt my liver. Can I take weight loss pills while on it? Any specific brands?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Pills is not good for health naturally you have to reduce if doctor suggest the pills then you can follow here is some natural hair loss tips

Joseph asks…

Is their any weight loss pills an person thats age 12 can take?

12 & 170 LBS.

Weight loss pills needed. Could i take one?
My puberty has already started.

Also, tell me some good ways i can lose weight
Im not 12. I am 16.
I put this question up for my best friends, little sister.

weight loss cardiff answers:

1)Nobody likes to take pills, and often children do not see why they should. As a nurse AND a Mother, I have used a variety of techniques.
I do not know ALL of the techniques, of course, but I do know SOME that work.

2)The easiest is to ask a question that does NOT use the word “no” in response to it. The question PREFERABLY is something like “Would you like juice or chocolate milk with your pill”.
The main idea here is to start the child thinking about pleasant drinks INSTEAD of whether or not they really WANT to take a pill, because of course they do not. It does not matter which two drinks you offer, as long as the drinks are something the child likes. Good selections are Tang, juice, milk, soda, or whatever.

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