Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Thomas asks…

How can I lose weight fast, without taking pills?

Okay, So I am young and don’t want to take pills. But I need to lose weight. I weigh 160 pounds and im 5”3. I’m not sure what to do. I need to learn how to lose weight fast without taking pills, or getting surgery. Can someone help me figure out how to lose weight fast and balance my diet at the same time.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Eat healthy and do more exercise.

Michael asks…

what is a good eating plan at 13 for losing weight fast?

I am a 13 year old girl who needs to lose weight fast. I need a diet plan for eating and workouts.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I feel sorry for you if you have a eating disorder at the age of 13

Ruth asks…

What kind of diet should I have if I wanna lose weight?

I need to know how to lose weight, fast. What kind of diet should I have?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can’t loose weight fast in a healthy way. The proper way is to eat less, and exercise more.

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