Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ken asks…

Are these pills really effective for weight loss?

I have tried a couple of pills already that didn’t work for me, and as I was searching for some other weight loss pills, I came across a site selling Acai Berry Slim Pro. I am tempted to order, but first I want to know if these pills are truly effective; how does it help in weight loss and do the pills cause any side effects?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I tried them last year for 2 months
i just wanted to lose some fat in my belly and under my bra
u know it sucks to wear a fit top wen u hav fats hanging under a bra and above my pants!
I also wantd 2 lose appetite because
i hav this bad craving for fast foods!!!haha
luckily it worked on me
felt full always
no side effects in the span of 2 months i used it.
Lost about 6 kg then
hope it works on u as well
i understand & feel u wen u say u have tried all weight loss pills but 2 no avail
it sucks right?
So heres hoping this is the 1 for you.
good luck/

Nancy asks…

What are some weight loss pills that have worked?

Anyone know any good weight loss pills that truly work? I’m 5’1 and almost 170lbs. Has anyone or known anyone that had any success with a certain pill? prescription or non?


weight loss cardiff answers:

Don’t start on those weight loss pills. They’re all addictive and I don’t care what their labels say, stay away from pills whatsoever.

There are other ways to lose weight that is much healthier for you. First thing’s first, consult your doctor if you are interested in losing weight. He might have suggestions to help you lose weight. He’ll put you on a diet. A diet’s much better instead of the pills. Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fruits, vegetables. Eat lean meats, chicken, fish. Drink diet colas without caffeine. Caffeine is another reason for gaining weight. If you want to cut out colas, it’s best to do so. Cut back on coffee and if you smoke, stop for your health.

Laura asks…

Are you supposed to take weight loss pills before you work out?

Is there a time period I should be working out after taking the pill? Weight loss pill in question: ROXY LEAN.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Don’t bother – they don’t work

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