Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Maria asks…

What are the best over the counter weight loss pills?

I am trying to lose weight for my friends wedding, what are the best weight loss pills that I can buy at a place like Target, Walmart or Walgreens.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Slimquick is designed specifically for women and they have different products including a cleanse and detox pill, as well as a basic weight loss pill called 6 ways with green tea and a slimquick extreme. They also have tasty drink packets to add to water bottles as well. They are afforable and can be found online as well as in retail stores like Target and Walgreens. You can find them online cheaper though, just an FYI!

Helen asks…

where can I get american weight loss pills in or into australia?

A few years ago I took some wonderful weight loss pills called Xenadrine (in England) and am wondering if it possible to get them (or diet pills like them) in Australia. They contain Ephrine so this might be a problem?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Please trust me when I say you don’t need a weight loss pill to lose weight. Nobody does.

Every weight loss pill company says to diet and exercise while taking their product. Why, because that is how you lose weight, through diet and exercise.

That is how they get you. They make you believe that it is their product that caused the weight loss when in fact it was actually your hard work. What happens when you don’t diet and exercise while taking their product and see no weight loss results.

They say to you, “Well, we do recommend diet and exercise as well”. It’s a win win situation for them.

Each pill has there own set of side effects and hidden dangers and all have the potential to cause harm. Why would you take the risk when you can lose weight by simply eating well and exercising.

There is no magic secret to weight loss. It is all about hard work, commitment, goal setting and desire. If you want to lose weight you can and you will.

This following website gives you the tools you need to develop a healthy lifestyle and maintain it for a lifetime.

Good luck and all the best with your weight loss goals. Whatever method you choose

Linda asks…

Can my general doctor give me weight loss pills or refer me to a weight loss doctor?

I can’t find any 100% guaranteed weight loss pills,

I have health insurance, what can i do about it?

weight loss cardiff answers:

There is no such thing as a weight loss pill. Many of us wish there was.

There are pills that block hunger which vary in effectiveness, and pills that increase your metabolism (basically speed).

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