Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Carol asks…

How many pounds will be lost in 2 weeks?

Okay my cousin is trying to lose weight..
They are 13, a girl, 130 lbs and their height is around 5’5

If they jog 1 for hour and do 100 jump rope things at day, about how many pounds will they lose in 2 weeks?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hmm… Need to know their caloric intake. Normally, when dieting properly, people lose between .5 and 2 lbs/week. It’ll probably be about 1. They are being very active, but are a lower weight so it’ll be harder to lose.

Richard asks…

How to lose weight in 2 weeks?

I’m going on holiday in 2 weeks and I really want to lose some weight. I’ve read that cardio is a good way to lose weight at home. Can you recommend a routine that will let me lose fat for belly, bum, thigh and leg areas? Thank you.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Recently I’ve been trying to get rid of some weight too. I highly recommend you go on a high protein and low carb diet. But be very prepared. When I first started this diet I was basically starving myself because I wasn’t too sure on what to eat and stuff. You can eat loads of protein stick to whole meat and try stay away from greasy bacon and sausages, eat as little bread as you can that has helped me loads and stay away from fizzy drinks and snacking. If you don’t usually work out do a 2 mile walk a day or something like 30 minutes or more to start with and then maybe start jogging and then get into running. This has helped me and i have lost weight. When I first started I was so discouraged because I didn’t see a change straight away and started snacking again which was stupid but I have stopped snacking and getting that thin body I have always wanted. Good luck and eat loads of veg xD x

Thomas asks…

How Long Does it Take to See Weight Loss Results?

I’ve been losing weight for about 2 weeks now, ( 2 pounds a week) and I can’t see any difference in the (bum bum bum) mirror. My clothes feel different and I tried on my smallest shirt, and it didn’t feel as tiny. But I still can’t see anything in the mirror. How long does it take?

weight loss cardiff answers:

2 pounds a week for 2 weeks is just 4 pounds…its not that noticible….try to see how many inches you are around ur body (stomach, hips, chest…etc.) usually it will needto be more than 4 bpounds to see a difference..just saying


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