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Chris asks…

What site is the best for weight loss?

I am 23 year young and I would love to get some help and guidance on my new weight loss goal. I am 5’5 and 265 lbs. I would like to write blogs meet people in the same boat and people who are where I want to be. I am really committed to this. I don’t want to lose my life over a Debby cake. Thanks for your help.

weight loss cardiff answers:

This is very helpful
I used to be in the same boat…Honestly moderate exercising and
fat burning foods. Good Luck!
And LOL when you said the debby cake thing.

Lisa asks…

Diabetes – Can you please explain to me how sugar in urine causes weight loss?

I read somewhere how the cause of weight loss in diabetes was that sugar spilt into the urine and it caused weight loss. I dont really understand it though and dont know what to search google for lol. Could you please explain it to me?

weight loss cardiff answers:

From an excellent website on diabetes…

What is “Spilling Sugar” and How Does It Relate to Kidney Damage?

Each person has a certain blood sugar level at which the kidneys will start pulling glucose out of the blood stream and eliminating it in the urine. The average level at which this happens is around 180 mg/dl (10 mmol/l). In fact, before blood sugar meters became common, most doctors diagnosed type 2 diabetes using a urine dip, and patients “controlled” their blood sugar by testing their urine for glucose and feeling confident they were doing well if they didn’t see any.

However, that 180 mg/dl threshold is only an average. Individuals vary greatly in where they, personally, will spill glucose into the urine.

Some people have forms of diabetes (particularly MODY-3) where they can spill glucose in urine at levels as low as 140 mg/dl.

Others have forms of diabetes where glucose doesn’t appear in the urine until our blood sugar goes over 250 mg/dl.

It is possible that there is a relationship between how much glucose appears in the urine and your risk for kidney damage, though there isn’t enough research to draw any conclusions. But if your renal threshold is unusually low, it makes sense to try to keep your blood sugar at a level low enough that you don’t spill sugar, even if you are spilling at a level your doctor tells you is “nothing to worry about.”

Why does spilling sugar cause weight loss?

Some of the calories you are eating are going right back out of your body, through the urine, instead of being used by your muscle cells.

Because you don’t have enough insulin in your body, or because of insulin resistance, your cells can’t unlock the sugar and use it. You eat, but you lose weight.

Your cells are literally starving for glucose, even though you have too much glucose in your blood. The sugar is locked out, and can’t get into the part of the cell that burns it for fuel.

Too much glucose becomes toxic to your body, so your kidneys have to dump it.

This is what causes all the urinating that is so common in undiagnosed diabetes, and also in diabetics that have bad glucose control. This also causes extreme thirst too, and can lead to serious consequences, if left untreated.

Untreated high blood sugar causes kidney damage, nerve and blood vessel damage, heart disease and eye disease, so its not a safe way to lose weight.

This can happen in both type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

(My grandmother’s blood sugar got high enough to spill sugar quite often, she lost a lot of weight, and went into a diabetic coma more than once. Now my mother is in the same situation. Type 2 runs on both sides of my family).

Carol asks…

What sickness can cause this much weight loss?

A 17 yr old male that I knew has recently missed 2 days of school. During that time he lost 10 lbs! He came back very shaky and well…sick looking. What could this be? I’ve only heard of one thing that could cause such rapid weight loss (untreated Type I Diabetes) but what else could it be? Can the flu do that to you too?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I’ve been asking the same question but the best answers that I have found are by a guy named Peter Sweeney, his blog has tons of info about weight loss, diets and more. It’s worth a visit. Good Luck!!!

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