Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Nancy asks…

losing weight? or gaining muscle?

so i’m 5’11 and weigh 164. 18 yr old male. i’m a little chubby and was wondering which would take longer to do….gain muscle or lose weight. i need to lose around 15 pounds but gain alot of muscle because my arms and legs are skinny. but i don’t want to be BIG, just lean. i can’t seem to qork on both so i’m sticking to one and then jump on the other one. any advice would be appreciated, thanks! 😀

weight loss cardiff answers:

Losing weight duh, you can lose 14 pounds in just a week or two, it would take you a year just to gain that much muslce, You can’t lose weight and gain muscle at the same time because both do the opposite, when losing weight you lose some muscle and strength its unaviodable.

Focus on losing weight first, then once you get around 11% or 12% body fat you can bulk up to gain muscle. Building muscle is hard you have to go through bulking and cutting phases which people don’t seem to understand, when building muscle you will put on fat.


Hes dumb people from p90x get ripped, ripped is when you have no body fat, they didnt gain muscle they just lowered theyre body fat to show off the muscle they already have, you can tell this guy doesnt know anything about bodybuilding

Donald asks…

What is the difference between losing weight and losing inches?

Can ssomeone please tell me what the difference is between losing weight and losing inches. I was advised that working out on the treadmill loses inches and not weight but isn’t that the same thing?

Also what are Cardio machines?..does a stepper count as a Cardio machine?

Thanks ;o)

weight loss cardiff answers:

Losing weight means losing pounds, while losing inches means losing size, or getting smaller. Often times when people increase their exercise, they do not lose much weight but end up losing inches. This is because muscle is heavier than fat, but takes up less room. This is why size measurement are usually more accurate than weight. Working out on the treadmill you could lose both inches and weight, but since your legs would become more toned, you probably wouldn’t lose all that much weight.

When people refer to a cardio machine, they just mean a machine that allows you to work your cardiovascular system (your heart). This includes an elyptical or stepper, a bike, or a treadmill. You don’t need a machine, though. Running and walking are great exercises, and you don’t need a treadmill to do them. Swimming is another great exercise.

James asks…

how to lose weight fast?

Can someone help me with some tips on how to lose weight fast without taking any diet pills

weight loss cardiff answers:

To lose weight, you must be burning off more calories than you are consuming. For example, if you’re consuming 1000 calories a day, you should work off 1,500 and in a week you would lose a pound. (3500 calories is one pound).

Naturally, (depending on age, muscle to fat ratio….) if you’re young or something, you already burn about 1,000 calories a day.

Eat five small meals a day also, to raise your metabolism, and shower and drink cold water, this raises your metabolism, and therefore you lose weight faster.

Also, losing weight fast without excercising, is impossible, as any quick fix you try will also allow you to gain that same weight you lost, just as quick.

Stay healthy and good luck ! Xxx

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Richard asks…

How much weight can i lose in 2 weeks?

I kinda wanna shock the people at school. I am planning to eat not to much on Thanksgiving. I weigh 256 now 5’11 16 yr old male. (Posted previous question about weight loss). Cutting down and exercising how much could i lose.

weight loss cardiff answers:

1-2 lbs that would stay off … Up too 5-10 lbs if you starve yourself, but then it would come back with 2+lbs … But lets be realistic …

I used an elliptical trainer and lost around 80lbs. It took around 6 months and I slowly incorporated free weights. Get your body to start loosing weight and gradually add the weights to build muscle and tone up as much as you can. Being that big you may have ‘left over’ skin so youll want to tone as well. Just dont rush it, do cardio until you notice a difference, not what a scale says. Then begin to lift.

Try 15 minutes of cardio, or whatever youre capable of, but use your time wisely. Like 20% warm up … 50% moderate … 30% cool down.

Alot of people think its just about the weights, but you need to get your body burning that extra fuel. Try an elliptical if you can, treadmills and stairclimbers are hard on knees, stationary bikes suck for people trying to lose weight. Ellipticals are very fluid and easy on the body.

Ruth asks…

What can i do to lose weight healthily?

I’m 5’6 110 pounds and want to lose abit of weight. Nothing too major, just tone up for the summer. Is there any specific thing that makes HEALTHY weight loss easier (besides the obvious exercise and moderate eating) ive heard that six small meals a day help but am a bit confused on this. any advice at all would be great. Thnx

weight loss cardiff answers:

Throw out ur deep-fat fryer.
Throw away all ur frying pans.
Roast, grill or microwave all ur food with minimum fat.
Ban takeways, chocolate bars & full-fat milk.

Lisa asks…

Any suggestions on good ways to lose 60 pounds?

Not looking for the easiest way, but rather the best way to lose and keep off 60 pounds. Looking for any tips on specific exercises, foods, supplements, and anything else. Also, what is a good timeline for this kind of weight loss?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Check the web for weight loss…there’s billions of ideas, some that have worked for one person, to lose it quickly, but would never work for anyone else, let alone help keep it off.

Here’s the only way to lose any weight, and keep it off…


It’s the most obvious, and yet the most difficult thing to change: no or low sugar intake, low calories, exercise DAILY, lots of water, and keeping tabs on all this…AT ALL TIMES!! (no “just one more” or “one last one” excuses)

A diet pill/concoction (Dexitrim Max) can help for the short time, but stop the pill, and BAMB the weight is back on. Find a friend, even a long-distance one who you contact regularly to help with encouragement, tracking, and overall support.

Good Luck Friend!!

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