Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ken asks…

how long would it take to lose weight running 30 min each day?

If you were to run 30 min each day how long would it take to get in shape.
I’m 198 and 5foot 9in and i was thinking about trying to lose weight before lifting weights.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Don’t run every day. Running is a good exercise in moderation. Don’t do too much of any one thing. This goes for diet as well.

We have been misinformed about food in this country. Calories don’t matter, nor do carbs, fat, or any other constituent of food. What matters is that you eat whole foods, simple and natural. Balance and moderation are the keys. Drastically adjusting your diet to lose weight is not balanced nor moderate and is therefore unsustainable.

Eat mostly cooked foods, mostly vegetables (varied, organic, local, and fresh), simple grains (more rice, less bread and pasta), some fruit, a little meat, no diet foods and no dairy. Think of your diet like building a house. You want to use the best-quality materials available. This means fresh, simple, organic, and local.

Asian cultures figured out this healthy eating thing a long time ago. Now we rely on science to tell us how to eat and we are getting bigger and less healthy all the time. If we eat like the Asians, we will look like the Asians (thin). When they eat like us, they look like us (not thin). This is not to say that you have to eat Asian food, but just that you should adopt the principles and use them with the foods that are available to you.

“The Asian Diet: simple secrets for eating right, losing weight, and being well” by Bussell explains the principles of the diet.
“The Asian Diet: get slim and stay slim the Asian way” by Tran has recipes that adhere to the principles
“The China Study” by Campbell explains the science and research behind the diet.

Also get some exercise every day; not to much and not always the same exercises. Don’t hold on to stress either, it causes weight gain. (There is no shortage of fresh stress, let go of the old stuff)

Good luck.

Mary asks…

Can I lose weight by running on the treadmill?

I am fifteen year old boy and I dislike being unfit and unhealthy. Can I lose weight if I run for half a mile on a tread mill 5 times a week? will it also help increase my endurance and speed in running?

weight loss cardiff answers:


okay, to get into shape , speed up your metabolism, rid yourself of excess toxins in your blood or fat to lose weight ,,,,,do as follows:

Stop drinking & smoking (if you do this regularly)
eat fruits & vegetables all you can (buy a food/rice steamer to make it easy on you)…(vegetables might not seem “tasty”, like junk foods, at first,,, but can be as you aquire your taste to them..and are loaded with energy and nutrients)…avoid all junk food, cokes, sweets, etc…and drink water . If you eat meat ,,use only steamed, baking or grilled methods for preparing fish or chicken.

Also, do an hour of walking each day at least. Or some type of excercise.

* you should lose about 10 lbs per month

Linda asks…

What is the best way of walking/running outside in the cold to lose weight?

I am obese, I need to lose 90 pounds. I’ve lost 5 pounds which seems small but it’s a big start for me. I want to really change my life. I can’t afford to go to a gym, and I tried running outside but I ran out of breath within the first few minutes. What are some good ways to lose weight by walking/running outside in the cold? also, how can i control my breathing??

weight loss cardiff answers:

Watch your portion sizes. Eating a whole bag of rice cakes in one sitting won’t help you lose weight. When eating chips, nuts, or dried fruit, put a portion in a small bowl and then put the bag away. That way you won’t mindlessly eat a larger portion than you had intended. Even if you only make minimal changes to your diet choices, reducing portion size will inevitably reduce caloric intake. A great way to watch portion sizes while snacking is to buy one serving 100 calorie packages – and they come in many favorite snack food items! Eat slowly to avoid overeating; you will get satisfied with less calories.

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