Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lizzie asks…

How long after giving up drinking beer do we start losing weight?

My brother is a little fat and wants to know if beer and alcohol in general has some effects on the body that lasts long after someone stops drinking and if losing weight comes only weeks later, because he’s not drinking for a week, eats very little, but still his weight hasn’t given up on him.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Just because you stop drinking beer doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight. You’ll get healthier but if you want to lose weight, go on a diet.

Chris asks…

How does a 14 year ol lose weight in a week or less ?

Im 14 and i want to lose weight for summer because i am going to irish college at the end of the week. I want to do exercise to lose it like running or something , but i dont know how long to run or walk or jog or stuff . Can someone please help ?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It’s impossible to do anything substantial in a week. You gotta take small steps and trust me the wait is well worth it if you stick in with a good diet, and regular exercise. If you work out for a week and then stop obviously nothing will happen and you’ll gain the weight back in 2 days

Charles asks…

Whats the quickest and healthiest way to lose weight?

I want to know whats the quickest way to lose weight? I’m 14 years and 5’2″. I weight about 130 pounds and when I checked my BMI, it was 23.2! I want to lose weight in two weeks. I know it sounds impossible, but please help me! I want to be at least 120 pounds and be able to maintain it. So please help! Thanks.

weight loss cardiff answers:

The quickest is to start eating a lot of salads and veggies and soups. Drink LOTS of water.

Dont’ eat red meat, breads, starches, pastas, sodas, or sugars.

In moderation eat white meats, and fruits (fruits have natural sugars that can add weight over time).

Practice portion control. You’ll feel hungry at first, but every day you get more and more used to it until you are become full on the smaller portions. Everytime you feel hungry, if you’ve already eaten, drink water.

Exercise at least an hour a day doing both cardio and weight training. Weight training builds muscle, muscle builds fat. If you don’t want big muscles like men, use lighter weights and do more repetitions.

Good Luck!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sharon asks…

Is it true that you lose weight if you are running in hot weather wearing a sweatshirt?

I was going to wear a sweatshirt when I went running but my friend told me that in hot weather you will lose weight quickly while running because of sweating. Is this true?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You are losing water and not the fat that you hate. This is very dangerous as it can lead to dehydration.

To lose weight properly, you need to have a good diet plan that can be sustained over the long term.

Michael asks…

Is it better to try to LOSE WEIGHT FIRST then start TONING UP?

I want to lose weight really bad, but I also want to tone it up and get muscle. Should I concentrate on losing weight be running & dieting first? I don’t want all my fat to turn into muscle. I’d like to lose a lot of my fat, then tone it up. Does anyone understand what I mean? I don’t want to end up having a lumpy muscly body.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Fat cannot turn into muscle. They are completely different tissues.

My advice would be to focus on weight loss first. Dieting is the fastest way to go. But if you’re itching to do some weight training, go for it! Do the things that excite you most. When you see results, it will keep you going.

Betty asks…

How to lose weight running?

lose weight running is a good way? How to start?

weight loss cardiff answers:

As nike say… Just Do It
start at a comfortable pace jog/walk jog/walk and so on,
everyday and week you will get fitter and lighter and faster

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Richard asks…

What are some healthy ways for a teen on a tight schedule to lose weight easily?

Im 13 and 5″5 and 140 lbs which I’m not happy with I doubt it’s a healthy weight though for my age. I’m tall and some ppl say I’m skinny others say average. I’m in tumbling and I’m usually practicing that which I thought was good exercise but I’m not losing weight with it. Instead I’m building muscle Which makes me gain more. I’m hardly ever sick and I have a great immune system.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Make adjustments. A successful weight loss strategy based on reducing calorie intake and increasing activity can be adjusted to maintain your desired weight once you reach it. Unlike typical diets, this method is sustainable — it is a lifestyle change, not a binge-and-purge exercise. Slowly adjust your diet and exercise to include more weight training and calories, as much as is comfortable for you. If you do gain any weight back, you want that weight to be lean, toned muscle, not fat. In addition, weight training, no matter what your age, prevents muscle atrophy and can help stave off osteoporosis.
* Instead of thinking of it as losing a certain amount of pounds, think of it as being a certain weight. So if you are 145 pounds, and you would like to lose 10 pounds, think of it as being 135 pounds. This helps you think about it as a long-term goal and not just losing the weight to gain it back again.

Carol asks…

How can you lose weight easily and affectively?

I’m 13 years old and want to loose weight. i don’t want to sign up or pay for anything (i’m also not aloud). Does anyone have any ideas or recomend anything? I play rep soccer and rep basketball so i’m fairly active. PLAEASE HELPPPP!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Do jumping jacks until you learn to spell “effectively”.

Ruth asks…

Can certain people lose weight more easily than others?

I was wondering if some people found it easier to lose weight. For example if two people who weigh the same and follow the same diet for ONE day, can one of them be more prone to losing weight? And not a very calorie restricted diet… I was thinking about this because yesterday I ate less than I normally would (around 1600 cals compared to the 2000 I would normally eat) and lost 0.5 kg, which surprised me because I didn’t even excercise as much as I normally would or am I fat to lose weight so easily… Could I have a fast metabolism?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yep. People lose weight at all different rates. Men lose faster than women (in general) young people lose faster than old (again, in general) active people lose faster than sedentary people. Also, when you first introduce a new diet/fitness routine you lose very quickly (often referred to as the “flush” weight). And sometimes just a change.can effect your weight a lot. A few years ago I was doing great sticking to what I thought was a good diet. But I was not giving myself any healthy fats/oils. After months of minimal results, I went out to Burger King with a friend. Thinking that one spurlge wouldn’t kill me. Turns out my body needed SOME fat. I lost 7 lbs that week.

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