Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Helen asks…

What kind of results have people had from taking MEGA-T Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements?

I’m trying to loss weight for my 10 year high school reunion that is coming up in the next 8 months from now and i want to try to be 115-120lbs like i was in high school again. I’m 5’3 and 153lbs right now. I want to loss about 35-40lbs before the reunion so i can get back into my old prom dress that is a size 6 just for fun. What are some great workouts and diets to do when taking MEGA-T Green Tea Weight Loss Supplements? What where your results like after you took this weight loss supplements so i have a good idea on how it may work for me. Thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Probably not much, because the hardest way to lose weight is by putting something ELSE in your mouth. It sounds like you have a good goal and a realistic sense of time. Focus on your diet, as that accounts for aout 85% of weight loss, and leave your workouts for cardio conditioning, strength, and muscle tone. They’ll also buy you a little extra wiggle room when it comes to eating, because they’ll burn off SOME calories.

Focus on a diet low in carbs, less than 45g per meal, and focus on several small meals throughout the day. Throw out your big plates and eat off saucers. Seriously! That’s whta I did.
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in their natural form and lay off processed starches and sugars.

Regarding your workouts, a good rule is that if you can talk on your cell phone while you’re doing it, then you’re not working out. Get a heart rate monitor, get a trainer, and get a balanced workout and diet plan from them.

Yes, I do take supplements, but as a weight loss strategy, they really suck. All they do it take your money and make you feel like it makes a difference.

Donald asks…

What is the best weight loss supplement?

I am currently going to the gym and eating right, so I can lose a 100+lbs. I am wondering what the best weight loss supplement would be for me. I am working out every day. I weigh 309lbs and badly need to drop it. And feel that 1 lb a week is going to take forever. Thank you for you help.
I have changed my caloric diet and i am losing weight. I just want to know the best supplement to help speed up the process.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Congratulations on starting to take the initiative to get back in shape and become healthy again. You need both resistance and cardio exercise as well as proper eating (sounds like you are probably doing ok here) but supplements can help:

– good supplements: thermogenic fat burners like Ripped Fuel 5x or Hydroxycut Hardore. These increase your metabolism and provide more energy for work outs. They help metabolize the fat when your body temperature rises (i.e. From working out). Follow the instructions, take a dose b4 your workout, and don’t exceed the recommended daily allowance.

David asks…

What weight loss supplement should i take?

I am looking to take a weight loss supplement because I need to loose weight fast. I’ve never taken a weight loss supplement before and I would like something thats going to work well with me dieting and exercising.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Exercise is the BEST treatment. Those supplements are just to boost the metabolism. Any supplement is okay. Not sure about acai berry. Heard got side effects.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lisa asks…

Do you have some good weight loss tips?

I am looking for good weight loss tips – healthy ways to continue to lose weight, not fad diets, pills, etc. I have currently lost almost three pants sizes, and have (fingers crossed,) lost a lot of weight in the past three years or so…primarily in the past few months.

If you lost weight, what did you do to successfully lose the weight?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It can be easy if you put your mind to it. Start getting rid of those fattening fast foods like McDonalds, Wendys, Burgerking, etc. Don’t eat things with too much fat including sweets like donuts or cookies. Eat things with protein. Eat salads, fruits, veggies, and most importantly drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. If you are still hungry after you ate something, chew gum to help you ignore it. Hope this helps 🙂

Sandra asks…

What are your weight loss tips?

Looking for weight loss tips that you’ve tried that actually work .

weight loss cardiff answers:

I think a vast number of persons hate the image they see of themselves in the mirror commonly because of excess weight. If you have that extra fat around your stomach and/or obese, I’m here to tell that it’s not impossible. Losing weight is a very simple thing, but the difficult part is what most people lack and that’s motivation and determination.
It’s easy to get up at some point and just start working. However, here is the part that makes us stop – as soon as we are done working out we look in the mirror and expect to see actual results. Well folks that’s IMPOSSIBLE! Changing our body takes time like everything else that’s worth it. If we all could wake up with a 6 pack tomorrow then I don’t believe reading this right now would make any sense.
Here’s how it works, if you want to lose weight:
· Stop making up lame excuses and start working out. Too many times I’ve seen persons delay their work out program and continue eating crap because they have convince themselves that it’s okay to eat crap for they are determine that they will work out tomorrow. Funny thing though is that tomorrow never comes.

· Learn your body type and plan a workout and diet program base on you. The thing that most people don’t realize is that a weight loss strategy used by one person may not necessarily work with someone else. For e.g. The weight loss diet of a 6 feet tall man will NEVER help a 5 feet 2 inches man lose weight. Learn what works for you by reading and don’t be convince by fab diets.

Go here for more tips from same article

Joseph asks…

How lose weight fast before the summer season starts?

So as you all know, it’s almost summer !! As of right now, I’m 5’5 and 145 pounds. I know I know I’m overweight haha so I obviously need to lose some stomach and thigh fat before the middle of June. I’m a competitive swimmer, so I excersice at least an hour and a half every day. However, practice ends in two weeks, so I won’t be getting to burn those extra calories anymore. What kind of excersises do I need to do to make my stomach and thighs slimmer? How many calories do I need to consume each day? Is 20 pounds a realistic goal for the middle of June? Weight loss tips? Thanks! (:

weight loss cardiff answers:

1. Cut out the sugar. It’s easy to say and hard to do for most of us but if you want to start seeing results you need to start now.

2. Eat 4-7 meals a day. Believe it or not by eating more frequently, you actually increases your metabolism which helps you to lose weight faster.

3. Eat more fiber. Next time you go shopping pay attention to the food label and buy products with higher fiber content.

4. Drink a glass of water before you eat. Filling up your stomach with water will help suppress your appetite. *** Drink a minimum of 8 glasses (8 ounces)of water each day.

5. Lose the scale and start measuring.

6. Exercise at least 30-60 minutes for daily!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Richard asks…

What are some healthy ways for a teen on a tight schedule to lose weight easily?

Im 13 and 5″5 and 140 lbs which I’m not happy with I doubt it’s a healthy weight though for my age. I’m tall and some ppl say I’m skinny others say average. I’m in tumbling and I’m usually practicing that which I thought was good exercise but I’m not losing weight with it. Instead I’m building muscle Which makes me gain more. I’m hardly ever sick and I have a great immune system.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Make adjustments. A successful weight loss strategy based on reducing calorie intake and increasing activity can be adjusted to maintain your desired weight once you reach it. Unlike typical diets, this method is sustainable — it is a lifestyle change, not a binge-and-purge exercise. Slowly adjust your diet and exercise to include more weight training and calories, as much as is comfortable for you. If you do gain any weight back, you want that weight to be lean, toned muscle, not fat. In addition, weight training, no matter what your age, prevents muscle atrophy and can help stave off osteoporosis.
* Instead of thinking of it as losing a certain amount of pounds, think of it as being a certain weight. So if you are 145 pounds, and you would like to lose 10 pounds, think of it as being 135 pounds. This helps you think about it as a long-term goal and not just losing the weight to gain it back again.

Carol asks…

How can you lose weight easily and affectively?

I’m 13 years old and want to loose weight. i don’t want to sign up or pay for anything (i’m also not aloud). Does anyone have any ideas or recomend anything? I play rep soccer and rep basketball so i’m fairly active. PLAEASE HELPPPP!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Do jumping jacks until you learn to spell “effectively”.

Ruth asks…

Can certain people lose weight more easily than others?

I was wondering if some people found it easier to lose weight. For example if two people who weigh the same and follow the same diet for ONE day, can one of them be more prone to losing weight? And not a very calorie restricted diet… I was thinking about this because yesterday I ate less than I normally would (around 1600 cals compared to the 2000 I would normally eat) and lost 0.5 kg, which surprised me because I didn’t even excercise as much as I normally would or am I fat to lose weight so easily… Could I have a fast metabolism?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yep. People lose weight at all different rates. Men lose faster than women (in general) young people lose faster than old (again, in general) active people lose faster than sedentary people. Also, when you first introduce a new diet/fitness routine you lose very quickly (often referred to as the “flush” weight). And sometimes just a change.can effect your weight a lot. A few years ago I was doing great sticking to what I thought was a good diet. But I was not giving myself any healthy fats/oils. After months of minimal results, I went out to Burger King with a friend. Thinking that one spurlge wouldn’t kill me. Turns out my body needed SOME fat. I lost 7 lbs that week.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Paul asks…

What is a good weight loss plan for a month?

I am a 19 year old guy, and I am going on a cruise next month. Problem is, after I quit playing baseball in high school I slowly got lazier and started to gain weight, so much to the point where I definitely need to lose it. I had planned on doing this over a 3 month period, but I got swamped with finals at the end of the year and was too busy and stressed out to work out. Now, the clock is ticking. I relied on fast metabolism for too long.

I plan on going on a high vegetable/salad diet, but I need a good workout plan. I’m not expecting to completely sculpt myself in a month, but just toning down this beer gut would be nice.

I have a weight bench and a treadmill in my garage, which is what I primarily plan on using for working out. It looks kind of like this;

I also have a one-hand adjustable barbell and a standard curve bar.
What kind of workout should I do for maximum weight loss, primarily in the gut? This is more about thinning up and not filling out, mind you.

Any helps with workout regime/tips would be appreciated and I will gladly answer questions if you need additional information.

Thanks in advance.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I agree with yewieh. I think you should start running about 2 miles a day, 4-5 days a week. I eat chicken breast salad with fresh spinach and tomatoes, a little parmesan cheese, and vinegar and light dressing for dinner. It’s huge, filling and only about 300-400 calories. But lots of fruit and GREEN vege’s and you will start having the energy to start working out more.

Also if you sitting at the computer or watching tv, feel free to do arm or tummy exercises, rock back and forth, etc. This movement will up your calorie burning and it can add up if you do it regularly everyday.

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

what are the best HCG drops for weight loss?

I’ve heard homeopathic hcg with alcohol aren’t any good but read other blogs that say they work just fine. has anyone had success with the homeopathic with alcohol?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Whether you use drops or injections they are a waste of money,
500-calories per day is severely restrictive! In fact, it is not enough calories to support normal brain function. Your body will compensate by using stores of glycogen, protein (muscle) and some fat, which lowers your resting metabolism. Before you can lose true weight, you will be so irritable, lightheaded, and cranky that you’ll reach for whatever food you can get your hands on and have a field day.

There is no scientific evidence supporting HCG as a weight loss strategy. The FDA has required all marketing and advertising of HCG to state the following: “HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or ‘normal’ distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.”


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Helen asks…

how to get her to lose weight? i like her btw?

her stomach is like that. a little more solid though
but her legs are thin especially past her thighs—meltzer-plus-size—gallery-launch_201947849174.jpg&imgrefurl=,r:9,s:0

i notice girls always post pics of themselves asking if their at standing up away from the miror? well im sorry but when she sits down im like?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can’t make someone lose weight. If she’s overweight, I’m sure she’s insecure about it in the first place. You could always offer to exercise with her. Just don’t act you’re ashamed of her or always tell her she needs to lose weight.

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