Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Nancy asks…

What elliptical is best and cheapest with a weight loss component?

I am about 145 pounds. I want to lose atleast 20 lbs. Can anyone who knows what they’re talking about provide me with what is the best and cheapest machine they suggest and ALSO if anyone can tell me whats the best speed, resistance, and time as well as days a week to work out on the elliptical in order to achieve my 20 lb weight loss goal.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Being cheap with fitness equipment is never a good idea because it often gurantees that you will never actually use it to achieve your fitness goals. You should find a specialty fitness store and participate in a trial membership at local gyms. This will help you identify what ellipticals you like best. They are all different because of patents. No one elliptical can provide a better work out than another. Losing 20 pounds is easier than you could imagine. At a conservative pace it should only take 6 weeks tops. The best speed is to keep pushing your fitness level higher. So, if you can only maintain 6 mph continue to do so while always pushing yourself to hold 7 as long as you can.

Sandy asks…

Is GNC 7 day weight loss an effective product?

I am interested in trying GNC’s 7 day weight loss program but my wife is unhappy with the idea. She thinks that dietary programs are basically scams. Has anyone tried it and how did it go for you?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I would not say they are a scam.. I would just say that is not the healthy way to lose weight. What is easier is rarely healthier. These products will make some people lose weight, and they may kill some other people. I have read and heard some horror stories about those products..

Eat well, and exercise..

I bet your wife would not have a problem with that.. Check out this great weight loss program…

Sandra asks…

How do you get a reluctant Doctor to prescribe weight loss medications?

I am 5ft2 and almost 200 pounds. I have a hard time losing weight through excersise because I have severe Fibromyalgia. I eat a very good diet of 1,000 calories a day but although I am not gaining I am not losing either. My doctor says he doesnt like to prescribe any weight loss meds to anyone. I do not want to go see another doc because this current one is so good with my other illnesses and it is in my contract that if i see anyone else, he will not see me anymore. What do I do?? Help!
Ive decided to add some more on this post to thank you all so far for your input and helpful advice. I have a Response for “M’s” question. Most doctors who deal exclusively with pain management will have their patients sign this sort of contract. It pretty much just means that since they are handaling all of the intricate specifics of your unique case that it would not be benificial and would cause much confusion to bring in other doctors without his permission first. If you, the patient wish to see a different doctor than your pain management doctor , you are more than welcome to a second opinion or whatever you are seeking but it is in your primary pain management care providers discretion to see you or to (more than likely ) not to see you as a patient again. Thanx for listening and responding.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Ask him to recommend a nutritionist for you to consult with. If he won’t prescribe anything, then the least he can do is work with you in other ways. Maybe a nutritionist can adjust what types of foods you are eating and make it possible for you to lose weight. Actually, you might not be getting enough calories and if you ate certain foods and increased your calorie intake by 200, you might have better luck. But I’m only guessing. Don’t get discouraged. It might just be a 1 lb. Loss per week, but that’s 52 lbs. In a year.

I know you said you have severe Fibromyalgia, but can you just try walking 10 minutes each day and try to gradually work up to 30 minutes over time? If you don’t feel like walking outside, the Leslie Sansone walking DVD’s are easy and a lot of people like you lose weight using them. Basically it’s just walking in place in front of your TV for 15 minutes.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Thomas asks…

What’s the best doctor perscribed weight loss pills?

Well I’m 5″2 and I am 187 pounds I am 24yrs old and I had a baby five years ago. I work out at the gym 4 times but just a little. My metabolism Is really slow because of having a baby. So it’s hard to lose weight. Tomarrow I go to tue doctors and he is going to prescribe me a weight loss pill to help me. Any recommendation on doctor prescribed weight loss pills that work

weight loss cardiff answers:

Usually you don’t recommend weight loss medications to your doctor, the Doctor is well versed in his trade and will prescribe one to you.

Jenny asks…

Do you help me to give the correct information of natural weight loss pills which are safe and effective?

I am overweight and I want to get rid from this condition and want to look slim, trim and healthy. Please give me the information of natural weight loss pills.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Weight loss pills are a waste of money – they just don’t work.

All you need to lose weight is a good healthy diet and exercise 🙂

Daniel asks…

Is it possible that i am sick from taking alli weight loss pills?

I have taken three pills so far in the duration of 3 days. However i have gotten really sick, last night i had severe nausea and threw up, and today i can barely move my whole body aches. I am also experiencing vaginal bleeding even though my period isnt for 2 more weeks. I am not overweight i am 5 foot 6 and 125 pounds. Do you think my illness is due to these weight loss pills?

weight loss cardiff answers:

It’s definately possible. The way the pill works can cause all sorts of problems in your system. You should go to a doctor and get checked out.

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