Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Charles asks…

Can somebody direct me to a free weight loss site?

im 14 and i weight like 270 pounds and all my friends are slim and most of them have made out with girls and stuff and i havent gotten more than a hug, it not just that i realize that there are girls out there that like guys for their personality but i want to do this for myself so i live longer and look better. so is there any free, and easy to stick to weight loss plans out there? thanks everybody
i dont want to cleanse my body and have to sit on the toilet for 3 hours lol im just looking for an easy thing to stick to 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

I couldn’t find the site but i wrote down the info…….this is called the Master Cleanser and you can add your own exercise plan. This diet mix can be taken cold, or hot, laxative tea is taken every night, and in the morning to avoid constipation. Do not eat any solid food this is a all liquid diet………..
2 Tablespoons lemon juice or lime juice
2 Tablespoons real maple syrup (grade b)
1/10 Teaspoon cayenne pepper
8 oz water)
you may come across headaches, dizziness, nausea, bad breath, glazed eyes and a heavily coated tongue and You may feel hungry for the first few days but it’s temporary. You will also feel pain in your lungs. I recommend you to take this for 10 to 15 days make sure you exercise to lose more off the parts you want slim.After this is over you will have intense diarrhea so stay by a bathroom and make sure you take the laxative tea bcuz this is a non food diet may cause the gut to stop passing food (you might pruke)

Joseph asks…

Does any one have any weight loss ideas?

I need some ideas about easy weight loss. I’m not made of money so no “buy this and you’ll be skinny”. Any tea diets are fine because my mom drinks tea all the time.. Workouts, Eating plans anything that does not involve money.

weight loss cardiff answers:

– Do some jogging/running
– Exercise often
– Eat healthy with a good diet
– Stay away from fatty foods and soda

Hope this helps

Jenny asks…

weight loss really need help?

ok i found out i kind of need to lose about 2 and a half stone and i need to do it quite fast.
could anyone find out a weight loss plan that is easy to stick to?
please no jokes.
im not mad on herbally teas and stuff ad nd i dont get up too early

weight loss cardiff answers:

Here’s something small i follow 🙂 xx

breakfast 5-5:30am
flax seeds /chia seeds

morning tea 8-8:30am
green tea
agave nectar
rye / whole wheat bread
soy milk

lunch 11-11:30am
gala apple

afternoon tea 2-2:30pm

dinner 5-5:30pm
cooked asian mushrooms
soy beans / black beans
high quality natural cheese

snack 8-8:30pm
sweet potatoe

and ill add herbs & spices somewhere here…


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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Donna asks…

Easy weight loss tips for belly, hips, thighs and upper arms.?

I just wanna be a little slimmer 🙂

weight loss cardiff answers:

What’s a wanna?

Lisa asks…

Easy weight loss exercise tips?

So anyways I’m looking for some really effective weight loss tips that don’t involve expensive diets, gym equipment or drugs. Just some really effective exercises.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I found the guide below really helpful for some weight loss ideas, and like you none of them involve expensive gym memberships or anything. There are quite a lot of really helpful tips which will give you good ideas to get started with.

Sandy asks…

quick and easy weight loss tips?

i’m 17 years old, i’m 5′ 7″, and i’m 160 pounds. (i know already that this is sorta over weight)
i need to lose weight fast because its summer and i really hate to be the only girl at the beach wearing a t shirt and shorts (it’s embarrassing)
so how do i lose this weight quick without going as far as totally just starving myself or throwing up??
and also for now, are there any bathing suits that i could wear comfortably at my current weight??
any help would be great. i’m taking any advice. thank you in advance! 🙂
(no mean comments please, if u want to leave some go bother someone else)

weight loss cardiff answers:

When you are losing weight, you should exercise and diet together.
If you exercise without dieting, you will get bigger appetite, which
will lead to increase of weight, or muscle grow
underneath the fat layer, and make you bulkier. If you diet without
exercising, you will become flabby and will have excess skin. For
diet, go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food
after 7 p.m. People achieve marvellous results with it. Depending on
your initial weight, you can drop upwards from 20 pounds a month. If
you don’t eat wheat then you don’t eat all those sticky, fatty goey
cakes, you don’t eat junk food, and you don’t eat biscuits. But your
diet is still balanced. It costs nothing, and you do not have to
calculate points or to buy special meals or plans. For exercising,
start with walking, and then switch to running/jogging. Running is the
most efficient and calorie-burn exercise ever. If you are overweight a
lot, walk first or you may have health complications (heart attack,
disjointed bones and so on). Weight lifting is a good means to target
your problem areas for men and women. It’s not necessarily to become a
bodybuilder or even join a gym – a couple of dumbbells will help you
to target your problem areas (stomach, butt, legs, arms, chest).

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ruth asks…

Whats some good easy weight loss ideas?

all of us girls at work today are giggling about how to loss weight at least 20 lbs easy or just fast?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Use calorie to keep track of nutritional information, ESPECIALLY if you want to eat out. You’d be surprised at some of the stuff, like fast food burgers being less calories than chicken sandwich.

Keep a food scale at home to measure out portions. You can find them at Walgreens for only approx. $5.

Cook from scratch. You may be left in the dark about calories, but at least it gives you the option to substitute where you need to substitute, cut out sodium, and it’s healthier! Myself, instead of using shortening, I have calorie-free butter spray.

For help on how to make some things from scratch, use sites like and Group If you cannot find on either site something, just type in the search engine of your net ________ from scratch. Fill in the blank with the food. Like, pizza crust recipe from scratch, for instance.

Add a little more exercise each week. Once your body gets used to a routine, it is no longer effective. That is why you must add more exercise each week, be it more resistance, more repetitives, or another lap around the mall before stores open. If you like video games and can afford it, people lost weight off of Wii. I once played it at someone’s house, and I kid you not, it wore me out!

Make sure not to lose more than 2 pounds a week for that is not healthy to lose faster than that.

Try 6 small meals instead of 3 large ones, and be SURE to eat breakfast.

Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, a glass being 8 ounces.

Do away with soda and lattes and other empty calorie drinks.

You can eat nearly everything you want, as long as you watch out for portions.

Find healthier ways to enjoy your fave foods.

Instead of salad dressing, try lemon juice, or salsa.

With the exception of yellow mustard, watch out for use of condiments. They add up calorie wise. Mustard, however, has practically none in there!

Lisa asks…

Does anyone have a simple and easy weight loss plan?

I would like to lose 26 pounds but am unsure of how to do it. I don’t really like to exercize but will if necessary. Keep in mind that I live in rural Kansas and don’t have access to special foods or diets.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Dear member,
Well the very first step for doing such kind of things is a positive and a strong will to loose weight. What i belive in is that everything begins and stops at the mind and the mind power alone is capable to give you the desired results. If you are strong willed then go ahead make a weekly chart to track your weight and measurements. Once the will exists the urge to eat fatty foold will reduce and so for food with high carbohydrate contect. Cut out that Red meat, Cheese, Oils, fried stuff and yes include a walk of 25 to 45 minutes. As you like in rural area there are pleanty of oppurtunities for a good morning or an evening walk.
You may also like to try the oldest medicinal technique of Aryuveda to help you regulate your lifestyle and attain a healthier self. For that you may visit Swami Ramdev has created an awareness revolution in India with millions doing his pranayam on a regular basis for a healthier self. I myself am a gezetted Govt officer and had rubissed his claims till recently when i turned to Pranayama for a healthier life. I have lost the flab from my waist in one month and am a much more active person now. I am 42 years of age and absolutely healthy.
My mantra is never be disheartned in life and always try to be hally… Though i do have my faults… As i am a human too.

David asks…

Have any tricks for easy weight loss?

I would like to lose just a bit of weight. probably 5-7 lbs. I don’t have much time, but I can do easy activities, and i would like some simple food ideas. If anyone could help me, that would be great.

weight loss cardiff answers:


You are just interested in just watching so it does not get out of hand in few years.

So eat little less and do little more, buy a pedometer, put it on note the average miles per day then increase it a little by doing few more chores or adding an after meal walk. Go to a library and add some exercise routine, few bends to care care of the curves, you can find them on the Internet also.

This next articles tell it all.
How I went From Normal To Obese In 30 Years

Here is the help I have made it little bit funny for you, hope you will enjoy it and use it to your advantage, as specially you will find tips on looking and feeling thin, they are in the how to increase your height article. So read it and enjoy it. And do as you please.
It is your home.

It is your kitchen.

It is your place of work or your school.

But go visit some gym; they are in the yellow page, so take a tour.
My experience:


No problem for first few years till 1975 years.

Added a cup of coffee to my intake nothing changed 30 years later, 365 x 30 x18 = 197100 cal in that time frame = 54.75 pounds.

All this 54.6 pounds of weight, more then the ideal weight can be attributed to a one tea spoon of sugar, in a cup of coffee every day.

After adding some 60 pounds this way yeastier day only I started evaluating the weight gain and I came up with this calculations.

How about those teaspoons of sweet nothings, sugar only?


I had only one problem I did not work out that 18 cal every day by just straightening up the kitchen and scrubbing that kitchen sink very day and keeping it like new.

Work Place:

I had a parking place very close to the door so I did not get chance to walk enough to work those 18 cal off.


Ha!, ha!!, ha!!!, this is where I acquire knowledge but my problem is that I just realized that 18 cal of sugar in coffee has made me fall in the obese category, from normal in 30 years.

I use to walk 6 miles to school both ways up and I am not kidding, I lived at one end of the hill and school was at the other end of the hill. So up the hill down the hill to school and same thing coming back.
you need to understand the weight loss mechanism. Believe me you can eat any thing and every thing as long as you do not eat more then you burn up by doing things (not necessarily exercises, but exercises are very good for you and provide a regimental way to loose weight).

I am enclosing few of my article just for your info, pleas read them and you will understand the actual mechanism, and do what pleases you.
Read my articles and do as you please, if you read between the lines then you will understand the weight loss mechanism.

Once you understand some things it is easy to achieve it.

It does not matter if you eat very little, but if you are use to 3 large hardy meals then after eating them your stomach send the signal to the system to provide blood to it. So doing any strenuous exercises can be dangerous. So it is not recommend, but a slow walk after eating is highly recommended. In the olden day it is a must about 15 minute or so.
You can do it.

It is possible to achieve it.

But read all the enclose articles and do as you please.

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