Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ken asks…

Anyone know that weight-loss calculator website…?

I’m looking for a website where you put in how many calories you eat per day and it shows you a chart of your predicted weight loss over the next few months. i used to know it but i forgot what the site it, its “lose” something…im not sure, maybe that’s not it at all…
Thanks =)

weight loss cardiff answers:

This is the one I use:

Mary asks…

A weight loss calculator that shows [read please]?

… how many calories i should eat per day, like it shows the days, and the time it takes to get to my weight goal. Ive seen this before somewhere. Something like that will be ok as well! thank you!

weight loss cardiff answers:


here it is

Sandy asks…

Question about calories and weight loss?

I entered my weight/height/age into a kind of Weight loss Calculator and it told me in order to loose weight:

” You will need to burn 614 KCal/day more than you consume. ”

Does that mean if I eat say 1400 calories, I have to burn 2014 calories?
LOL well I wanted to see, so I can just burn X amount of calories skipping rope πŸ™‚

weight loss cardiff answers:

No just burn 614 calories making your calorie intake at the end of the day 1214 making you lose weight.

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