Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Nancy asks…

What do these acronyms stand for?

I’ve seen acronyms like this on weight loss blogs, and I have no clue what they mean.

And they always have numbers after them.

weight loss cardiff answers:

HW:Highest Weight
SW:Starting Weight
CW:Current Weight
UGW:Ultimate Goal Weight

Maria asks…

How do I start a Blog?

And how do I get people to read it? I want to start a weight loss blog. Can you help?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Seethe first link to see how to start blog and the second link to promote it online:

Thomas asks…

Should I go back to the weight loss center or do it on my own?

I have lost weight through a weight loss center but it gets so expensive. I have struggled doing it on my own. I feel powerless either way and still struggle with it. I need to lose about 10 pounds to get at my goal weight. Any suggestions? Thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

1) Keep it simple first
here’s 2 articles on eating healthy –

AND steps for fat loss success

2) Eat steam food, vegetables, fruits, lean meat

3) drink plenty of water and green tea

4) Avoid junk food, snacks and soda drinks

here’s 5 Foods for Instant Healthier Diet

5) have 5-6 healthy meals a day (1 plate size only) to keep the tummy

If you’re not too sure on how to plan it, try this link

6) exercise – combine weights and interval training.

Here’s a review link to a worthwhile workout, turbulence training

29 exercises you can do at home to burn belly fat

For abs, read these blogs (great articles on abs) –

and for women after the age of 30

and learn why crunches is not the answer

For Thighs and Butts

7)Don’t focus on cardio only (it’ a waste of time!)

8)form a support group – invite friends, relatives, parents, partners
to participate in a healthy lifestyle, and keep you accountable. This
is important.

9) plan to lose weight slowly (1-2 lbs a week), and progressively
overtime increase your

Hope it helps!

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Robert asks…

What is a good name for a weight loss blog on Tumblr?

I just started a weight loss blog, hoping I can connect with people going through the same struggles as me. I can’t think of a URL. Any suggestions?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You want to know a good weight loss blog. I know a blog of weight loss. It is good . You will get ideas, tips and information from here for weight loss. This may help you.

Carol asks…

If I was to start a weight loss blog how many people would follow it?

After having 2 kids I am struggling to get past my pre baby weight and down a dress size or 2. I need more motivation and feel that a weight loss blog would be a good idea so then people can see what I am doing etc.
Are there any sites like that out there now?

Thanks alot =)

weight loss cardiff answers:

Whatever gets you moving. I’m not sure about other weight loss blogs….
To help peak the interest of others i suggest doing a daily photo thing, like the one in youtube where he took a photo of himself for 30 something years.

I assume you know this but beware internet people can be cruel

Thomas asks…

What is a clever name for a weight loss blog?

I am planning to begin to lose weight and I want to start a blog about my weight loss, the struggles, post pictures, write about what I have learned as I go and other stuff about my personal journey to find the skinnier me. Any suggestions for a snappy, catchy blog title?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Gross Loss Discourse

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

George asks…

Weight loss blogs?

Does anyone have one?
I have one, but the main point of these things are feedback.
I can’t get enough people with blogs to see mine, I want feedback, and I’ll give others feedback. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, right?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I don’t have on but good luck on your weight loss.

John asks…

Online support blogs/chats for weight loss?

Does anyone know of some good online support blogs or chats for weight loss, or specifically for people looking to lose a lot of weight? I used to belong to Weight Watchers and participated in their online blogs, but people could get pretty catty on that site. I have since moved on to a more holistic-focused type of weight loss/wellness program, and would like some type of support system for people experiencing the same type of situation I am.

Thanks for the feedback.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Try joining a local gym geared toward people in your demographic. That way you can get the support in real life too.

Lizzie asks…

Good Tumblr Weight Loss Blogs?

I just wanna know :3

weight loss cardiff answers:

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Charles asks…

Weight loss blogs? I`m looking for…?

I`m looking for a place where I can find blogs related to weight loss, fitness, or diseases caused by obesity. I`ve just started a diet and I think I need some help. I appreciate your help. Thanks.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hey, you can find lotsa weight loss blogs at, one of the largest online communities dedicated to weight loss. You`ll find there lots of members who can offer support or information. Plus, you can use their free diet and fitness planner, weight charts, and find out nutritional info on foods. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Robert asks…

teen weight loss blogs?

I am looking for active blogs, forums or some type of social site to connect with heavy teens trying to lose weight. I’ve been searching and either find sites with just tips or blogs/forums that haven’t had a post in weeks. I would like to find something very active. Maybe even a place where I can find a diet pen pal.

Thanks (=

weight loss cardiff answers:

This website has the top 100 weight loss blogs for girls

Mandy asks…

What are some thinspo/weight-loss tumblr blogs?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Depends on if you’re wanting pro-ana/ pro-Mia or not. Search fitblr if you’re wanting HEALTHY weight loss blogs

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