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Betty asks…

RAW FOOD DIET: How do I start a high raw foods diet like the one Kris Karr from Crazy Sexy Cancer is on?

I can’t really figure out how to get started. There is too much info on her websites to sift through. Can anybody tell me how to get started on a raw foods diet. What books do I get, products do I need, etc…

weight loss cardiff answers:

When I was a kid my Mom started eating the raw food diet, and she was extreme about it from the start. She ate nothing but fruit and veggies for 2 years and lost 100 and so pounds. I starved as a child in the house, and often would steal money from her purse to go eat out places, because I was only about 10 years old. She tried to pursue her kids to eat like that, but instead I gained all the weight eating whatever I could outside the house. She eventually had many health problems, and looked like a ghost in the face, so her doctor told her to start eating dairy’s, and she read up on it like crazy and decided that her diet did call for it. Now she is over weight though because she got into a accident that makes it impossible for her to move, and work off the weight, and she is now on this meats, eggs, cheese diet that is slowly working for her, but I think in the long run the weight will stay off, and she can still full and healthy proteins.

I wouldn’t recommend going fully raw foodiest, unless your committed to do it for the rest of your life! Because as soon as you start eating normal foods again the weight will slap right back on!

John asks…

Diet foods? Are there any you can eat constantly to loose weight?

im going on a diet and i need to know the different types/kinds of foods that are considered healthy enough that i can eat them whenever or whatever. PLEZ HELP ME!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Yes. ALL vegies and fruits, whole grain foods, legumes (unsalted or low sodium nuts), meatwise ( lean chicken, turkey, fat free ham ), dairy ( 1% milk or fat free milk) and at least a gallon of water everyday!
If you want some ideas I usually eat the following

-1 cup kashi cereal + 1 cup milk + 1 banana + protein shake
OR kashi cereal bar + protein shake
– 3 tbsp pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds ( Good Sense dietary mix)
– salad with Spritz( spray mist dressing) and pita wrap with chicken, turkey, alfalfa sprouts, and veggies.
– 1 apple
– tuna with veggies

Rule of thumb, eat at consistent times 5-6 times a day to avoid being hungry, drink lots of water, avoid processed foods including high fructose corn syrup, anything fried,sauted, baked, and eat foods that are natural (no preservatives, added sugars etc)
Eat carbs in the morning and afternoon until 4pm because that’s when your body begins to slow down

Hope this helps!

Sharon asks…

Is it possible to have a vegetarian diet using only fresh whole foods?

I cannot seem to stomach the taste of meat anymore. I have been working for about 2 years to put my husband and I on an all natural whole foods diet. Most of the people I know who are vegetarian eat a lot of junk food and vegetarian meat products, like veggie burgers and bacon. Can you be a healthy vegetarian without using “pretend” foods?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Absolutely. I have several friends in the same boat as you. They hate the taste of meat, and cannot figure why a vegetarian would want something designed to taste like meat. Lots of a variety of veggies, whole grains, and nuts & legumes can produce a perfectly healthy diet, though if you are vegan, you may need to take a supplement of B12, since it is mostly found in animal products. Keep on with what you are doing and ignore the meatless meat eaters around you! For extra protein, tofu and/or soy or almond milk are great additions. Tofu will take on the taste of whatever you put with it, so it can be used in soups, stews, salad dressings, “milk shakes” and simply cooked after marinating to flavor. Good luck and happy eating!

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