Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Carol asks…

why is weight loss greater when i skip workouts?

is there a reason that one would lose weight skipping excercise? i have been excercising every day for the past several weeks and seeing modest loss. i went easy on the elliptical friday, and totally skipped saturday and sunday. monday morning i had a loss of 3.5lbs! i usually only lose 1 or 1.5 per week. this has happened before. weird coincidence or is there some reason for this?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Your body is saying ‘Thank fuck, he’s letting me rest. Time to repair and rebuild.’

You need the rest days. Take a day or two off each week.

Donald asks…

Can I lose weight by doing ab workouts?

If not, do you have any other easy weight loss suggestions?

weight loss cardiff answers:

You could I guess if you do it 24/7. The best way to lose weight is with moderate intensity aerobic exercises where all muscles ( like the thigh and buttocks) are involved not just one particular group.

James asks…

Can someone give me an At home weight loss workout?

Im going to be babysitting this week Sunday to thursday. And i just gained 5lbs and i need to get that an more off. Im going to be staying at that house. so i need a few workouts to do that will be easy and make me lose weight

weight loss cardiff answers:

Get 10 things to do in your routine. 5 should be something to do with stretching(touch the sky, arms on back), and 5 should make your heart rate go up (jogging in the spot, jumping jacks). Alternate moves between the two groups of 5.
At night, before you go to sleep, do 15 sit ups.
Remember that if you want to lose weight, you have to exercise AND eat healthy.
If this wasn’t helpful enough, look through magazines like cosmogirl, or find websites that show you what to do.

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