Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ken asks…

what is a nutritional diet for volleyball players?

I’m not going on a weight loss diet or anything like that. All I want is a LIST of nutritional foods and/or a List of easy recipes. I am going into middle school and made the volleyball team. thanks

weight loss cardiff answers:

Here i gives some list of nutritional food that you need to follow…
A Day in the Food Life for Volleyball Players:
Citrus fruit or juice or cup of strawberries or blueberries
Egg white omelette with green veggies, tomato and nonfat cheese
1 small bowl oatmeal, whole grain cereal or slice of whole grain bread
2 tsp nut butter
AM snack
Low fat breakfast bar or sport bar
Water or sugar free beverage
Turkey wrap or sandwich with low fat whole wheat tortilla or bread
3-4 oz turkey
2 tsp mayo
1 small bag baked chips
1 apple or pear
Water or sugar free beverage
PM snack
Fresh fruit smoothie with lowfat yogurt
Or lowfat yogurt with fresh fruit and granola sprinkle
Water or sugar free beverage
Grilled chicken salad with whole grain roll or
Fresh grilled fish with veggies and baked potato or
Sushi with soup and salad or
Pasta with veggies and lite red sauce
Water or sugar free beverage
Evening snack
Frozen low fat yogurt with fresh fruit topping or air blown popcorn with a parmesan sprinkle

Laura asks…

How to do an all smoothie diet?

Can anyone help me find a website that has recipes for an all smoothie weight loss diet? Thanks in advance everyone.
A day that is..

But i still wanna get all my nutrients and stuff..
I dont wanna go over 1600 calories.

weight loss cardiff answers:

How about ask if anyone knows 1?
Its much easier..

Just put healthy fruits u like
with a bit of milk and u got a smoothie

Mandy asks…

How to use cayenne capsules to most effeciently aid weight loss?

I already have lost weight with diet and exercise but I’ve hit a plateau and need a little boost. When and how often should I take cayenne capsules to reap the full benefits for weight loss? Any other plateau-busting tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!:)

weight loss cardiff answers:

Don’t take them at all, all you need to lose weight is a clean diet, cardio and possibly some resistance training. If you can’t lose more weight then up the game, there is no quick easy way around it. Don’t get dragged into the suckers game of pills and bogus supplements. Good luck

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