Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

James asks…

Diet pills?

I bought diet pills called ‘Metabo Extreme’, and it says on the pack to take them twice daily with meals and not to take after 4pm. I have a few questions…
* Why can’t you take them after 4pm?
* Can you take two at the same time?
* Can you overdose on diet pills, like if I took 3 a day instead of 2?
Thanks x

weight loss cardiff answers:

Call the company or your doctor and ask.

FYI…diet pills don’t work.

Robert asks…

diet pills?

so i’m considering diet pills but i have some questions about them:
how old do you have to be to buy them?
where do you buy them?
which kinds work best?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Funny thing about diet pills, notice how every single one of them says “works best with healthy diet and exercise?” It’s because diet pills don’t work. Other than having lypo suction, the only way to shed pounds is diet and exercise.

Daniel asks…

Diet Pills?

I’m seeing all these commercials on tv for the pills to help you loose weight with diet and exercise, has anyone tried any and had success. I’m thinking about buying some but I dont know which is the best or if they even work. Any input??

weight loss cardiff answers:

I am now 61 years old,I have tried everything in my lifetime to get quick fix ways to lose a few pounds. I took diet pills when I was a bit younger and it slowly but surely raised my blood pressure without my knowledge, Then a lot of my hair fell out (in clumps) . I went to the Dr. Discovered the extreme high blood pressure and the reason my hair was falling out. IT WAS THE STUPID DIET PILLS! DON’T TAKE DIET PILLS!!! Drink lots of water and green tea go for a fast walk every day 5 miles or more and eat what you want but don’t eat so much of it. If you do that everyday and then once in a while pig out you will be OK and settle into a normal weight.

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