Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Ruth asks…

Summer is here…easy weight loss?

Its finally summer, and almost everybody is trying to lose weight. But summer is only about 2 months long for us still in school. I am 15, not quite 5″8 yet, and about 209lbs../: i always complain about my weight and how i am going to do somrthing about it. I never do though. Im not active whatsoever. I am very lazy…one of my problems. I have a poir diet. I would try to lose weight, but as i said i am lazy, and i have no motivation? I want to lose a decent amount of weight before i enter 10th grade. I live in a small town ish, i dont live near a gym or anything. Sooo, any easy excersices i could do? Diet plans, work outs, etc. etc.?… Anything would be great! And please, only helpful answers. Dont judge. (: thanks!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Firstly u should be rock hard to gain ur goals. And dont be demotivated if u dont get results. Just push on….!!!! So, first try to change little things like not eating unhealthy and try some exercises.
1.Go for a long running session or cycle early morning.
2.After this, eat breakfast like oats or cornflakes with some fruits
3.Avoid foods like pizzas n ol. And depend upon fruits, veggies .
4.When free at home, try doing skipping. Like skip 250 times a day, and gradually increase the skips.
Doing all this will surely make u thin. Just think where u wanna reach and go for it with ur all will….!!!! All the best.! Thnx. Yeeeeehaw….!!!! πŸ™‚

Sandra asks…

Weight loss plans? Muscle building?

Hi, I am a 16 year old male and I do want to lose a little weight but my main concern is in my building muscle. I want to have a fit physique. I know it isn’t easy but I am willing to do anything for this, I really just want to be in better shape. So if anyone has any meal plans for me to eat. I am not a picky eater and I can eat the same thing over again. So what I really want is a meal plan and a exercise plan that works. Fast as possible. I really want this and I am so excited to do this! Thanks so much for anyone who helps me. Please use lots of detail maybe personal experience.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I highly recommend you get p90x

YouTube p90x

Betty asks…

has anyone tried or know someone who has tried the “weight watchers” weight loss plan?

I am planning on joining weight watchers next week with a friend. i was wondering if anyone had success or failure stories while on the plan. Is it easy to follow? How much weight did you lose and at what rate? Expensive? are the results long lasting? I’m also gonna excersise as well so i hope i get decent results at least by summer

weight loss cardiff answers:

I was on WW last year and it was wonderful. The meetings are about $10 per week. You don’t have to buy all their candy bars and diet books. I would recommend buying the starter pack though. It has dining out guides, points slider, exerciser slider and weekly tips. I lost 6 pounds my first week. I used the points system rather then core. It will work for you. And you will get results. Have faith in yourself. They also don’t weigh you in front of everyone and embarrass you. It’s well worth it. If you choose not to go to the meetings you can still do it at home. The meetings are more for support. You still buy your own food at the store. Tip: Lots of water, and Lean Cuisines. Plus you can still eat out, just count the points. Good luck to you.

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