Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Michael asks…

What is a good workout routine to lose weight, without the use of weights?

I am a 15 year old boy, i am 5’11 and 200 pounds. i would like to lose weight by running and by doing crunches and pushups and stuff like that without having to use weights and without having to lift. Also i need help on what to eat daily to keep me in shape and help me lose weight. Please provide me with a good, affective, and simple workout plan to help me lose as much weight as rude or bs answers please.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Here are some good workout routines for you without no weights:

day 1- walk 3 miles
day 2- do 3 sets of 25 of lunges, squats, walking lunges, backward lunges, front kicks, back kicks, side kicks, jumping jacks
day 3- jog around the neighborhood, include sprints! Jog for 4 minutes and sprint for 2 minutes..that should intensify your workout
day 4- go to the library and borrow a dvd of pilates or yoga! Its for free and this is an excellent workout

the reason i am giving you a variety is because if you do the same workout, you may hit a plateau (meaning you stop losing weight and stop seeing results)
good luck!

Richard asks…

Is it a myth that running makes you lose weight?

I don’t think so.
I was planning on joining ROTC at my college .
But I am seriously underweight which I would get deductions for.
I don’t mind the running and workouts but running makes my situation worse doesn’t it?
I need to hit the gym for muscle.
But my recruiter says losing weight from running is myth?
I was going to see a doctor or dietitian but I don’t think I will in time to sign up for classes.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Exercise, eating low fat foods and drinking only water= weight loss if you got it to lose in the first place… As americans we are spoiled by the unhealthy way of living

Nancy asks…

Will losing weight by running lead to flabby skin?

I wanna lose weight by running, but when I do lose weight will my skin look flabby due to me not lifting weights or doing sculpting-like excercises. And by running do you lose weight from all parts of your body?
Also I am male 6’1 ,16 y.o and 250pds.

I do have stretch marks and a moderatle sized chest and stomach.

weight loss cardiff answers:

I have lost 30 pounds by dieting and running. My skin is firm and not flabby. I have lost weight all over my body.
I only run. I can’t seem to get into anything else.
So the answer is No, running wont lead to flabby skin (from my experience).

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