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Mark asks…

Please help!!! Does anyone out there know why the Diet of Worms was significant?

Where Martin Luther defended the principles of the Christian Reformation. Why was this significant to the Christian Reformation?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The Diet of Worms, it is most memorable for addressing Martin Luther and the effects of the Protestant Reformation. Emperor Charles V demanded that Martin Luther recant his beliefs and reaffirm his faith with the Catholic Church.

Luther’s refusal to recant struck to the heart of the Church’s authority and paved the way for the Reformation.

Donna asks…

Have you ever had a diet of worms ?

not the historical one.

weight loss cardiff answers:

No who the hell does that? That’s disgusting

David asks…

why was Martin Luther was declared an outlaw and a heretic by the Diet of Worms.?


weight loss cardiff answers:

Martin Luther wrote that salvation comes by grace instead of the sacraments of the Catholic church. He especially came out against indulgences. He was allowed to recant, but he didn’t. So he was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. This was better treatment then some received who had the same ideas. John Hus was martyred.

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