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Maria asks…

Thoughts on Science Diet dog food?

My dachshund puppy turns 1 in early March, and I’m researching different foods to switch him to. I’m looking at Nutro, Science Diet, and Canidae.

If anyone — particularly vets or breeders — have any input on these foods, it would be greatly appreciated.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Science Diet is better than most grocery store foods, but it’s definitely the lowest quality of those three. The other two are included in the “Best 20 Dog Foods of 2006” list done by Whole Dog Journal.

The two most important things about a dog food is that the first ingredient is a meat proten and that it does not contain corn. Dogs shouldn’t be fed strictly carnivorous diets now that we’ve domesticated them, but they do need more protein than carbohydrates, vegetables etc… Dogs can’t digest corn very well(although most of them love the taste), so corn products should not be in their food.

I agree with the poster who said that Canidae is probably the highest quality food of those three. My dogs eat Nutro Natual Lamb Meal & Rice because one is picky and will only eat Lamb & Rice. I can’t buy Canidae in the store near me, and to ship it would be twice as expensive as it is. My vet is happy with Nutro, it does come highly recommended, and even the breeders I’ve spoken with don’t think the added expense would be worth it. (If I could buy it in the store, I would, though.)

Here is the list of “Best foods”
Back to Basics:
Bench & Field Holistic Natural Canine:
Blue Buffalo:
by Nature BrightLife:
California Natural:
Canine Caviar:
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul:
Cloud Star Kibble:
Drs. Foster & Smith:
Eagle Pack Holistic Select:
Firstmate Dog Food:
Flint River Ranch:
Fromm Four Star Nutritionals:
Go! Natural:
Innova Evo:
Karma Organic:
Lick Your Chops:
Limited Diets:
Merrick Pet Foods:
Natural Balance Ultra Premium:
Natural Choice Ultra:
Newman’s Own Organics:
Performatrin Ultra:
PHD Viand:
Premium Edge:
Prime Life:
Royal Canin Natural Blend:
Timberwolf Organics:
Wellness Simple Food Solutions:

Ken asks…

Cambridge diet – what food can I eat?

i am on the Cambridge diet for 1 week now, and i am allowed to eat one meal per day, however i am not sure what food i am allowed to eat. I know i can eat white fish and white meat but does anybody know what else i am allowed to eat?

weight loss cardiff answers:

About the Cambridge Diet
According to the six-step program outlined on the Cambridge Diet website, you follow a low-calorie regime for the first two steps by eating 400 to 1,000 calories for a minimum of 4 weeks. During the first step, the dieter consumes plenty of water and three Cambridge Diet meals consisting of smoothies and meal bars. The second step is the same as the prior, but you can eat vegetables and protein-rich foods like chicken breasts.

For the third step, you eat 1,000 calories in the form of two Cambridge Diet meals as well as foods recommended by a nutritionist (such as whole-wheat pasta, salad, fruits and eggs). The fourth step has a 1,200-calorie intake with a wider range of food options plus Cambridge Diet meals. The fifth step is 1,500 calories with a wider variety of food choices as outlined by the Cambridge Diet counselor. The last step focuses on sustaining the weight loss by making proper food choices. While on the diet, you purchase and eat a series of supplements in the form of bars, smoothie mixes and shakes.
Considerations of Nutrition
If the program is followed, you can receive all vitamins and minerals despite the low calorie intake. The supplements contain all of the necessary nutrients but come at a high price tag and, some would argue, in an unappetizing form. Though the last four steps provide a wider array of food, you must be willing to commit to a diet of little variety for the first two steps, or the first 4 weeks, of the plan. The diet is also very low in calories and should not be seen as a lifestyle.

The program’s last step of “maintenance” is just as important as the first five. While the first five are low-calorie, the last step, which has no calorie restrictions, tries to instill good dietary habits that can be carried over after the diet ends. While the diet provides an outline of what is acceptable to eat, once the diet is over, you must be prepared to make better food choices to keep the weight off.

Sandra asks…

For a raw foods diet…?

Is it acceptable to eat cottage cheese on a raw foods diet?
How about canned tuna in water?
Maybe I should clarify –
I eat meat on a regular basis.
I’m eating raw foods for a week to cleanse a bit.
I know how to lose weight, but that’s not what I’m going for – I don’t need to lose weight.
Thanks for the one answer on the tuna – now does anyone know about the cottage cheese?

weight loss cardiff answers:

If you want to eat a raw food diet – it consists of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds all living or raw, nothing cooked, canned or processed. Cottage cheese is dairy and tuna is meat so both would not be a part of a normal raw diet. But you can tailor make your raw diet any way you want. The colon gets a good rest and it would help a lot with the colon cleanse and also cleanse the liver and other organs if you did NOT eat the cottage cheese or tuna because digestion will take longer etc. Etc. Stick to fresh living raw foods as much as possible and you’ll feel a lot of energy too on a raw food diet. Nurse Sue (and I’m also a 10 year raw foodist having cured my breast cancer ten years ago with raw foods.)

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lisa asks…

Vegetarian Diet Foods?

I do not like beans…and I eat a lot of foods from Morning Star in the frozen food section. Highly recommended for all of you vegetarians, ex. bacon, chicken, hamburgers. I do NOT avoid eating meat because I feel its against animals, mostly because eating meats, etc. make me feel like i need to throw up, disgusted, grossed out when I do.
Favorite thing to put on tofu?
Favorite protein bar/drink?
Favorite brand of vegetarian foods?
Any website suggestions I should check out?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Are you asking for diet foods, diet tips, or our favorite things? I’m pretty confused.

To lose weight, it doesn’t matter what you eat. I lost 45 pounds in three months last year eating mainly Morningstar Farm products. The key is to eat less, move more. Eat the majority of your calories earlier in the day. Eat like a king in the morning, a queen in the afternoon, and a peasant in the evening. Avoid sodas and junk foods. Keep your caloric intake at or above 1400 to prevent your body from going into starvation mode.

As far as diet foods, you’re on your own there. I don’t do low-fat this, low-sodium that, etc. I eat real, whole foods now.

My favorite thing to put on tofu would be vegetables. Stir-fry it with vegetables and it’s good. I don’t eat tofu anymore though–May not have had anything to do with it, but after eating it quite frequently, my cycles became totally off the wall.

I don’t have a favorite protein bar/drink. Nor do I have a favorite brand of vegetarian food anymore, though a few months ago I would’ve had to have said Morningstar.

Websites, I say check out , , and , to name a few.

David asks…

Diet Foods?!?

I need answers quick please
im going on a diet starting tomorrow
i have my excirising part down, like running and everything
and now i need the foods

could you tell me what kind of foods i can eat to stay healthy but/and stay on my diet

and i promise nooo crash diets.

please and thank you!!!!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Dieting tips

Many people find that eating a couple of small snacks throughout the day helps them to make healthy choices at meals.

A fattening breakfastof bacon and eggs or a pastry can be replaced with yogurt, oatmeal, high-fiber,low-sugar cereals; or fresh fruit or fruit smoothies.

Look for healthy, delicious meals online or in your cookbooks, and create amenu for the week.

Make sure that your meal plan reduces your totalcalorie intake: you’re not going to lose weight if you consume thesame amount of calories by eating different foods.

Make a list ofwhat you’ll need for these meals, and — except for a few snacks,of course — don’t stray from your list when you get to the market.

Exercise moderately

Relax, release your stress

Don’t take crash diet

For more lose weight resources visit:

Lizzie asks…

Raw food diet questions – eat anything raw?

After doing some reading and research about my Rheumatoid arthritis and a few other health problems, I found that a raw food diet is most recommended. (Lots of raw veggies and fruits, nuts and seeds, etc.) But does that mean I eat potatoes raw? String beans? Green peas? Who on here follows a “raw food” diet? What do you eat and how?

weight loss cardiff answers:

The raw food diet is a diet based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit, and seaweed.

Heating food above 116 degrees F is believed to destroy enzymes in food that can assist in the digestion and absorption of food. Cooking is also thought to diminish the nutritional value and “life force” of food.

Typically, at least 75% of the diet must be living or raw.

You can heat things up and “cook” them but they have to be in in temperature under 116 degrees F.

There are some really good Raw Foods cookbooks available. I would suggest looking at them and finding the ones that interest you.

Good luck.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

James asks…

Any ideas for a healthy diet plan that works?

I am starting High school this year and I am really tired of being over weight. I need to lose a good amount of weight and I know I can’t do it over night. Everything I have tried hasn’t worked. Does anyone know a diet plan that works? I don’t necessarily want to change the way i am eating. I know I have to eat healthy but I don’t want to eat a cup of this and a handful of this. So if any one has a good diet plan that will work i would really appreciate it

weight loss cardiff answers:

Most diet plans work very well in the short term. The overwhelming majority of the participants who are on these diets will at some point stop the program and then regain about the same fat weight that they lost. My assumption is that you want to improve your health and start a lifestyle where you can maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

If this is your goal, there is only one diet program that has worked for me. It is called a “whole plant based diet.” On this diet, your health will improve and you will feel so much better that you will not consider eating any junk food again. When you stop eating a healthy diet, you can feel the fat, salt, and sugar and you will restart your diet program because you want to feel good.

Dr. David Kessler (former head of the FDA) wrote about how salt, sugar, caffeine, and oil/fat are addictive foods. His advice is to break your addiction to processed foods. Convenience foods, fast foods, and even restaurant foods are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. When you stop eating unhealthy foods, many Americans experience withdrawal symptoms that they assume are hypoglycemic reactions or hunger. The symptoms are withdrawal from unhealthy food additives. When you start cleaning up your diet, you will experience headache, stomach ache, nervousness, irritability, and other symptoms associated with addiction. This will pass in 2-4 days and you will begin to feel better than you can remember.

Here is a list of foods you need to minimize or eliminate from your diet:

+ Refined salt and salty condiments
+ Sugar and refined carbohydrates, breads and commercial pasta
+ Deep fried foods, oils, including vegetable oils
+ Dairy including cheese, milk, yogurt, butter, margarine, and eggs
+ Meat including beef, pork, fish, poultry, and other animal based proteins
+ Food additives including colorings, flavorings, MSG, sweeteners, and
+ Commercial drinks, especially diet soda containing aspartame

You can eat a more balanced and diverse diet on a mostly vegetarian diet that includes the following:
+ Dark leafy greens (kale, collards, chard, brocolli)
+ Legumes (beans, lentils, peas)
+ Whole grains (brown rice, quinoa)
+ Colorful vegetables that are steamed and raw
+ Whole fruit (not commercial fruit juices with additives)
+ B12 and D vitamins
+ A source of Omega-3 fatty acids (ground flax seed, walnuts, other seeds and nuts in moderation)

You can eliminate most oils provided you get a source of Omega-3. Try to eat a variety of different foods rather than the same menu every day. This will add variety and interest to your diet.

Mandy asks…

What is the best diet plan for a 22 yr old woman?

Hello all. I currently weigh 176 lbs and would like to loose 30 lbs. I REALLY dislike salad but I love all kinds of cooked vegetables. What is the best diet plan for me?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Hi! Diet is not all about salads, I hate them too, believe me.

Diets have come and gone and a new one will be invented tomorrow promising you everything and delivering very little. That is because they are considered something you go on and then go off. In other words, they are temporary. That is not to say they are useless just that they will never give you continued success unless you change some things permanently.

What is a Diet Good for?

Diets have their place in your weight loss goals. First of all, they can be beneficial to jump starting your metabolism. Kind of a fire starter if you will. A jump-start will give you more energy and the initial weight loss can boost your self-confidence.

However, you will need to be ready to make some whole life changes if you want the results to be permanent. What are some changes you will need to make? Well a lot of that depends on you.

Lifestyle Changes- Fast Food

Are you a fast food junkie who eats out at least a couple of times per week? If so, you will find that you have plenty of company. Many people are so busy that the drive through is a perfect solution for dinner, lunch and even breakfast. The problem is many have no idea that one meal from a fast food restaurant can contain nearly a whole day’s caloric intake.

One popular fast food joint has a burger that is 750 calories! The burger alone is a third of your recommended daily allowance; add the fries and a drink and you are done for the day.

Does this mean you can never have fast food again? Not necessarily, but it will mean that you have to be aware of what you are eating. Most fast food places have a website that contains all the nutritional information for the foods they serve. Check them out then make you a list of “safe” fast foods.

Exercise Changes

If you never move your body more than from the house to the car to work and back you will have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off. The human body functions best when there are periods of exercise. It increases mood stabilizers in the blood stream and best of all burns calories.

While you are on your diet, take the time to incorporate exercise into your life. You will feel better and increase your weight loss rates exponentially. Start with a walk, park further away from the store or your office. Then as you progress, find time to walk more or jog. Whatever you can comfortably fit in your schedule will be a great place to start.

Healthy Eating

This is absolutely the most important part of all. While you are on your chosen diet, you will want to become familiar with healthier food choices. Find ways to make your favorite foods better for you. Can you substitute ground turkey for ground beef in some recipes? Learn new recipes that include fresh fruits and vegetables.

You see your body needs several things to function at a healthy level. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals just to name a few. You also need certain fats to cushion joints and protect your vital organs. Create a lifestyle eating plan that brings all of these elements into play and you will feel amazing and best of all you will be able to lose weight and keep it off.

Check my source, it might help. Good luck!

Richard asks…

Best weight loss diet plan?

I am a 26 year old women and i have been gaining more and more weight throughout the past 7 years.(Granted i have been eating out alot) but i want to stop doing that and get on a regular excersise plan and a diet plan.I am a really lazy person when it comes to excersisin, but i really want to get healthy for my 4 year old daughter. so if anyone has any ideas for that, it would help out alot.I just want to know what kind of foods to eat what not to eat what kinds of excersises i should do. My fat is in my belly thighs and arms. I weigh about 180 and 5″5 I want to get back down to about 140 by end of february beginging of march.So please if anyone has any ideas for me i would really appreciate it.Ant other questions you can email at you so much.Any ideas what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

weight loss cardiff answers:

May be this plan helps you
1. Balanced vegetarian diet

It consists of fruits, vegetables and foods that originate from plants.
Recent studies show that a vegetarian diet has a 30% lower risk of heart related diseases.
There are different vegetarian diets ranging from strictest to the lenient.
– Vegan diet foods
Vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, grains

– diet foods

Milk and milk products such as cheese and yogurt

– Locative-vegetarian diet foods

Eggs only

– Felicitation diet foods

Occasional consumption of fish, poultry and meat.

Since there are allegations about vegetarian diet that it has nutritional deficiency, here are the nutritional guidelines so that you will know what vegetables are good to eat.

– Iron (important in the transport of oxygen to the lungs and to the different parts of the body)

Spinach, beans, wheat, tofu, lentils, broccoli, black eye beans, potatoes.

– Calcium (responsible for bone strength)

Alfalfa sprouts, asparagus, bamboo shoots, soy milk, soy nuts, so ya beans, pickled, broccoli, mustard greens, and fortified juices.

– Vitamin B12 (it also boosts up energy aids in the production of red blood cells)

Beetroot, cabbage, Brussels sprouts.

2. Low fat diet

Fat has always been the number reason why obesity is increasing significantly these days. As such, there are many available options to choose on a low-fat diet.

Use low-fat oils (olive oil, canola oil) for cooking.
Use non-sticky pan that has been cleansed thoroughly after a deep frying session to prevent too much oil on food.
Make sure you have fresh vegetables in your diet and avoid canned goods, which are usually preserved in salt.
Eat a lot of legumes like kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, black-eyes beans and others.
Make sure that the pasta that you are buying is made from whole wheat.
Avoid salad dressings like mayonnaise and thousand island sauce, instead, opt for Worchester sauce or so ya sauce for garnishing and flavor.
Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
3. The South Beach Diet
One of the top 5 weight loss diet plans in the country today.
It never allows starvation and deprivation of foods.
It is divided into ‘three phases’.
– Phase 1
It lasts for about 14 days. This is the strictest phase as there’s a strict regulation on what to consume. Carbohydrates are avoided and poultry products, fish, turkey, shellfish that usually eaten with vegetables, nuts, eggs and cheese are to be eaten but in moderation. Coffee and tea is allowed but taken in moderation.

– Phase 2

This phase is much easier than the first. It will last until the desired weight is achieved. The carbohydrates rich foods that were removed from the diet are reintroduced. You can eat brown rice and whole wheat bread but not a white bread.

– Phase 3

This is the phase where your body is already adjusted to start of a way of life that you will have to adopt for a lifetime.

4. The Cabbage Soup diet

It is one of the seven days that weight loss diet plans is aiming at weight loss in a short span of time.
The diet requires consuming cabbage soup for seven days with every meal of the day.
Day 1: Cabbage soup and fruits (unlimited quantity and any fruit except for bananas)
Day 2: Cabbage soup and vegetables. A baked potato with butter for dinner is allowed.

Day 3: Cabbage soup and a combination of fruits and vegetables (except for bananas and potatoes)

Day 4: Cabbage soup, bananas and skimmed milk (maximum of 8 bananas to be consumed through the day)

Day 5: Cabbage soup and 350-500 grams beef with 6 slices of tomatoes.

Day 6: Cabbage soup, beef and vegetables (except potatoes)

Day 7: Cabbage soup, brown rice, vegetables (except potatoes) and fresh fruit juice.

5. What is the Raw Food Diet?

The Raw Food diet allows you to consume any kind of raw food.
Raw food includes fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, fresh fruit juices, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains.
Some processing of raw foods can also be done such as blending, crushing, sprouting, soaking and juicing, provided that you will not be adding dairy products or sugar on it.
Boiling of raw foods cannot be done.
6. Zone diet plan
The Zone diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, fat-controlled eating plan.
This is unlike most high-protein diets as it allows you to have a broader range of foods to be taken.
This diet believes that a human body reaches its efficiency when the body is consuming all meals with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As such, the body will work within the zone full of energy causing weight loss.
Protein tends to make you feel full and thus helping you to avoid eating in between meals.
7. Cookie Diet plan
The cookie is made with fiber, protein, and other ingredients intended to keep you full.
Eat 4-6 cookies a day will give you somewhere around 500 calories.
Your dinner may consist of lean protein and vegetables.

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Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Lisa asks…

Raw Food Diet?

Can anyone tell me more about it i saw a special on Dr. OZ Files, whee they took people and fed them raw foods for 12 days and it lowerd alot of their health risks. They gave them some fruits veggies and one olive a day for the salt. I want to know how many veggies i need to eat and how many fruits i need to eat a day. And can i get any feed back from people on it or who have tried it. Would you recommend it to people who have prolems with diets? Is it pretty easy?

weight loss cardiff answers:

I’m such a fan of the raw food diet. I grew up with your typical American fare and was paying for it badly with acne, fat, lethargy, Candida, etc.
Ever since I started combining the right meals, fasting, and eating raw, I’ve become such a healthier person, I’ve lost the fat that I could never get rid of, my skin is clearer and I’m much more energetic.

You should try and get Natalia Rose’s book titled “The Raw Food Detox Diet.” She’s a nutritionist for models, celebs, and TV personalities. You can get her book at Amazon for under $12, so it’s not that pricey.

I totally recommend going raw for anyone struggling with weight issues, food issues, overeating, acne and unhealthy people. It’s easy because you can still eat and you’re not starving or depriving yourself from foods.
Good thing about Natalia’s book is that you can still eat cooked foods, but she recommends to try and do it once a day only – preferably dinner time. So eat raw food in the morning and lunch time – snacks throughout the day are raw too.

Lizzie asks…

A good diet cat food?

My two year old Bombay cat is starting to look fat. Does anyone know a good diet cat food?

weight loss cardiff answers:

If you are feeding a good diet, the problem will usually sort itself out.

Stay away from dry food. Not only it is loaded with carbs, contributing to obesity and diabetes, there are many other health issues that have been linked to dry food, like urinary tract obstructions and renal failure.

Feed all wet diet, high quality. Learn to read the labels. Look for grain free cans that list muscle meat as a fisrt ingredient and contain no byproduct. Good brands are Wellness Core, EVO, Merrick etc.

Learn more about cat nutrition and what they need to keep a healthy weight and avoid health problems below. If you don’t like to read all of them, read at least the fisrt one, it’s very informative and helped me a lot in deciding what I wanted to feed my cat.

And yes, you may have to cut down on the food, feed it about 3 times a day smaller portions.

Best of luck!

Mandy asks…

Can crested geckos live on the diet food.?

I decided that my new pet would be a crested gecko. I was wondering if the can live on there diet food without eating insects and of coarse i would feed it chopped earthworm 2 but would those 2 foods work for my new crested geckos food.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Crested Gecko Diet (CGD) is perfect for them. It’s formulated to provide all the vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive. This should be the main diet offered to them.

They do love to hunt though, so it would be beneficial to offer live food a couple times a month. It will help keep your crestie active and will stimulate the natural hunting instinct that they possess. Crickets would be your best option when offering live prey, but they will readily eat worms as well. Don’t offer worms too often though, as most worms have very little nutritional value and are high in fat. Think of worms as an occasional snack.

Baby food is also great as an occasional treat. I suggest when feeding baby food, to hand feed it to them. This is the perfect opportunity to bond with your crestie and earn its trust. Keep in mind that the baby food should be a tropical fruit such as bananas, peaches or mango.

Hope that helps. Very cool choice too!

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