Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Sandra asks…

How can i gain muscle and lose weight at the same time without equipment?

I need to lose weight quick. Before i get into college.
PS: I don’t want to pay money.
And I can’t do push ups or chin ups.

weight loss cardiff answers:

You can loose a ton of weight really quick by doing a lot cardio such as running, biking, swimming and pretty much anything that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat! Do it for 30 mins or more for 5 days a week. I promise you will loose weight.

Also, you should do it for yourself to be healthy and feel your best! Good luck!

Thomas asks…

What is the quickest way to lose weight at home?

Like exercise wise. Which ways would make me lose weight quickest at home, because I’ve put on a few pounds I want to lose.
Flor, no, I don’t need the diet. Just exersise advice on what we’ll help me lose a little weight. The food I eat is fine, it’s just me sitting on my butt and doing nothing after I eat it.

weight loss cardiff answers:

For loosing few quick pounds do circuit training 15~20 mins daily. For exercises youtube it. Good Luck!

Mark asks…

Do men lose weight quicker than females?

Hubby and I want to go on a diet to lose some weight. Thing is do men really lose weight quicker than females and why?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Men can lose weight faster than women for a number of reasons:
1. Men have more haemoglobin, so when exercising, more oxygen can travel to the respiring cells, and they can burn more calories that way.
2. Men have less fat storage capacity- very effecient in weight loss while dieting.
3. Men don’t eat to overcome emotional obstacles:D

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