Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Donna asks…

what is the trial of worms.?

the trial that Martin Luther was on.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Do you mean the Diet of Worms?

You can read the short version here:

Sandra asks…

Diet pills?!?

My best friend is very over weight and has tried the excersise and the diet sides of things and always looses about 2 stone and then just looses her “Go”
I really want her to loose this weight because shes such a beautiful women.
A friend told me about diet pills that made her shift 5 stone in 4 months.
Does anyone know of diet pills that you can get in chemist???
Thanks for all answers
Ive told her not to take them but she insists, these pills arnt for me.
Just to let you know she has asked me to find out.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Someone on the question thread answered that diet pills form a worm inside you that eats all the food = ARE YOU CRAZY?!

There are alot of diet pills out there that don’t work.
That’s why it’s always a good idea to ask people what has worked for them.

People do mention things like Hoodia.
There are others, but i can’t remember them.
The problem is things like hoodia don’t work for everyone.
Although it’s def’ worth a try.

There are stronger things you can take that will pretty much certainly work.
Things that take away your appetite and some also give you energy too.
Alot of these things have to be got from a doctor, because they are for certain illnesses.
However most of these things can be bought online with no perscription!
The ones i’ve heard work are:

whatever you decide please think about it 1st, research and be cautious that you don’t get hooked on pills.
Good luck.

Robert asks…

Blood Worm-Only Diet Alright For a Female Betta?

I have a 70 liter, over filtered tank that is home to 5 cory’s, 4 Cardinal’s, 3 Oto’s and one female betta.

She gets fed blood worms, the Cardinals have the tropical flakes, Oto’s have their algae and the cory’s have their tablets/whatever falls to the bottom.

My girl doesn’t like the flakes. Period.

Are these freeze-dried blood worms (by tetra) healthy enough for her?

Or should I consider finding another type of flake food that might be better for her?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Bettas are insectavores and can eat Blood Worms though I prefer feeding other insects instead of blood worms because the shell on blood worms is tougher than a lot of other insects and can block up thier intestines. I prefer mosquito larvae, glass worms, BABY brine shrimp, daphnia, cyclops, vinegar eels, microworms, white worms, grindal worms, fruit flys, etc. I also feed about 15% spirulina to add some vegetable matter into their diet.

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