Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Steven asks…

What is the best diet plan to follow for weight loss?

I need to lose 20 pounds by summer and I need a easy diet plan to follow. I work 2 jobs and don’t have a lot of time to prep food. I’d like a diet plan that uses minimal processed foods and doesn’t take a long time to prepare. Has anyone found a diet plan that works for them? I will be incorporating some exercise as well, but I have a knee injury that prevents me from doing anything with much impact.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Look like your are very busy, but why not just Power walk 45 mins daily, but you have to walk faster, like jogging to burn FAT. And you can buy some apple, orange , can of tuna (in water), instant oatmeal (120 cal per bag), 2 boxes of eggs (hard boil), zero yogurt etc. They dont need too much time to prepare, you can hard boil 12 eggs for 2 -3 days, oatmeal, you just need add hot water for it. Try to keep your cal within 1200-1400 cals, and power walk for 45 mins daily, you will lose 1 lb weekly or more. But you have to walk faster not shopping speed. 45 mins is about 5-6KM. Take care !

Betty asks…

Diet pills that enhance your weight loss?

Are there any good, safe diet pills out there that will help aid in weight loss when on a diet? And if you’ve used any, is it easy to keep the weight off after you stop using them?

weight loss cardiff answers:

Diet Pills are expensive. But there are some safe pills also. I have used one, but when i stopped taking i started gaining weight faster!

James asks…

Quick and Easy weight loss methods and or diets for younger people?

My younger brother, Age 12, is concerned about his weight. He weighs 120lbs and is only like 4’9. He says it makes him look really chubby in the cheeks and torso area.
He says he is picked on and called fat by a lot of kids in his middle school.
And of course, he is sad because being what the school physical stated “Obese” Makes him never have a girlfriend or something.
I think he gained weight from 85 to 120 because of stress with school issues such as grades, bullies, etc.
He wants to know some easy ways to lose 30-40 pounds? Or just any method, easy, hard, or longer, it doesn’t matter.
I’m trying to help him out a little because he’s really been down about his weight lately.
Please Answer, He wants to start later on today or tomorrow.
Thanks Kyra, but that doesnt quite answer my question.
I need to know HOW he can lose weight,
Example: you just said burn fat, but Burn fat by doing what? Thanks for the answer, though
Like i know you said eat less and exercise, i mean eat what and exercise how?
Remember people. my brother is only 12 YEARS OLD, so i dont think he can take pills or anything.
J.C: He hasnt experienced any hormonal changes yet. We went to the doctor and they said he hasnt gone through puberty yet, but that might be true, thanks.

weight loss cardiff answers:

Tell him to start making small “lifestyle” changes. For example, the first week let him eat whatever he want but eat in small portions.Then second week, instead of drinking sodas and beverages with added/artificial sugars, drink water and fat free milk. Then gradually start exercising 3x per wk for 30 mins. The next week. He has to remember that diets don’t work. Doing a strict diet will make people binge and crave more food, which will lead to more weight gain than before. It’s all about making a lifestyle change πŸ™‚

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