Your Question About Easy Weight Loss

Betty asks…

How effective is Jillian Michaels online weight loss program? Is it helpful personalized information?

Is it just generic weightloss information I could compile myself or are people having success with “weight loss success“? Do not spam me with ads for acai- or anything else…

weight loss cardiff answers:

Aha well I’m pretty biased I gotta admit (hence my username), but Jillian Michaels IS a top-notch personal trainer and I’ve heard quite a few success stories from her online weight loss program.

Her weight loss program probably incorporates a lot of other factors that other programs don’t considering the amount of research she does and the fact that she quite a few books out on weight loss and one on metabolism which just came out in April.

I’ve learned a lot just by listening to her radio show so I expect that this program of hers that you actually have to pay for should be pretty damn effective.

Daniel asks…

How did YOU lose weight after taking the Depo Provera Shot?

This question is ONLY for women who have taken the Depo shot, gained a frustrating amount of weight, and then lost it again. Please do not respond if you are

1.) male
2.) have never taken the Depo shot
3.) Just wanting to give general weight loss advice.

I already know to exercise, lower calories and drink water. I want to hear stories from women who have overcome the weight they gained after taking the depo provera shot.

Success stories only please!

weight loss cardiff answers:

Gosh, I gained like 20lbs while on Depo! I was on it for nearly 2 1/2 years. I think number one is to get off it! Lol After that and even when I was still on I did the routine stuff. As in hitting the gym and watching what I ate. I didnt really start to see results or lasting results until i got off of it, and now i’ve lost around 30lbs and its about to be a year in a few months. Good luck!

Mandy asks…

What’s the Fastest, Safest, and Easiest way to lose weight in 2 weeks?

My instant weight gain is scary. I need some help from people with experience of fast weight loss, or heard true success stories.

weight loss cardiff answers:

It’s the same way to lose weight doctors and dietitians have been recommending for years and years. Plenty of exercise and healthy portions of natural, unprocessed foods.

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